Yoga Series For Young adults Facing or who have Faced cancer in Southampton and London

Cancer charity Trekstock have launched a restorative yoga series for young adults in their 20s and 30s who are directly a effected by cancer.

Monthly classes are now running in London and Southampton, providing a complementary therapy to help manage the symptoms of cancer treatment and its long-term effects. Regular yoga practice has been shown to have to numerous bene ts on both the psychological and physical wellbeing for those living with cancer. Through postures and breathing, the sessions will help participants to restore and maintain a positive relationship with their bodies after treatment. Each session is free to participants and includes an after class juice and a chance to sit down with others who get what it’s like to experience cancer as a young adult.

“I loved being able to practice yoga in such a supportive space with others through Trekstock. I think it’s one of the best things you can do to gain strength in both body and mind after cancer treatment.” – Class participant

Trekstock aims to ensure that young people with cancer are able to engage in a gentle form of physical activity in an enjoyable way that brings this group together, improves quality of life and aids recovery. The classes are raising awareness in young people with cancer of the positive e ects that a regular yoga practice can have on psychological health and quality of life and to decrease perceived barriers around complementary forms of cancer therapy.

the details

• Participants need to be post cancer treatment and aged between 18-39.
• Sign up for the free monthly yoga sessions, and find out about the next upcoming yoga classes here:

• If you would like to learn more, or know of anyone who might benefit from the classes, please contact Trekstock’s Jemima Reynolds on [email protected] or 0207 439 8607.

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