Vanessa Van Noy


The beauty of the practice is that it is a complete system of wellness, mind, body and spirit. It’s really about self-awareness. It’s my intention to take some friends on this ride with me. Yoga has changed my life.

I began my path as an unhealthy adolescent, not thriving, not active, making bad food choices and just making bad decisions all around. Then I found yoga.

Since then I have trained in several styles and lineages, both nationally and internationally. I have worked with all types of yogis from children to the elderly, from professional athletes to those with physical impairments, and everyone in between. My training as a Thai Yoga Therapist allows me to be very hands on in my classes, helping my students adjust and get deeper within their practice, comfortably and at their own pace.

I have been teaching full time for almost 14 years now in New York, New Jersey area – it’s all I do. I am very blessed. Most of my classes are challenging, however, I do teach basics, senior, gentle, restorative and pre-natal yoga and stretch. I am also a current ambassador for Lululemon.

My practices are fluid and non-denominational. I build sequences that work for yogis of all levels. A touch of humour definitely helps. My classes are always a little bit different from the last, with music that motivates the body and lifts the spirit. My class environment is conducive to laughing one moment, or possibly discovering your true inner-self the next.

Along with teaching yoga, I run and have been practising Muay Thai for over 10 years. I enjoy taking my students on retreats to exotic places throughout the world, as well as helping them to find inspiration in their own backyards. I am a devoted vegan and dedicated animal rescuer. I believe that being compassionate should apply to all living creatures, not just humankind.

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Photography: Brian Motzenbecker: Simply Photography

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