TripSpace_logo_small_B&WTrip Yoga is a vibrant and fully operational yoga studio housed within the TripSpace Projects Arches in Haggerston, East London.

The concept was dreamt up by Giuliana Mayo, Montse Ventura and Peter Fiala as a hub for creative movement which invites both yoga and professional dance into a humming and exciting community.

Trip Yoga aims to make all feel welcome and inspired by the ancient art of yoga. The eclectic mix of teachers cover a range of disciplines including Jivamukti, Vinyasa, Hatha, Budokon and Ashtanga.  The common ground amongst all is a deep respect for the lineage they are in, with an intelligent sharing of this knowledge.

Many of Trip’s teachers also come from another movement background such as dance, martial arts or Capoeria. This is a studio of teachers who are deeply appreciative of and fascinated by mind body connection and it shows in the way the classes are delivered.

Workshops and Kirtan are also regularly run at Trip to offer the opportunity to delve a little deeper and put the physical practice into the greater context of yoga.


The studio is warm and welcoming but also spacious, meaning that you will have space to breathe even in the busier classes. It has wooden-sprung floors which allow playfulness and the double glazed glass frontage keeps the space cosy.

As a highlight, Trip also has a second arch next door which runs as a cafe/restaurant, serving delicious food and drinks, making this a perfect pre or post class hangout.

For more information visit or email: [email protected]

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Twitter: @TripSpaceYoga