Yoga of Courage and Compassion: Conscious Breathing and Guided Meditation
By William Yang
Through decades of teaching yoga and meditation to cancer patients, William Yang witnessed hundreds of breakthroughs into radical presence and open-heartedness. From this collaboration with the sick and dying, Yang developed a series of simple, practical, and profound conscious breathing, movement, and meditation exercises that help to bypass the ego-centred mind, open the heart and live fearlessly in the present moment. The book begins with exercises as an invitation to rediscover a natural and unforced way of breathing, so we can let go of our anxious ego and let life in again. From there, enlarging the sequence step by step, the author focusses on grounding and connecting with Mother Earth, working with the spine to develop a new sense of self-confidence, and opening the heart to love again. The book shows how, with courage and compassion, we can live and love without reservation at any time in our lives.
Price: £10.52
Available at Amazon and innertraditions.com

Wake Up to Sleep: 5 Powerful Practices to Transform Stress and Trauma for Peaceful Sleep and Mindful Dreams
By Charlie Morley
This book is designed to help achieve better sleep with this scientifically verified, holistic approach to healing stress and trauma-affected slumber. Inspired by his work with military veterans, sleep expert Charlie Morley explores how to combat the harmful effects of stress and trauma in order to achieve restful sleep and healing dreams. It is a practical guide with more than 20 body, breath, sleep and dreaming techniques, all proven to help reduce anxiety, improve sleep quality, integrate nightmares, increase your energy and transform your relationship with sleep. You’ll discover:
· a five-step plan that improves sleep quality
· the science of how stress and trauma affect sleep
· yoga nidra and mindfulness practices for deep relaxation
· breathwork practices to regulate the nervous system
· lucid dreaming methods to transform nightmares
Price: £8.59
Available at www.hayhouse.co.uk

Too Flexible to Feel Good: A Practical Roadmap to Managing Hypermobility
By Adell Bridges and Celest Pereira
This book brings to life the common, yet widely misunderstood condition of joint hypermobility and provides a fun-to-read guide for how to manage it. Written in a comic book style with superheroes and supervillains, the authors provide practical tips and instructions for harnessing this natural bendiness to feel fantastic. Reinforcing the importance of stability and a neurological approach to posture, it serves as an invaluable resource for everyone — those with the condition, but also yoga teachers, fitness instructors, and medical professionals. In this book, readers will find a deeper understanding of hypermobility and how best to manage it. Too Flexible to Feel Good and its entertaining cast of characters demonstrate how to adapt everyday habits, from biomechanics to diet, in order to support and nourish a too-flexible body.
This book also features:

  • Practical tips on how to hold your body for optimal results during training
  • Tools to help build awareness of your joint position in everyday life
  • Strategies for busting anxiety
  • Exercises that can improve your biomechanics
  • Diet and sleep considerations
  • Superhero stability muscles, supervillain habits, and the very cute Elastidog who represents the nervous system.

Price: £22.37
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Take Charge Of Your Diet: A Self-Help Workbook Using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
By Sylvie Boulay
This short, accessible workbook offers a new approach to weight loss based on the principles of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). Informed by the author’s professional experience of working with people addicted to alcohol, gambling and drugs, this book adapts the tools of addiction treatment to help people manage their weight loss. The reader is taken through ten easy-to-follow stages. These are similar to those suggested in addiction recovery, but here they are applied to weight loss from keeping a diary and building motivation to identifying unmet needs, drawing a plan and creating new habits. The last chapter also contains information for family, friends, carers or professionals to support loved ones or clients through the ten stages. The goal is for the reader to become their own weight loss coach using established addiction treatment approaches. It’s meant to boost your drive and self-esteem, and goes beyond the diet to help them adjust to life following weight loss.
Price: £16.57
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The Intuitive Adventure: The Magic of Following Where Your Soul Leads
By Shannon Cox
The book is a light and airy intuitive tool kit to help heal your past and reconnect with your soul and true desires. Featuring beautiful illustrations, it reveals ways for you to playfully manifest what you truly want and need into your daily life or business. You’ll learn to reach unknown powers of the universe, develop your own untapped talents, and master more than 60 basic skills that will get you interacting with your intuitive soul. Filled with tips and steps to enhance or heal your relationships, interpret messages, and lead you through life on a positive journey, this book will help you find simple aids to start a healthy life.
Price: £9.77
Available at Amazon

