Warrior III



• From Virabhadrasana I, place the hands on your hips and shift the weight forwards onto the front foot.

• As you inhale, lift the back leg from the floor, hinging from the front hip.

Begin to drop the torso forward as the back leg lifts.

• While balancing, the whole body (except the standing leg) is to be kept parallel to the floor. The standing leg should be straight and kept perpendicular to the floor, although the knee should be kept soft.

• The hips should remain square to the floor and the back foot flexed, with the heel reaching away.

• The arms extend ahead, either with the palms together in prayer, or shoulderdistance apart depending on the flexibility of the shoulders.

• Breathe in the posture for 5-10 breaths, extending the energy of the spine forward through the fingertips and backward through the raised leg at the same time.

• To release, exhale as you lower the raised leg to the floor. Inhale as you lift your arms and chest into Warrior I. Straighten the front leg and lower the arms as you exhale, stepping the back foot to stand in mountain pose.

Repeat on the other side.