The Special Yoga Centre

The Special Yoga Centre is a registered charity and a Centre of Excellence for the training and facilitation of yoga therapy for children, as well as being a regular yoga centre for hundreds of its adult members. The Yoga Centre provides therapy with an emphasis on children with special needs, as well as training courses, one-to-one yoga therapy, outreach work in schools throughout the UK, group classes and parent support groups. This unique yoga centre offers over 70 open classes a week to the public which helps raise money for the yoga therapy for children with special needs. The Centre supports children with conditions including cerebral palsy, Down’s syndrome, Prader-Willi syndrome, hemiplegia, autistic spectrum disorder (ASD), epilepsy, ADD, ADHD and other physical and developmental difficulties. Regular weekly sessions are held at the centre with an allocated yoga therapist who uses a personalised approach to meet the individual requirements of each child. Founder and Director, Jo Manuel says: “It is our belief that everyone should have access to the healing power of yoga. Yoga enables everyone to reach their full potential with regard to their physical, emotional health and wellbeing. Our yoga therapy sessions for children with special needs are provided on a donation basis, ensuring that no family is turned away and that all children can benefit from the therapy, regardless of economic status.” Everyone attending a class at the Special Yoga Centre is contributing to this wonderful work but there are other ways you can help raise money for the Charity. Donations are always welcome, and fundraising events are an enjoyable way to raise money.

visit or call 0208 968 1900