We are Wellness

Set close to the city centre in Leeds, We are Wellness is a space for people to explore what yoga, health and wellness means to them. Set in a 17th Century mansion, with tiled floors, shuttered windows and a beautiful stained glass atrium and circling staircase, the feeling is truly an urban sanctuary.

In this special space you will find yoga playing its important supportive role in wellness, alongside fitness, a diverse range of physical and talking therapies, day retreats, healthy events, education and most importantly a supportive community.

The ‘yoga studio’ element of We Are Wellness is as beautifully diverse as the customers and their needs. From more modern approaches such as Yoga for Sports, Core Strength Vinyasa and their signature class HIIT+Yoga, there is also plenty of the traditional, including Ashtanga, Yin, Restorative and Hatha.


There is a lot of importance put on finding the right teachers, not only based on their teaching, but also how they help create the important wellness community.

Co-owner and yoga teacher Helena Byles says, “The most important thing for us is that people find their way to being well. We want to support that journey, how and wherever it starts. We believe it’s important that people see how varied yoga can be, what it can o er to your wellness and that there is a style for them. It is a joy to see people flourish physically and mentally, it’s why we love our jobs!”

We Are Wellness offers expertise in yoga and many other areas of wellness, delivered in the most friendly, supportive (and with a smile) way, so that everyone feels welcome. After all wellness is a journey not a goal, its not a fad, its a lifestyle and that is what they are helping people build.

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