This move takes the heating of the body one step further.  The best way to start to fire up the body’s fat and calorie burning potential is by heating the body properly, from the inside out.[28/05/2012 18:20:52] Helena: HOW TO PERFORM

•    Take a firm stance on the floor with feet approximately 3-4 feet apart

•    Extend the arms out to the sides from your shoulders.

•    Bend at the elbows and place the right palm over the left palm, right at chest, heart height.

•    Inhale. On the exhale bend forward from the hips.

•    Inhale, return to original starting position.

•    Repeat for 1-3 minutes.

•    Feel a rhythm being created with your breath, and the tremendous heat building will help burn calories.


•    If you are unable to get the big sweeping up and down motion going, just go as far as you can, being very careful not to round the back but to fold from the hips and increase the stretch in the hamstrings.  Also if your back is weak, then do the move with a softer knee.


•    Increases metabolism

•    Displaces anger

•    Increase respiration

•    Stretch the legs

•    Tone the abd inals


•    Serious leg problems, recent back surgery

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