Brilliant Buckwheat

This new range of raw buckwheat granolas come in four delicious flavours and are packed full of taste and goodness. They make a perfect snack, sprinkled on yoghurt or soaked in almond milk. The ingredients have been slowly dehydrated to help persevere their nutrients and enzymes and the buckwheat is ‘sprouted’, which may help your body better absorb its nutrients. The granolas are gluten and dairy free and suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

£5.49 each thelivingfoodkitchen.com

Calyana Yoga mats (2)

Marvelous Mats

The excellent new range of Calyana Yoga Mats from Airex® combine quality, comfort and traction. Made from durable, sustainable materials, they feature an anti-slip underside, are water-repellent and constructed by ingenious closed-cell foam that blocks the absorption of water and dirt, making them hygienic and easy to clean. Available in two premium qualities: ‘Prime Yoga Mat’ weighs just 1.8kg with 4.5mm thickness and is ideal for at home, in the studio or on your travels; and ‘Professional Yoga Mat’ with 6.8mm of cushioning and is designed for those who practise a lot, and weighing in at 2.4kg, it’s perfect for permanent home or studio use.

Calyana Prime Yoga Mat in Ocean Blue (£49.99) and Lime Green/Nut Brown (£53.99).

Calyana Professional Yoga Mat in Stone Grey (£58.99). Available from physicalcompany.co.uk

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Pilates On The Go

This is a fantastic mobile app from ‘Pilates Queen’ Lynne Robinson, that feature her very own workouts that provide simple beginner exercises to more advanced and challenging routines. Lynne provides expert guidance on the fundamentals of alignment, breathing and centring. The app also includes a 30-day ‘Core Challenge’ with a different routine every day for a month; ‘Tailored Routines’ to help improve alignment, co-ordination and concentration, and a ‘Find a Teacher’ option of over 1,000 teachers in the UK.

Body Control Pilates with Lynne Robinson. 69p available from Apple App store and Google Play. bodycontrolpilates.com


Don’t Have A Cow, Man!

Oatly, the oat-based milk alternative, offers eco-conscious shoppers the option to cut down on dairy without compromising on taste. Simply use Oatly anywhere you’d use milk, whether for drinking or in recipes; and the five-strong range also includes a cream and delicious chocolate variety. These vegan-friendly products are made with three key ingredients – oats, water and a hint of salt. Thanks to the Swedish climate, the super-powered oats grow strong and the unique development process ensures healthy and nutritious beta-glucans remain completely intact.  Not only sustainable, Oatly offers a healthier alternative to milk complete with a nutritional balance of protein.

The Oatly range is currently stocked in all major supermarkets and Holland & Barrett. Prices start from 79p.

Complete Calisthenics

The Complete Package

An excellent book which shows to how build strength, power and athleticism using your own bodyweight as resistance; and unlike a lot of other exercise and training methods, there is virtually no equipment involved, so you can start practising immediately. The book will show you how to perform a range of different techniques including core exercises and lower body exercises, with clear instructions and over 500 photographs, as well as providing workout programmes to suit your needs and nutritional advice with easy-to-follow diet plans.

Complete Calisthenics by Ashley Kalym (Lotus Publishing) £19.99. Available from amazon.co.uk 


First Aid Kit, All Year Round

Coughs and colds are no longer the curse of the winter months. So when you feel like you’re coming down with something, or start suffering with a cough, then reach for Potter’s Herbals. They make a range of tried and trusted herbal remedies for colds and flu, that have been blended together based on over 200 years experience of working with the synergistic effect of natural, herbal ingredients. Potter’s Elixir of Echinacea (£10.16) contains echinacea, fumitory and wild Indigo to stimulate the immune system at the first sign of a sniffle or to relieve the symptoms of the common flu and cold type infections; and Potter’s Cough Remover (£4.59) formulated for the symptomatic relief of coughs and contains black cohosh, ipecacuanha, lobelia, pleurisy root, scullcap, elecampane, horehound and hyssop. pottersherbals.co.uk


Fantastic Fragrances

Yogandha comes from yoga and gandha, the Sanskrit for fragrance and the use of fragrant substances in yoga. The olfactory system can deepen our practice, and the sense of smell can physiologically ‘bring us back’ to recreate that yogic calm when you need it. Created by a yoga teacher, these oils have an easy roller-ball application and are available in fragrances including sandalwood for grounding, jasmine for balancing and grapefruit for energising and are suitable for use in yoga classes. Yogandha also offer an ambassador programme for teachers to get substantial discounts. Prices start from €19.95 yogandha.com


Sharing The Secret

An indispensible book for yoga enthusiasts and spiritual seekers to deepen their practice and pave the way to spiritual awakening. Tigunait comprehensively explains why the Yoga Sutra’s teachings are so crucial to us today and unveils its ancient wisdom in a way that explains how to discover the true source of creativity, confidence, happiness and spiritual revelation. The book also shows us how to understand the mind and the law of karma with powerful practices for experiencing our self-luminous, essential nature. Highly recommended.

The Secret of the Yoga Sutra: Samadhi Pada by Pandit Rajmani Tigunait, PhD (Himalayan Institute Press) $24.95 himalayaninstitute.org


An Illustrated Journey

The akasha is a virtual, invisible web of life energy force, where everything is connected. This one-of-a-kind spiritual-inspirational gift book offers a thought-provoking series of vision narratives coupled with acutely sensitive, fine art illustrations painted by a Master Artist. Portrayed through an astral lens of Light, the vignettes reveal a graceful connection of Oneness found in diverse cultural and spiritual philosophies around the world. The book endeavours to help remove fear-based consciousness and to show, through scientific validation of the akashic records, that indeed, All are One.

Akashic Alphabet by Trenace Rose (Dementi Milestone Publishing) $38.95 AkashicAlphabet.com

Simply Delicious

SAF Restaurant in Kensington have released a health conscious line of ready to eat foods designed to boost energy, improve the immune system, help weight loss and detoxify the body and mind. The ‘Express Ambient Range’ are high in protein, vegetarian, gluten free and high in fibre, and includes everything from savoury delights such as the Napoletana Pizza Crackers, Kale & Spirulina Flax Crackers to sweet treats including the Apple & Granola Bites. All are made in their award-winning kitchen, using raw and natural products which are dehydrated below 48oC to preserve the natural enzymes and flavours in the food.  saf-express.co.uk 


A Beautiful Name

This is a captivating album of sacred chants, dedicated to the embodiment of the sacred feminine. Sudha’s heavenly vocals soar through the seven tracks, expertly produced in cooperation with German fusion/world musician Praful. All tracks feature chants from different world cultures, but with a predominance of India, and include a wealth of acoustic instruments including bamboo flute, piano and tablas and ethereal ambient sounds. An excellent offering that will uplift your spirits and inspire your practice.

In Her Name by Sudha (Malimba Records) $13.98 CD, $9.50 MP3 malimba.com


From Pregnancy To Motherhood

Developed in collaboration with R. Sharath Jois, director of KPJAYI in Mysore India, this wonderful book offers clear, illustrated guidelines on modifying the Ashtanga yoga primary series during pregnancy. It includes first-hand accounts from prominent members of the Ashtanga yoga community of their experiences of conception, pregnancy, birth and motherhood including interviews with the Jois family, alongside treasured family photos and commissioned yoga photography. An inspiring guide for any yoga student, teacher and mother.

Yoga Sadhana for Mothers’ by Sharmila Desai and Anna Wise (Yogawords) £14.99 yogamatters.com

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