The Living Art of Chi Kung

The ‘Living Art of Chi Kung’ is an accessible manual, taking the reader through how, what and why to practise Chi Kung. Chi Kung helps build an understanding of physical habits, posture, ways of breathing and moving and how and where tension is held. CHI KUNG postures and movements (or forms) open and strengthen some parts of our bodies and boost our energy, while releasing and allowing other parts of our bodies to become softer and more relaxed. Chi Kung has a remarkable relevance to life today, as do the Taoist principles on which it is based. The ancient Taoist teachings and practises are made simple and approachable with a combination of unique descriptions, analogies, anecdotes and illustrations.

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In ‘Already Enough‘, therapist Lisa Olivera explores how our ‘stories’ affect us – the stories we tell ourselves about the person we are because of the things that have happened to us or the way people have treated us – often a lot more than we realise. Drawing on her own extraordinary experience as an adopted child, abandoned by her mother in California woods just hours after birth, she combines memoir with therapeutic exercises to help us reframe the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves and work towards self-acceptance.

For young people finding their way in life, professionals who doubt their own abilities and parents who struggle to love themselves as much as their families, ‘Already Enough‘ is a manual to healing and self-love.

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Almost Happy: Pushing Your Buttons with Reverse Psychology

It’s a scientific fact that laughter is good for our physical and mental health. It’s a vital coping mechanism to deal with life’s difficulties and can act as a tool for us to reflect and improve the parts of ourselves that we want to change. Based on 50 years of combined clinical practice experience, Brian Kaplan and Hephzibah Kaplan created ‘Almost Happy‘ as a guide to laughing at the darker sides of yourself, using a combination of reverse psychology and striking graphics. With provocative badges or ‘buttons’ like ‘Always late’, ‘People Pleaser’ and ‘Starting Tomorrow’ on every page, the book encourages the readers to examine the sides of themselves they’d like to change, gently tease readers about life’s issues, and offer a new and entertaining way to create positive change.

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Take It In: Do the inner work. Create your best damn life.

Daily life can be rough and we can often feel disconnected from who we really are. The solution? Everyday spirituality.

Spirituality isn’t a private member’s club, we are all spiritual beings and ‘Take It In‘ makes it accessible and do-able to implement short rituals and practices into the realities of our modern life. Modern spirituality is about dealing with life here on Earth, you don’t have to know when the next full moon is, have a gratitude journal or meditate, to be spiritual. Ultimately it can be anything that guides you back to you.

With personal anecdotes, plenty of laughs, tons of practical exercises you’ll actually want to do and learnings from the lives of thousands of clients, this modern spiritual manual shows us that everyday spirituality is the path to returning to our true selves.

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Mula and the Snooty Monkey: A Fun Yoga Story

Want to get your kids excited about Yoga? ‘Mula and the Snooty Monkey’, Book 2 in the Mula and the Fly series, is a beautifully-illustrated picture book series that promotes mindfulness and provides young readers with a soft introduction to yoga. In this book, Mula the sleepy tiger help Svadi, the snooty monkey to stop worrying about how he looks and gets him ready to move his hips and sing the song inside his heart!

The fun characters and easy yoga poses promote a happy, healthy lifestyle and encourage young readers to relax and unwind. 

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Mahamritjunjaya Mantra

With a mission to bring spiritual teachings into music, Brazilian artist, Chandra Lacombe, weaves the teachings of the East and the medicine path of the South Americas to create ‘Mahamritjunjaya Mantra’, the first song released from his forthcoming album, ‘Jaya’. A feeling of softness and calm permeates throughout Chandra Lacombe’s music. Relaxing and enchanting, his unique falsetto voice sings Eastern mantras, whilst he plays the kalimba, an African percussion instrument that was originally designed to play with your thumbs. This style of playing opens up a new world of possibilities, where the listener is transported to another realm upon listening.

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Glebe Farm PureOaty

Glebe Farm’s two new milk alternatives, Glebe Farm PureOaty Barista and Glebe Farm PureOaty Creamy & Enriched are perfect for those who like locally sourced home grown products made by British farmers. 

Glebe Farm PureOaty Barista is made from Glebe’s own pure gluten free oats, water, sunflower oil and a trace of salt. It has been crafted through a careful production process that ensures this oat milk is ideal for a silky smooth barista style coffee, perfect for at-home coffee drinkers who want to take it up a level. Glebe Farm PureOaty Creamy & Enriched is fortified with calcium and vitamins D, B2 & B12; perfect for breakfast, smoothies and baking. Both options are vegan, gluten-free, and full of fibre and minerals, making them a natural superfood.

Price: £1.80
Available at: www.glebefarmfoods.co.uk

Liforme Mat

A good yoga mat is not easy to find. So, we were rather pleased to try Liforme’s Yoga Mats. These yoga mats are made using Liforme’s unique AlignForMe and GripForMe Systems which provide great grip as well as guidance for aligning your body as you practice your yoga poses. The mat has the perfect grip for your yoga practice so that you don’t slip or slide while doing your asanas. However, it is their AlignForMe system which is its best feature as it acts as a navigational tool for your Yoga asana practice and helps you position yourself correctly and evenly. The system features a combination of intelligent markers in the yoga mat that provides you with visual and tactile guidance while performing yoga poses. You can use as much, or as little, guidance as you need. As you use the mat, the markers help prevent incorrect placements and alignments which might cause injury. You can have a greater understanding of what goes where and how to correct yourself and as a result, your body feels steadier and more aligned. Another great feature of the mat  is its material which is planet friendly – made with biodegradable, non-toxic and PVC-free material. Overall, we definitely recommend it.

Price: £100
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Joyful life mastery

We all want only the best for our children. No matter their age, we want to see them get ahead in life and we want to provide them with all the help they need to do so. However, with the busy lives we live, it’s not as easy. Learning to write can be a big challenge for our little ones as they join Pre-K and navigate through their new surroundings, schools, teachers and friends. 

The three volume ‘Fun Letter Tracing Books‘ can be the perfect workbook to help your little one get through the initial days of penmanship. These workbooks gently guides your child through practice so they can master writing different forms: Letters, numbers, words, sentences, uppercase and lowercase. With each letter that your child masters as they progress through the workbook, their confidence increases. Tracing with dotted numbers and letters that fade down every few lines enables your child to become more confident and proficient in their penmanship. Each letter and number is matched with animal words in lowercase, followed by traceable positive affirmations that provide a much needed boost to their self confidence. The workbook cover is printed in glossy paper with bright vibrant colours and pictures of cute animals to keep your child interested and the interiors are in black and white, perfect for a young child to draw and colour in – letting their imagination run wild and free.

The workbooks are designed for children aged three and up and can be an invaluable tool to your precious little one as they try to master the basics of penmanship.

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MuscleGun impact massager

The MuscleGun impact massager is the perfect accessory to help you relieve pain and tension from your muscles in a targeted manner. By delivering 3,200 high-frequency, noiseless beats per minute, this device relieves pain in less than 5 minutes. It was voted number 1 in the UK by Men’s Health Magazine and is popular with Olympic triathletes like Alistair Brownlee, weightlifter Sonny Webster and crossfit athlete Louise Hawkins. The device is versatile and suitable for everyone who is affected by pain and tension. The massager also comes with an app with which customised and guided exercises can be carried out.

Price: Carbon £199.99 and Carbon Go £139.99
Available at: https://muscleguns.co.uk/

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