Tree Pose

Tree pose BeginnerVrksasanah


• Standing in Mountain pose, with your toes and ankles touching, lift your right leg bending the knee and place the sole of the foot high up on your left inner thigh, with the toes pointing downwards.

• Consciously root your left foot on the ground, with the left leg firm and straight. Keep your pelvis centred.

• Staring at a fixed object ahead of you, and once you feel you are well balanced, inhale deeply and raise both arms over the head, and keep pressing the palms together in the prayer mudra.

• Stand tall and straight, with long and deep breathing, feeling your spine lengthening up with each inhalation, and all tensions vanishing with each exhalation. You are a beautiful tree, robust and stable, soft and relaxed.

• Hold the posture for about 10 complete breaths, and then repeat on the right leg.


• Strengthens the legs and back muscles, and the ligaments and tendons of the feet.
• Improves physical balance and stability.
• Brings balance to your mind and central nervous system.
• Helps improve concentration.
• Builds self-confidence and self-esteem.


• Bring the arms out to the sides for more stability.
• Practise next to a wall for support.


• Ankles, knees or hips pain or injury.
• Headache or migraine.
• If you have high blood pressure, avoid raising your hands over your head, and just keep them on the chest level instead.