Sealy Launches Range Of Posturepedic Pillows To Resolve Sleep Problems

Global bedding manufacturer Sealy has revealed an innovative new range of pillows, each designed to target different sleep issues such as overheating or aches and pains. The products feature exclusive state of- the-art Posturepedic technology and DuPont fibres, engineered to respond to body weight and pressure points, providing comfort and support to specific areas. Good quality sleep is an essential must-have for overall beauty – but also wellness. The Sealy collection comprises different pillows for different health and wellness issues – so take your pick!

The innovative Memory Airflow Pillow has all the benefits of memory foam but with added breathability. The ventilated memory foam has a lattice design which aids cooling and stops the pillow from overheating. The supportive foam moulds to your shape providing support, and the added soft fibres provide comfort, giving this pillow the best of both. Dual Comfort Pillow offers soft, comfortable fibres on one side and a firmer, supportive memory foam on the opposite. Choose a side depending on your preference, or flip between the two – and literally turn to the cooler side of the pillow! The Dual Comfort Pillow is also ideal for guests who want to choose their own firmness. The Spinal Alignment Pillow offers medium or firm support. Featuring a soft DuPont hollowfibre and supportive foam centre, the pillow ensures the neck and spine remain in a neutral position throughout the night. The gaps in the foam help with breathability in the pillow and aid a cool sleep. The Posturepedic range aims to offer a sleeping solution to everyone, no matter how they sleep. All pillows are available now on Amazon, with prices starting at £24.

These pillows are really good value.

  • Spinal Alignment Pillow SRP 5cm £24 7cm £25
  • Pocket Springback Pillow £35
  • Zonal Support Pillow £45
  • Memory Airflow Pillow £70
  • Dual Comfort Pillow SRP £50
  • Coolsense Pillow SRP £75
  • Optimal Latex Pillow SRP £70


MINT recently launched their vegan and paraben- free 3in1 cleansing bars through a popular subscription box service which sold out in a matter of days, with 10% of sales going to The Blue Ribbon Foundation, a charity supporting men’s health awareness. Handmade in England in small batches, the travel friendly bars are available exclusively through the MINT website.

As the founder of a small startup that has experienced various health challenges for almost a decade and lived a plant-based lifestyle for almost 25 years, I felt it was hugely important for our launch product to not only look and smell amazing but to be ethically sound and kind to our consumer’s bodies. We’re very proud to support optimal wellbeing through our products.” says MINT Founder, Dee Momi. A gender neutral and plastic-free hair, face and body bar, the available fragrances are:

Tea Tree + Lime + Mint
Coconut and Argan
Sea Minerals

Made with natural ingredients including shea butter, almond oil and jojoba, the gentle cleansing bars last up to 5 times longer than regular shampoo and body washes, whilst nourishing the hair and skin.

The modern cube-shaped bars weigh 135g and cost £9.50


Drawing on an ancient practice that stretches back thousands of years, bewater bottles incorporate beautiful, ethically sourced gemstones at their core, each chosen to transfer a specific energy ‘blueprint’ when the bottle is filled with water.

Placing gemstones in or around water is believed to change the structure and taste of water and this tradition continues today. Certain gemstones can absorb energy from movement, pressure and heat and convert it into electric energy, each emitting a unique frequency. This effect is what makes quartz watches work. It is believed that the gemstones in gem water bottles transfer their energy information to the water in the bottle, changing and improving the water’s structure and its oxygen and pH levels.

There are four bewater ‘paths’ to chose from: belove, bepower, bejoy and bemagic. Each has been bautifully designed using gemstones inspired by these qualities. Simply fill your bottle with water, leave for approximately ten minutes and enjoy!

Bewater offer a choice of glass and plastic bottles. Their plastic bottles are made from durable, BPA-free Tritan plastic and their glass bottles from lead-free borosilicate. Far from contributing to the deluge of single-use plastic choking our oceans, Tritan plastic is a good quality, long-lasting plastic that actually has a smaller eco footprint than that of glass. Essentially, both materials are reusable. A third bottle, especially designed for children (also made from Tritan plastic), is also available.

Bewater bottles cost from £25.95 (Junior Tritan bottles from £19.95) and are available from www.bewater.com, Amazon, Planet Organic and Fenwicks. Will you belove, bepower, bejoy or bemagic? Choose your bewater.


Jewellery meets meditation to grow Inner Peace & Balance

The Serenity of Harmony Dorje is set with the graceful Amethyst gemstone, a stone of divine beauty and mythical harmony. Her grape purple colour captures the nectar and joy of life. Long revered for its healing properties, Amethyst soothes the mind and calms the emotions.It is known to alleviate anger and anxiety, purifying negative energy to restore peace and balance. It is a talisman of inner calm and spirituality.


With each Silatha Jewel comes the specific series on the accompanying Silatha Meditation App. With Amethyst, you receive the Inner Peace & Balance series, to work specifically on this intention. You can download the app in your app store (iOS and Android). After purchasing your Silatha jewellery, you will have access to the matching 21-day series on the Silatha meditation app, by using the same email address for your login as you purchase the jewellery with.


  • Silver
  • Adjustable cord

As each gemstone is unique and made from natural materials, it may vary in colour and pattern from the represented picture. You can view full jewellery collection and make purchases on Silatha official website