Warrior III with Eagle Arms

Warrior III with Eagle Arms



• Stand in Mountain Pose.
• Bring your arms out at shoulder level. Wrap your right arm over your left into eagle arms; bend the elbows and lift them up while drawing the shoulders down and away from the ears.

• Extend the left leg back lifting from the inner thigh and dropping the outer hip down as you elongate your torso forward, keeping your leg and torso in one line and parallel to the floor.

• Push into the big toe side of your standing foot, and press the head
of your thighbone back. Lengthen the top of your head and tailbone in opposite directions.

• Stay here for three deep and steady breaths. If you fall out of the pose, be kind to yourself and simply start again.

• Step your feet together, release your arms and repeat on the other side.


• Strengthens feet, ankles, calves, knees, thighs, shoulders and muscles of the back.
• Enhances muscular endurance.
• Improves balance and posture.
• Opens shoulders and chest.
• Stretches hips and groin.
• Tones the abdomen.
• Increases energy and confidence.

• Develops willpower.


• Bring your hands on blocks or the back of a chair in front of you.
• Extend your arms by your side, or overhead in line with your ears.


• High blood pressure.
• Shoulder, knee or ankle injuries.