Upward Bow or Wheel Pose

This complete posture harnesses power from each chakra to liberate the heart, evoking internal expansiveness, freedom and serenity, coupled with deep sensations of love, gratitude, compassion and vulnerability. Considered a medicinal tonic this pose energises and purifies.

How To Perform

• Lie supine, knees bent, heels and ankles aligned; heels arms-length away from the sit bones. With elbows bent and perpendicular, place palms by ears, fingers pointing to toes.

• Press into inner arches of feet. Exhale and raise tailbone up toward pubis. Keep buttocks firm but not hard, elevate pelvis keeping thighs firm, feet parallel. Push to crown of head, readjust hands in line with ears to form 90-degree angle, roll shoulders under back. Pause for 2 breaths.

• Exhale, firm shoulders and tailbone to back, push into feet and hands vigorously to lift crown of head, straighten and parallel arms. Turn inner thighs slightly in, firm outer thighs. Lift pubis toward navel. Expand through heart and chest.

• Turn upper arms outward, spread and press through finger bases. Allow the head to relax or look to floor.

• Take 5-10 breaths. Lower down one vertebra at a time.


• Simpler variation: Place hands or feet on blocks or take Bridge Pose keeping head and shoulders on floor, elevating hips and buttocks, arms long or interlaced under the buttocks, chest reaching toward the chin.

• Challenging variation: Whilst in the pose, elevate one leg pushing from the heel, into the air and hold for 2-3 breaths.  Lift tailbone to the pubis drawing Uddiyana Bandha. Repeat for the other leg.


• Deep heart chakra opener; counteracts depression and anxiety

• Strengthens abdomen, spine, arms, wrist joints, glutes and legs

• Stretches chest and expands lungs

• Increases energy and releases endorphins

• Stimulates thyroid and pituitary glands


• Low/high blood pressure, heart conditions, headache, diarrhoea, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, back injuries

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