ways to detox without dieting

10 ways to detox

without dieting These daily changes will rev up your metabolism and transform your body and bring a new you!

We all have our little vices and love to devour naughty foods during moments of weakness. Whether it’s continuously binge eating on biscuits, having a few glasses of red wine or upgrading to a large pizza at the weekend, the result is the same: you feel bloated, sapped of energy and feeling a lot heavier. But there’s good news!

You can actually detox your body without going on a diet to help you get back on track! And no you don’t have to go into starvation mode and drink cabbage soup to do it. Changing your daily eating habits are necessary during a time of detoxing but they don’t have to be extreme.

Try to drink 1 litre of water per 50lbs per bodyweight, so that’s around 3-4 litres a day- even before you start exercising. Upping your water consumption will make you feel fuller, more hydrated, help you think sharper and most of all flush out those toxins. Ditching the dairy for a week can do wonders for you and help detoxify your hardworking liver.

Try to utilize these simple 10 detox steps into your everyday life and your body will feel amazing in no time and your clothes will be hanging o! you.

1 Ditch The Dairy

Not everyone can stomach dairy and there are quite  a lot of people who suffer gut problems trying to  digest it without realizing. Apart from feeling bloated and giving you bad skin, it can also jeopardize your detoxing. Dairy tends to build up mucus and slow down liver function. Try alternatives such as goats cheese, almond milk and halloumi cheese which are much more happier on your gut.

2 Control your caffeine

We all look forward to our special cup of coffee in the morning, but if you eliminate this you will feel less sluggish, feel a lot less lighter and better for it.

Drinking coffee after 4pm plays havoc on your sleep wake cycles and interrupts your most important sleep! Plus as coffee increases your cortisol levels for 24 hours it’s the same adrenaline as if someone is standing over you with a kitchen knife. So limit and reduce coffee if you want to reduce belly fat as  this increases that stress hormone cortisol which is stored as belly fat.


We all know drinking too much alcohol is the  fastest way to undo your best detox efforts. The liver breaks down alcohol so it can be removed from your body, and your liver can become seriously damaged if you drink more alcohol than it can process. Simply eliminating booze on your liver will allow it to get to work processing the other toxins you’re trying to eliminate. If you must take advantage of happy hour, have water instead of doubling up! And again have a cut o! time where you tell yourself no more booze – and set yourself a ‘go home’ goal.


As we are living in a state of malnutrition, we are  undernourished and underfed and many of us go for cheaper fruit and veg that still taste good but have been sprayed with nasty pesticides. But within a few hours you feel hungry as you are not getting the same nutrition from organic foods. The next time you opt for organic think about how much
fuller you feel. In particular after eating an organic steak you tend to feel fuller as there’s no signs of any antibiotics or steroids in the meat and there’s less chance of you picking on carb livened biscuits or snacks soon after eating.


With Bentonite Clay Bentonite clay has been around for years as a traditional healing method for protecting the body from disease. It has been reported that several traditional cultures living in regions of the Andes, Central Africa and Australia have consumed clays in numerous ways for centuries. Because the clay is readily available and required no modern processing, it has been a popular and cost-effective way of detoxing.

Everyday we come into contact with heavy metals. These heavy metals refer to substances like mercury, cadmium, lead and benzene. These can be found in household products and also in foods that contain high fructose  syrup or certain types of fish. Bentonite clay benefits your body by helping to get rid of many of these toxins as part of a heavy metal detox and can increase immunity and reduce inflammation and disease. So add in 1 teaspoon twice a day to a cup of water. It tastes a bit chalky and lumpy but soon your energy levels will go up and the weight will come on as you detoxify your body.


Drink at least 3-4 litres of water and think about flooding and hydrating your body. Aim for 1 litre per 50lbs of your own bodyweight in water, and even spice it up with lemons, limes and mint to improve its taste and alkalise and detoxify your body. The lemon’s vitamin C increases glutathione (an important detoxification compound in the liver) and protects your liver against damage.


Body With Movement Our bodies are meant to move in a daily basis – not 1-2 times a week! So if you are thinking about going on a detox to shed a few pounds, think about how you are going to oxygenate your cells through movement. You could think about going for long walks in nature in the morning, followed by a 20-30 minute HIIT session in the afternoon, so you are moving regularly. Therapeutic exercises like yoga are also useful as it helps with lymphatic flow, and twists help to stimulate peristalsis in the bowels. I find that after doing a Hot yoga session I feel that my metabolism goes up as it increases normal metabolic breakdown of fat tissue, releasing fat stored toxicants so that they can be rapidly excreted in sweat. So think carefully how you aim to get moving whilst going on a detox and remember to refuel accordingly.


Learn to love your liver and increase your intake  of liver loving foods by eating several servings a day of organic kale, broccoli, beets, carrots, Brussel sprouts, onions, garlic or artichokes. Certain herbal supplements can also help remove those nasty toxins from the liver. I tend to recommend herbs that support liver and kidney function such as milk
thistle, burdock, turmeric, dandelion root and nettles. They are best taken in combination either as tea or as a supplement. Try making turmeric tea with hot almond milk to soothe and detox your body.


Magnesium stimulates your bowels and is a mineral activator for many detox enzymes. Taking a magnesium bath help draw out toxins but also helps with the following

  • Reduces stress and improves sleep
  • Helps muscles relax and function properly
  • Helps prevent artery hardening and blood clots Makes insulin more effective by drawing in more nutrients to the cells Reduces inflammation to relieve pain and muscle cramps
  • Improves oxygen use Flushes out toxins Helps form joint proteins, brain tissue and mucin proteins
  • Helps prevent or ease migraine headaches Magnesium has so many benefits, so after having a magnesium detox bath, try spraying it on your arms and legs to maximize your magnesium! I Swear by it!


Taking infrared saunas will also help speed up you detox without going on a diet! Coax your detox by sitting and sweating in a sauna and gently brush your skin to help get rid of toxins. Remember your skin is the largest organ in your body. It is the body’s main barrier against environmental toxins, and therefore the pores often become clogged by the toxins it protects against. The sweating induced through heat and humidity of the sauna, helps bacteria and dead skin cells get released through the pores. The sweating and increased circulation stimulated in the sauna can help purify your whole body from toxins. Heavy metals and other toxins can enter your body from food, water and air, and build up in the body over time, especially if you live in a city or near an industrial site. Regular use of the sauna may help your body eliminate these toxins, and boy you’ll feel so much better!



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