Upward Plank Pose

Beginner Pose
This is an excellent pose for stretching the entire front of the body, glutes and strengthening the abdominal. It is a therapeutic pose for fatigue and depression and helps promote optimism, energy and vitality.


Seated on the ground, legs stretched out in front of you in Dandasana (Staff pose), spine lengthened, bring hands behind your buttocks, parallel to your shoulders, hands facing towards your feet, fingers spread wide apart and open, firmly pressing into the ground. Inhale, lift hips up, feet together, toes pointing downwards towards the ground. Neck is long, gaze looking up towards the ceiling, and head tilted slightly back.
Without compressing the back of your neck, slowly drop your head back.
Breathe 5- 10 breaths.
To come out of the pose on the exhale, tuck chin towards the chest, lower the hips to the ground, back to Dandasana and relax.


Stretches the entire front of body.
Strengthens arms, core, shoulders, wrists, glutes, legs and front of ankles.
Excellent counter-pose for Chaturanga Dandasana.


Wrist pain.
Tight shoulders.
Neck injury.


Table top: Placing feet on the ground, separate knees hip-width apart, hands behind, fingers facing towards the feet. Tailbone tucked under, inhale lift hips up. Gaze is looking up towards the ceiling. Again don’t compress the back of the neck. Breathe 5-10 breaths. Exhale and release the hips down to the ground.

Neck injury: keep gaze forward, chin tucked in.

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