Money DOES grow on Trees
By Esra B. Ogut
The author delves into the exploration of what reality exactly is. Is it something fixed outside of ourselves that dictates the game’s rules, which we either get right or wrong? Is reality simply a reflection of our particular beliefs reflected back to us? The book serves as a guide to make as much money as you require at any time. It suggests that by following the knowledge and useful tips that the book provides, people around you will not suffer as a result of your actions and abundance awaits to become you.
Price: £18..99

Guiding Light Oracle
Written by Kelly T. Smith, the author of Intuitive Life-Coaching Oracle, the Guiding Light Oracle goes deep into an exploration of the emotions and perceptions. Featuring sixty-eight full-colour cards, this deck evokes images of the universe in all its divine glory. It takes you on a journey into a spiritual awareness that teaches you how to manifest and create your truest desires. The accompanying guidebook includes instructions for multiple card readings and provides deeper insights into
the meaning of each card. With this deck, you will find guidance from your angels and guides to help strengthen your connection to your inner self.
Price: £14.04

To Become Born by Ram Dass
To Become Born is the the first single from Ram Dass’ upcoming EP, “And Now He Has Wings”.
Written as a musical expression of the musician’s experience of losing a newborn son, Ram Dass has devoted his musical gift to inviting musicians to create music through intimate musical conversations. This song approaches the question of the joy and pain of life and death. It is a song with voices, but without words and features Ram Dass on nylon guitar, and the duo, AWARÉ: Bogdan Djukic on violin and percussion with Matías Da Via’s vocals.

Manuka Honey
Comvita Manuka Honey is a premium, everyday Manuka honey with UMF™ 5+ and MGO 83+.
UMF™that stands for Unique Manuka Factor and MGO is short for Methylgloxal, which is naturally present in the Manuka plant and is used to measure the honey’s special properties. The higher the number, the more potent the Manuka. Manuka honey can help to enhance your beauty routine and support your general wellbeing. A must-have product on every foodie’s Christmas wish list, drizzle it into a soothing huggable hot chocolate or mix into a Christmas pudding.
Available from all leading Boots stores, independent health stores and comvita.com

Nairn’s Gluten Free Salted Caramel Oat Biscuit Breaks
Baked to golden crumbly perfection, the simplicity of oats is combined with subtle, buttery caramel fragments and a hint of sea salt to create the irresistible ‘sweet savoury’ taste sensation. With all the benefits of wholegrain oats, Nairn’s Salted Caramel Oat Biscuit Breaks are also high in fibre, contain 40% less sugar than the average gluten-free biscuit and contain no artificial colours or flavours. Baked in Nairn’s dedicated gluten-free bakery, they are suitable for those following a gluten free diet.

BEPPS SNACKS: Big On Taste. Colossal On Crunch!
The delicious and healthy UK-made snacks are vegan friendly, gluten free and always 90 calories or less per serving. The five products in the BEPPS range are the classically moreish Cheese Puffs (made with vegan cheese), feisty Sweet Chilli Puffs (with that ever so pleasing balance of sweet and spicy flavours) and the most recent flavour Salt & Vinegar Puffs (deliciously sharp and tangy). Ensuring there is something for everyone to enjoy, BEPPS also recently introduced new crunchy and light Popped Salt & Black Pepper Chips and smoky and sweet Popped BBQ Chips.

