Vedic Astrology

                     VEDIC ASTROLOGY

                          WORDS BY YOGI DR MALIK



February 20th to March 20th The lower chakras may be active. Work with them, concentrate and direct your attention to them. Use a variety of tools to energize them, whether it is  meditation, physical yoga practice or pranayama. Tune into your heart-felt aspirations and learn to not only follow your dream – but make it happen.


March 21st to April 20th March will start on a peaceful note as friends and family provide you with much needed support and comfort. Study and travel are particularly emphasized so if there is something that you have always wanted to learn, but never had the time or the confidence, then this is the perfect month to do exactly that.


April 21st to May 21st  March is a pleasant month starting on an energizing  vibration. Attention is centered around the hearth and home. Treat yourself and your nearest and dearest to something that will beautify that special place for you. Choose something that will boost the energy levels there. There are a variety of ‘tools’ at your disposable if you look carefully. Try some feng-shui or vastu or just a good old-fashioned clear out.


May 22ND to June 21ST  The higher chakras may be active – so work with yoga or any related discipline to keep you centered  and grounded. Your intuitive sixth-sense is a prefect compass to guide you in matters to do with love and wealth. You may be feeling apprehensive about financial commitments, but be sure to have faith that abundance is your birthright. You will experience it in all areas of your life.


June 22nd to July 22nd  March invites you to work with your heart chakra. You will also appreciate the unconditional love that comes your way and something that you may
have not paid much attention to. The sixth chakra is particularly active, so incorporate meditation to help you center yourself and to help guide you this month.


July 23rd to August 22nd   This is a particularly joyous month for you as you engage with the opportunities that are presented. Commercial matters may occupy your time. Be sure to find some quiet-time to reflect, think and seek advice  before making any financial commitments. March closes on a creative vibration inspiring you to complete
any projects and deadlines with relative ease.


August 23rd to September 23rd  Focus on health and nutrition this month and really take the time to investigate your lifestyle and whether you need to change it in any way. The changes do not have to be dramatic they can be small and simple. Start by eliminating toxic people from your life and if you feel there are none, then focus on your mind and use mindfulness practice to keep you centred. The month closes on a peaceful vibration.


September 24th to October 23rd  Adventure, culture and travel are emphasized  this month – so make some time to meet up with friends and family in a social setting. Colour therapy is something you may wish to work with and incorporate particularly to uplift you and inspire you. Try silver, orange and gold whether in clothing, ornaments or jewellery or even your general home  décor as they will bring fresh inspiration.


October 24th to November 22nd  The month starts on a positive note. Your kindness and compassionate outlook will make a qualitative and measurable difference to someone’s life. The throat chakra may be active and emphasis will be on communication at all levels. Be prepared to listen to what your loved one has to say about a matter that
has implications for both of you. Give your response only after careful reflection and thought. March ends peacefully.


November 23rd to December 21st  March is an ideal month to de-clutter and get rid of unnecessary paperwork you have accumulated. Have a good look in any storage cupboards or bags under your bed or boxes in the attic, basement, garage or similar places. Invite some creative expression into your life and put your ideas into practice working with different mediums to bring  your artistic skills alive. The month will progress on a positive vibration.


December 22nd to January 20th  The month is a pleasant one as a special friend reveals some significant information which has a positive impact on your lifestyle. The heart chakra may be  active so work with meditation and pranayama as well to energize your mind and body. This is a perfect time to fall in love with yoga as well. Try a new style,
try yoga outdoors, try with friends or buy a new yoga mat or a prop. March ends on a peaceful note.


January 21st to February 19th  The month starts on a splendid note with love, passion and romance in the air. This is a perfect time to instill some feel good vibes, at home using  aromatherapy, flower and colour therapy. Fall in love with someone, or fall in love with the world. Follow your heart-desired passion and explore whatever it is you want to do and do it. Whether it’s a change of career, a new home, travel or study – enjoy!

“Be prepared to listen to what your loved one has to say about a matter that has implications for both of you.”