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-December 2022

‘Self Kindness’ is a beautiful handbook that will introduce you to a radical new approach to self-love. Through a combination of practical tips and actionable advice, ‘Self-Kindness’ will help you to deepen your self-love and grow your happiness. You will learn how to Find peace within yourself and nurture a more positive mindset. Look after your mind and body to develop greater self-confidence. Enrich your overall health and well-being with diet and exercise. Tap into the uplifting power of affirmations. Whether you’re at the beginning of your journey to self-acceptance, or you’re a seasoned self-love advocate, let this guide celebrate and support you as you continue on the path to self-kindness, joy and well-being.


-December 2022

‘The Gita For Children’ is an accessible friend, philosopher and guide, designed to reassure, empower, and provide direction to young readers in an increasingly chaotic and morally topsy-turvy world. ‘The Gita for Children’ according to promotional material in media messaging, is especially aimed at young people of the 21st century. “The book not only stays faithful to the Gita story,” the descriptive copy goes on, but also brings in everyday examples that illustrate how the Gita’s luminous wisdoms may be applied to our daily lives (‘Lessons from the Gita’), and connects those wisdoms to similar ones from other countries and cultures (‘Echoes of the Gita’), universalising the ancient text and making it relevant to anyone.” The book is beautifully illustrated by muralist/ artist Sayan Mukherjee.


‘You Are the Universe’ is an impactful guidebook, chronicling the unconventional journey and self-discovery of Ram Dass, one of the world’s most beloved spiritual teachers. Sourced from five decades of recordings, Ram Dass shares his life story and transformative teachings in his own words with honesty and humor. He offers teens and adults of all ages life-altering inspiration for understanding universal truths, navigating their unique paths with compassion and awareness, and living a meaningful life. ‘You Are the Universe’ offers
an accessible perspective on our world through Ram Dass’s eyes, and explores timeless answers for today’s most urgent questions.

Price: $19.99
Available at: amazon.com


‘Moon Yoga’ is your guide to harnessing the moon’s energy to lift and balance your life through mindful movement. Yoga is both a physical practice and a spiritual one. Expert yoga instructor Lisa Hood provides insightful guidance on how to shape a spiritual practice that channels the moon’s energy to stimulate vitality, creativity, productivity and relaxation. Whether you work through a whole flow, focus on one pose, or just work through a breathing exercise, aligning your body and your mind in a moment of spiritual connection with the moon can help you centre yourself, even if just for a few moments in the middle of a busy day. With uplifting mantras and rituals to provide grounding, strengthened intuition and mindfulness beyond your physical practice, ‘Moon Yoga’ gives you all the tools you need to move in sync with the moon.

Price: $14.99
Available at:amazon.com


This book offers a lifeline not just to recovery but to the discovery of a new and better way of being. Steven openly and honestly shares his own recovery journey throughout the book while offering powerful self-care practices like journaling, breath work, meditation, self-massage, and, uniquely, a focus on Qigong, the ancient movement practice at the heart of Chinese medicine and Taoist philosophy. The wide variety of tools, practices, movement techniques, and personal examples Steven offers in Recovering You are designed to help readers more intimately connected to themselves and their lives. Chapter 1, “Practicing Self-Care During Recovery,” describes what a healthy self-care routine looks like and helps readers build a lasting practice at their own pace. The remaining chapters explore, examine, and work with topics that are essential for those in recovery to address — such as fear, shame, isolation, faith, gratitude, and more.

Price: $19.95
Available at: amazon.com


‘Rainbow Warrior Yoga Card’ is an introduction to Yoga and who I am. It Awakens It has motivational
words of wisdom to aid Drishti, (yoga, focus and meditation). There are 120 cards in the pack including 94 asana cards, 7 sequencing guides, 7 meditations and 7 breathing cards. It has 4 beautifully illustrated yoga asana cards with Sanskrit and common name. Also, the Chakra card to show the chakra centers, the names, and related colours.

Price: £55.99
Available at: etsy.com


Holly Wilmeth combines her knowledge of traditional plant wisdom and her passion for nature photography in the ‘Sacred Nature Oracle’. Complete with a guidebook, 62 sepia-toned photographs, and affirmations, Wilmeth captures the wondrous traits of the most commonly found plants and portrays the interconnection between them and our own human nature in this new card deck. Embrace the natural energies of the sunflower for radiance, the borage for courage, the artichoke for trust, the western red cedar for vitality, and so much more!

Price: $24.99
Available at: amazon.com, simonandschuster.com


Vegan, plastic-free and certified COSMOS Organic, benecos Beauty ID is crafted using the best, natural and organic ingredientsmicrobz.co.uk to give you beautiful make-up that literally doesn’t cost the Earth, while you travel the Earth! There are infinite combinations to choose from to create your perfect bespoke palette – with 22 all natural eye, lip and cheek infills – housed in a plastic-free palette, with a handy mirror. The make-up infills slot easily into place, and can be refilled, swapped, and updated to become as unique as you are! Or, if you want a palette with global flavour – why not pick from one of the 4 pre-designed palettes, from Florence, New York, Marrakesh or Stockholm (£17.95 – £21.95), for a truly internationally inspired look.

Price: £21.95
Available at: benecos.uk


The perfect winter warmer, the Spiced Chai Latte is expertly blended using natural and authentic spices. Gluten-free and naturally lower in caffeine than traditional tea and coffee, it is perfect for enjoying morning, afternoon and evening. It can be made hot or cold with a variety of milks including dairy, soya, oat, almond and coconut; so, it’s never been easier to replicate your favourite drink from your local coffee shop! To enjoy hot, add three heaped teaspoons of powder into a cup and stir in 200ml of hot milk of your choice for the perfect warming wind-down. For a lighter but equally as aromatic experience at less than 70 calories, simply swap milk for hot water. To enjoy iced, add four heaped teaspoons of powder into a tall glass, pour in cold milk and whizz with a milk frother. Serve over ice for a refreshing, indulgent treat.

Price: £16.80
Available at: amazon.co.uk


As soon as we feel the sun’s first gentle kiss, sun protection is the top priority for healthy, beautiful skin. RINGANA COSMOS-certified FRESH sunscreen face SPF 25 was specially developed for the sensitive area of the face. It provides intensive protection and prevents skin ageing caused by exposure to the sun. This fantastic product upgrade contains the light protection filter zinc oxide, which is coral-reef friendly, more transparent on the skin, and offers even greater protection again UV-A rays. Thanks to the perfectly balanced vegan formulation, this sun cream is quickly absorbed, leaving your face with a matt finish, and it feels pleasantly light on the skin.

Price: £41.60
Available at: ringana.com


‘Bio-Live Revive’ is your gut guardian. It is designed to soothe and treat inflammation anywhere along the digestive system from mouth to bottom. If you have gut health issues we recommend taking Revive for two months to repair the gut and gastrointestinal tract and then moving onto another Bio-Live probiotic within our range to maintain gut health. Bio-Live Revive is made with the amino acid L. Glutamine which is especially good for repairing the gut and supporting brain function. It is fermented with premium ingredients for digestive health.

Price: £31.49
Available at: microbz.co.uk

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