Twisted Root Headstand

Twisted Root Headstand


  • Hold just above the elbows to measure distance.
  • Place forearms on the mat and interlace fingers, check you can see the little finger inside the hands and connect the thumb tips.
  • Bring the top of the head to the mat.
  • Push the forearms into the mat to lift the shoulders away from the ears, lengthen the upper arms and stabilise the shoulders.
  • Bring the feet together, tuck the toes and lift the hips whilst drawing the belly lightly in and back.
  • Walk the toes in until the back is straight and the feet feel light.
  • Lift the legs up keeping them straight if you can until you are in a headstand.
  • Soften the knees and wrap the right leg around the left as in eagle pose.
  • Squeeze the legs and lift the hips keeping the tailbone close into the body and the belly lightly engaged.
  • Hold for as long as you feel comfortable and without any strain and leave enough energy to repeat on the other side for a similar amount if time.
  • To release soften the knees and straighten the legs.
  • Release the legs down keeping the straight and together of you have the control otherwise release one leg at a time.


  • Develops focus and balance.
  • Increases confidence and trust.
  • Builds strength in the shoulders, arms and legs.
  • Increases blood flow to the head.


  • Avoid if you have neck or shoulder issues.


  • Half headstand is a great way to get used to being upside down and start to build strength, stability and confidence.
  • Use the wall when first trying this pose as a way to build confidence and trust.






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