Vedic Astrology


January 21st to February 19th Look positively to the future as you create new and innovative ways to implement new projects. The month may be fast paced but you will enjoy the challenges it presents. Learn to relax and encourage yourself to try new activities where you can use your skills. February closes on a peaceful vibe .


February 20th to March 20th Naturally inclined to love – this is an especially good month to pay attention to your needs as well. Romance and passionate liaisons are emphasized and you will be lucky in love. Color and aromatherapies are excellent to help you relax and energies. February ends onlaps


March 21st to April 20th This month presents many challenges but that you will easily overcome and learn from. In love you are especially lucky as you find an innovative solution to a long-standing, issue. February closes on an auspicious note.


April 21st to May 21st Flower and gem therapies should be incorporated into your lifestyle this month. T hey are particularly good for dealing with emotional conflicts and clearing the aura. There will be an unexpectedly good rise in fortunes. February ends on a pleasant Vibe.


May 22nd to June 21st Be prepared for some changes in your home life as you make some transitional movements. Selling, buying and exchanging goods may also occupy your time. Your heart chakra is open and love is particularly emphasized. Spend quality time with family and learn to celebrate your roots. The month closes on a positive vibe.

KARKATA (CANCER) June 22nd to July 22nd Romance is especially highlighted in your house this month so enjoy. A welcome respite from pres- sunsed work or domestic duties helps you de-stress and refocus on significant decision making skills. The throat chakra is active-you must listen to your own inner voice and trust its judgment. The month ends peacefully.


July 23rd to August 22nd February is a great month for exploring whether or not a long-term commitment can be made within a loved one. Trust your heart and follow your instincts. Good news is promised especially when it comes to finances. A long-standing project successfully concludes. The month closes on a pleasant note.


August 23rd to September 23rd Commercial and business enterprises will encourage you to explore new ventures to make money. Pay particular attention to your outgoings and siphon off some of those for charitable projects. This is a great month to consider making a long-term commitment to a loved one. February closes on a lucky vibe.


September 24th to October 23rd Pay attention to those around you- especially pe0ple that you don’t normally consider being a part of your inner-circle, whether that’s at work, home or in the community. Establish some new connections and make time for them, as they will help widen your perspective on life. The month ends on a positively good note.


October 24th to November 22nd February is the month of love and so you should celebrate and cherish that. If you feel no love is being re- caproate then you must learn to love yourself first Self-love is the foundation of a happier life so start respecting yourself first before trying to get others to do that for you. The second chakra may bioactive so do exercises to help stabilize land make it stronger. The month ends peacefully


November 23rd to December 21st February starts on an auspicious note and you will be encouraged to create ‘me-time in your diary. Banish the excuse of having no time create the time to relax, rest and rejuvenate. The sixth chakra may be active so practice meditation. The month closes on a peaceful note

 MAKARA (CAPRICORN) December 22nd to January 20th Strength, stamina and endurance are key words that you should particularly work with this month. Incorporate physical and meditative exercises to built on those key sills. Overall this IS an excellent month for making those big changes you have been thinking.


For a smile is the beginning of love

Mother Teresa

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