Healing with flower tells us historical origins of flowers in healing and medicine and reminds os of their significance which is as powerful as today as it was in ancient times. The healing power of flowers pass through different aspect of our lives. Flower helps us mark every event from birth to death and bring us joy and solace throughout the years. Every flower has its own exclusive blend of many different attributes. Every plant has its way of communicating its properties to us that we can understand it and make the best use of healing benefits. Taking all this into consideration, we can consider a healing flower as a whole and not assess its healing potential based solely on its active constituents or even its different qualities.
Beautifully illustrated with vibrant colour photographs by Julie Bruton-Seal, the book explores sixty-four flowers from around the world – from Yarrow (Achillea millefolium) to Heartsease (Viola tricolor) alongside chapters on edible flowers, growing and gathering, and distilling flowers. Each flower entry reveals the plant’s historical and folkloric importance, details the modern medicinal use of the flower as a herbal remedy relating to its biochemical constituents, and explores its use in aromatherapy, homeopathy and as a flower essence. A deeper understanding of the unique character of each flower – its story, personality and energy – is woven through this book and is a key resource for anyone who loves flowers, as well as gardeners and herbalists alike.

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From Larry’s New Book

After a lifetime of reading voraciously, still looking for that ONE exceptional source that explains things, a cookbook of life. You know when you buy a new car, it comes with an owner’s manual. Need information about the new car? It’s in the book. Should be the same with humans. This book was created to be an owner’s manual for humans. It is a spiritual text that will directly answer why you are here and get this…how to fulfill your life’s purpose and destiny. YOU WILL STILL HAVE TO WALK THE PATH but at least you will have a roadmap and compass.

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Coming Home to You isn’t just any book – it’s a guide, to gently nudge you back to yourself. It is an inspiration for times when you can’t find your way. And it’s a hand to hold when you feel disconnected from your true self, to help you come home to you. With beautifully inspired illustrations, practical advice, exercises, and wisdom, this book covers everything you need to live a more connected, magical, and authentic life.
‘Coming Home to You’ tackles the issues that affect us all daily, giving readers everything they need to live a more connected, magical, and authentic life. Understanding the signs you are being called to stop. For more information on Caroline, head to www.caroline-britton.com

Available from June 2022
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Yoga My Life’s Afterglow Pouring Massage Candles are beautifully fragranced and melt into a sumptuous warm therapeutic massage oil that penetrates deep into the skin to leave it feeling nourished, soft and silky smooth with no oily residue. Choose from Body & Soul – Ylang Ylang, Neroli & Bergamot (ideal for melting away tension during a body massage), Hair Affair – Moroccan Argan Oil, Hawaiian Kukui Nut Oil, Coconut Oil & Shea Butter (ideal for an Indian head massage or a warm oil conditioning hair treatment) and Feet First – Lime, Lemongrass, Grapefruit (ideal for pedicures or for softening hard and dry skin), the perfect self-care ritual or treat for a loved one in need of pampering.

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A guide to align your daily life with your divine Soul Mission, bringing a sense of purpose and fullness, ease and joy into every day Kathryn Hudson offers exercises to understand why you were born and what you are meant to experience on Earth, with the aid of the angelic realm. She details ways of connecting with your Soul Mission and includes a fun exercise to establish a 12-month Soul Mission Manifestation Plan and set things in motion.
Reminding us of our connection to Source, Discover Your Soul Mission shows a way to remember, to understand why we were born and what we are meant to experience on this planet. As we touch in with the energy of our inner child, we rediscover that sweet spot that made our heart sing when young, that direct line to our soul. While soul contracts with family and others might impact us on our path in different directions, we can reopen the clear channel to the GPS of our heart and energetic system through meditations, reflections, and exercises. Once realigned with the mission of our soul, many divine tools of manifestation open to us and, supported by angelic mentors, we will be guided to establish our personal 12-month Mission Manifestation Plan that helps realise our life purpose.

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There’s a Japanese proverb: “The day you decide to do it, is your lucky day.” But how do we make the decision to actually start and complete creative things? This is the question that bestselling author and nationally acclaimed storyteller Matthew Dicks explores in Someday Is Today: 22 Simple, Actionable Ways to Propel Your Creative Life (New World Library, June 7, 2022). Someday Is Today empowers readers to make manageable changes so they can achieve the things they would love to make happen without upending their lives. The practical advice Dicks shares has worked for him and countless other creative people he has consulted with, whether their goal is to sing, knit, draw, write, or teach.

The actionable steps Dicks offers include:
silencing negative messages from family, friends, and teachers
eliminating time-sucking people and activities
being willing to be lousy when you first begin
finding supporters here, there, and everywhere
cultivating optimism in the face of negativity and obstacles

Someday Is Today is divided into four parts: Time, Taking the Leap, Support, and Living the Life. Each strategy Dicks offers is accompanied by amusing and inspiring anecdotes from his own creative life. The appendix also includes a series of action plans for each chapter of the book so readers can immediately begin implementing the strategies he offers into their everyday lives.

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With Zero Water’s breakthrough technology, households can enjoy safe water in minutes thanks to its specialist patented five-stage filter that reduces 99.6% of all total dissolved solids in drinking water.
From chlorine to pesticides, all dissolved solids are virtually eradicated with Zero Water Jug filtration, activated carbon, and oxidations reduction alloy compared to its competitor that only manages to remove up to half of unwanted substances.
With an extensive range of jugs, filters, and TDS metres to choose from at affordable prices to suit all budgets, there is no better alternative to bottled water than Zero Water.

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Water in a Box is a new sustainable, 100% British water brand which is made from recycled cardboard, certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. Water in a Box was founded to provide a better, more climate friendly option when drinking water on the go. It acknowledges that it’s not perfect; in an ideal world, we all have a reusable bottle, an ecoffee cup and a tote bag for when we go shopping. But life is busy and at times, we simply just forget.
We hope Water in a Box can be something you can reach for and not feel guilty about whilst you are on the go. The cartons are made from 70-90% plant based materials and they are 100% recyclable. Water in a Box is available in natural spring (500ml RRP 99p and 330ml RRP 89p) and three fruity flavours; Lemon & Lime, Strawberry and Peach & Orange (all 330ml RRP 89p).
For more information contact Danielle Tingey at North PR: danielle @northpr.co.uk or Anna Doherty: anna

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