Vegetable Biryani


1 cauliflower, florets only
2 onions, thinly sliced
5oz (150g) basmati rice
10½oz (300g) natural yogurt
5oz (150g) butter
2 teaspoons coriander powder
2 teaspoons cumin powder
handful fresh coriander, finely chopped
2 cups vegetable stock


Prepare the vegetable stock. Wash the rice. In a saucepan melt the butter and sauté the sliced onions until transparent. Add the spices and a pinch of salt (optional), and stir for another 2 minutes. Add the cauliflower and stir for 1 minute. Add the rice and the vegetable stock. When it starts to boil, cover the pan and leave it to simmer for around 10–15 minutes, until the liquid has completely evaporated. If it has evaporated before the rice has cooked, you will need to add a little extra water.

Mix the yogurt with the fresh coriander and spoon it over the rice before serving.

Recipe taken from ‘Yogic Cooking: Nutritious Vegetarian Food’ by Garuda Hellas.

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