Eco Friendly
Yoga Mat
The ZenTribe Yoga Mat is a high quality, eco-friendly yoga mat with low impact on the earth’s resources. It was designed after witnessing plastic littering our beautiful coastlines and suffocating our marine ecosystems. Created by Founder Kylie Jonkman,  based in Cardiff, it is crafted with upcycled plastic and cork to actively reduce any additional landfill waste and plastic flooding in our oceans. Cork is a biodegradable and recyclable material that also contains antibacterial
and self-cleaning properties, combating any odours or sweat from a yoga or pilates session. The plastic leftovers from sports industries are also upcycled into the yoga mat reducing gallons of oil needed to reproduce new plastics and carbon emissions. You won’t just be buying a sustainable yoga mat but also taking a part in bringing a positive impact to the world as ZenTribe donates £5 for every yoga mat purchased, supporting the charity – Stump Up for Trees – to plant one million trees. The ZenTribe Yoga Mat is much more than a yoga tool, it is on a mission to actively reduce landfill waste and plastic fooding our oceans, allowing both comfort and peace of mind during yoga practice.

ZenTribe is also a part of noissue Eco-Packaging Alliance and is PETA-Approved Vegan. The yoga mat can be purchased through their website. 


Price: £75.00

Livia: The Off Switch for

Menstrual Pain

If you’ve been looking for a wearable solution to reduce period pain, Livia is the answer. Livia is a scientifically proven tool that helps women overcome menstrual pain more effectively and safely than with drugs. Portable and easy to use, Livia is designed to clip comfortably to your waistband. Once clipped, simply attach the electrode gel pads to your lower abdomen. Livia then gets to work immediately with the press of a button. You can also adjust the pulses to your preferred intensity with the -/+ buttons. The long-life rechargeable battery is another perk that makes Livia reusable for years.

Price: £107.10


Ocean Free Hand

Sanitiser Gel

With the rise of Coronavirus pandemic, it has become even more necessary to have your hands clean and sanitised at all times. Ocean Free Hand Sanitiser Gel uses 70% of alcohol (Ethanol) making it an advanced surgical grade alcohol-based sanitising gel designed for use in any hygiene sensitive environment. “e rigorously tried and tested formula is proven to kill 99.999% of bacteria and is effective against enveloped viruses and yeast. The hand sanitiser gel is not just hygienic, but also helps in keeping your hands soft and moisturised with its emollients. It is available in various sizes ranging from 60ml to 5l.

Price: £3.49 (125ml)


Miracle Cake Bar

Lo-Dough Miracle Cake Bar is the ultimate sweet
snack that you can enjoy everyday without
any guilt.
These weigh only 60g each and are incredibly
tasty yet low in calories and sugar. Available in
three different flavours namely Lemon Drizzle,
Caramel Crunch and Double Chocolate Fudge,
the bars are vegetarian and are perfect for low-sugar diets. Lemon drizzle is a real delight made
with a soft, moist, lemon sponge, topped with a
sweetened lemon topping and covered in a low-sugar white chocolate coating while the other
two varieties have a delicious chocolate flavour.
Great as a quick snack, you can also briefly heat
Lo-Dough Miracle Cake Bar in the microwave
and enjoy it as a dessert!

Price: £2.49 for a single bar,
£22.49 for boxes of 10

Gregory’s Tree

Fruit Twists

Unlike the usual sweet treats, Gregory’s Tree Fruit Twists are made from nothing but 100% organic fruit with no added sugar. They are naturally great tasting and are just 60 calories each. The fruit twists come in organic strawberry and blueberry and raspberry flavours. They are 100% vegan and gluten-free. Considering the nutritional value, these are quite affordable as well. You can get your hands on this fruity goodness at Planet Organic, Whole Foods, Morrisons, WH Smith, and The Co-op.

Price: 69p for a single bar,

4£2.99 for boxes of 5




The nation’s favourite malted drink for nearly 150 years has come up with an exciting new flavour- Horlicks Chocolate. With a fabulously satisfying chocolate taste and added goodness, it makes an ideal drink for chocolate malt lovers. Along with being delicious, every serving is high in calcium, zinc, vitamins C and vitamin D. It is available in both 500g and 300g jars as well as individual serving 32g sachets and Dolce Gusto compatible pods. It’s filled with nourishment and is the mainstay of any kitchen cupboard. Horlicks Chocolate (500g) is available  from Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Amazon, whilst the sachets (32g) can be found at Sainsbury’s and Asda and the Chocolate Dolce Gusto compatible pods (3 x 16 x 32g) can be found on Amazon.

Price: £5.37

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