The Teapot Trust is a UK charity providing a nationwide art therapy and creative interventions programme for chronically ill children in hospitals and hospices.

Our work aims to build resilience in children with chronic illness by encouraging them to express emotions, mentally overcome the challenges linked to their condition and develop healthy coping mechanisms. Participating in art therapy can contribute to positive mental health, provide peer interaction and a sense of community within the hospital environment. It also introduces new skills, providing opportunities to be viewed as an individual rather than as a patient.

Since being founded in 2010 by Laura and John Young, the Teapot Trust now has a team of profes- sional art therapists working across Scotland and London and is appreciated by children and clini- cians alike. The mother of a child who has benefitted from our service told us, “the disability is very depressing and frustrating especially to a child but the art therapy helped her to express her feelings and kick out the negative and disappointing ideas.

The session in art therapy gives her the opportunity to talk, chat, laugh, moan, complain…and say anything that helps her relax and get the pressure out of her body.”

The Teapot Trust welcomes support in all forms. From a sponsored run or a pop-up tea party to making us your company’s charity of the year, big or small, there is always a difference only you can do!

If you would like to find out more please visit our website at or find us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!