Upavistha Konasana

Upavistha Konasana (Wide Legged Seated Forward Fold)

From Dandasana draw the legs out, keeping the knees  pulled gently towards the quads, the back of the thighs and sit bones firmly on the floor and the knees facing up. The crown should be facing directly up, the spine lengthened, the core gently pressed into the spine and tail bone to the ground. Then, with a lengthening of the spine, draw the energy up from the pubis to the navel and fold the body forward from the hips until the chest reaches the ground.


This pose really focuses on the opening of the pelvis  therefore effecting the lower chakras mainly the root and  the sacral. Apart from its stretching benefits, this pose draws the attention inward as the body folds forward giving the mind ease and rest.


If the hips do not allow a wide opening, adjust according to  your level of fluidity and if the full fold causes discomfort, place the hands on the floor, keep the same attitude and integrity within the upper body and walk the hands out until the body allows. Alternatively use cushions or a block.


Avoid this pose if you have any hamstring or hip injuries.

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