Vicky Fox has practised yoga for more than 20 years and has been teaching yoga for more than a decade. Having trained with world-renowned teachers such as Doug Keller, Rod Stryker and Sally Kempton, she uses this varied experience to create physically challenging classes with the aim of developing strength and suppleness while emphasising alignment and precision. Through dealing with her own back pain she has evolved her practice and teaching to make yoga accessible to all. She firmly believes that yoga should be an individual and safe practice shaped by the breath.
“My teacher Rod Stryker taught me that the shape of the breath is more important than the shape of the pose. If you can’t breathe in a pose then you should ease back to a place where you can connect with the breath.”

For Vicky, advanced yoga is not about crazy poses, but about achieving the same quality of breath throughout an entire class, even when the physical postures become more challenging.

In 2013 Vicky studied for a year with Laura Kupperman on her ‘Yoga For Survivors’ teacher-training course. She now teaches yoga to anyone diagnosed with cancer, at any stage of their recovery. These classes are designed to provide a safe refuge for yoga practice. They help to build strength, increase range of motion and reduce stress, thereby improving sleep, reducing fatigue and enhancing quality of

Vicky teaches classes at The Power Yoga Company, triyoga, Life Centre and Paul’s Cancer Support Centre. She also teaches anatomy on Julie Montagu’s teacher training course.

Vicky lives with her husband Neil and three children Scarlet (17), Jack (15) and Martha (11) in London.

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