ZnO Clear: A simple solution for acne-prone skin
Sometimes the simplest solutions are often the best to use as a skincare routine. Zinc Oxide (ZnO) used in NEW Clarol ZnO Clear overnight spot-on therapy is a simple yet effective anti-acne treatment.
Zinc oxide is anti-inflammatory and has as an inhibitory action on the growth of the acne bacteria due to reduced lipases and fatty acid activity. It also is known for reducing sebum production.
Clarol ZnO Clear also contains pure plant-based squalane, an oil that’s found naturally in the skin and is the most conducive to human skin while being light enough not to make acne prone skin greasy. The squalane in Clarol ZnO Clear is 100% pure and extracted from olives and is proven to have a very high hydrating action while being non-comedogenic and non-reactive for sensitive and reactive skin.
Priced aptly at £6.50, it is indeed an effective product to protect your skin from acne.

4-step Evening Skincare Routine from K-Beauty brand, Atomy
Atomy Evening Care 4 Set brings the spa facial experience to the comfort of your home. Originating in Korea, the easy to follow, 4-step evening skincare routine uses carefully selected ingredients designed to improve skin complexity, brighten and cleanse pores. Priced at £30, it serves as an all-you-need, stripped-back and simplified skincare routine before you go to sleep. Containing plant and natural food extracts, it deeply purifies and leaves skin rejuvenated for the next day!

The Gamechanger (Immunity Support) Tincture
This remedy is a blend of antimicrobial and antiviral herbs that are known to strengthen the immune system and help increase defences against pathogens. These herbs have been traditionally used to prevent and fight colds, flu and a wide range of respiratory infections. It comprises of a wide selection of powerful ingredients such as Elecampane, Echinacea, Cordyceps mushroom, Barberry bark, Elderflower, Chinese skullcap, Plantain, Cayenne and more.

Sun Chlorella Powder: Algae answer
Chlorella, a type of green algae, which can be harvested and turned into a health supplement, has been claimed to help support the normal functioning of the immune system. Researchers have found that chlorella may affect part of the brain called the hypothalamus, which plays a big role in how we react to stress. It was discovered that the algae appears able to reduce the amount by which the hypothalamus activates part of the body’s stress system; resulting in less activity by a specific stress hormone, called adrenocorticotropic hormone. The Sun Chlorella Powder is pure chlorella powder containing 50% protein – more protein by weight than steak and chicken combined. Chlorella Growth Factor (C. G. F.), a neucleotide-peptide complex of RNA and DNA, is what distinguishes chlorella. This saves energy that would otherwise be used for metabolic synthesis, which is a significant benefit at the cellular level. As a result, you’ll be able to promote increased stamina, faster recovery, and tissue healing.

Probiotics for Women by Natures Plus
Highly effective dose of 18 clinically backed strains tailored for women of all ages, this full-spectrum good bacteria complex can help restore women’s flora. It contains Lactobacillus plantarum, Lactobacillus reuteri, Lactobacillus rhamnosus and cranberries to effectively improve women’s health. Each strain is acid resistant and contains live bacteria that stay active and alive all the way through your gut. This powerful pre-biotic fibre blend from green banana, acacia and chicory boost the viability of friendly strains while diminishing that of harmful bacteria, thereby maximising efficacy.

Jan de Vries: B-Complex One A Day
Jan de Vries’ innovative B-Complex One A Day tablets give comprehensive B vitamin support in a single-dose daily tablet. Because B vitamins are water-soluble, your body cannot store them and must obtain them on a daily basis. They are essential for many elements of health and well-being, but especially for energy and immunological support. They also aid in the correct functioning of the mind and the maintenance of healthy skin.
Although B vitamins are best known for their involvement in energy metabolism, they also aid in a wide range of other bodily activities, from muscle support to hormone manufacturing. Jan de Vries B-Complex is a one-a-day pill that contains all eight B vitamins, including vitamins B1, B6, folic acid, and B12. It’s one of five new supplements in Jan de Vries’ natural and holistic healthcare line, and it’s also vegetarian-friendly.