The Yoga Healing Foundation


The wisdom of traditional yoga brings peace, health and happiness.

The Yoga Healing Foundation protects, revives and teaches original, pure and complete yogic knowledge for the benefit of the public and public wellbeing in the UK and India. Our purpose is to help every individual gain the most benefit possible from the wisdom of yoga, no matter from where they start.

The Yoga tradition encompasses a vast range of practices, starting with physical postures and developing to working deeply with the mind in meditation. Each of these practices brings about positive change whether at a muscular skeletal level, a hormonal or cellular level, or at the deepest levels of the mind.

The Yoga Healing Foundation delivers programmes under the heading of Traditional Yoga, driven by the energy and vision of Dr. ALV Kumar supported by a dedicated team of volunteers. Dr. Kumar is internationally recognised as an inspirational yoga and meditation teacher/ teacher trainer a well as an award-winning scientist.
Across the UK we focus on teaching meditation. We run weekend courses, evening classes, workshops, lectures and a 10-day summer meditation retreat. We also coordinate meditation retreats in India that are attended by people from all over the world.


We have an established collaborative relationship with Yoga Healing Foundation India and work with them to serve the local community.

All Indian cities have seen a sharp rise in lifestyle diseases and a decline of traditional knowledge such as yoga practice and dietary awareness. The programmes in India focus on addressing this problem by raising awareness of the health benefits of yoga, diet and complementary therapies.

The programmes that we fund include large-scale free public yoga and health awareness workshops. These take place outdoors in public parks and are attended by thousands of people every year. We also subsidise training for local teachers, offer free lectures and symposiums and fund the translation and dissemination of rare texts pertaining to yoga.

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