EX-BELT launches to take fitness to the next level

For anyone looking for some extra mo-tivation, the EX-BELT has arrived just in time. This lockdown invention is the only product of its kind on the market, where resistance band meet belt for the first time, helping you to increase calorie burn by up to 30%. The EX- BELT is perfect for anyone looking for some extra motivation as we head into winter, and can be incorporated into any type of exercise, from running and boxing to stretching and yoga.

The EX-BELT allows you to enhance your usual workout and increase calorie burn by up to 30%. One of the most versatile products on the market, it can be integrated into any kind of movement; everything from running and HIIT, to stretching and yoga. You can even use it while sitting on the sofa (when it’s too cold to go outside). The EX-BELT is suitable for all abilities and age groups including elderly people looking to add a little resistance to their daily stroll, time-short working parents who need to exercise as quickly and efficiently as possible or those rehabilitating from injury or illness.

Professional sportspeople including world record holders, world champions and Olympians have tried and tested the EX-BELT and are now incorporating it into their routines. Lee Selby, former IBF world champion boxer is a huge fan, while Cornel Chin, fitness guru to many A-list stars including Leonardo DiCaprio and Colin Firth commented: “Every so often, I encounter an exercise product that makes me sit up and think, ‘Wow! I wish I’d thought of that.’ I can truly see the immediate appeal of this product and how it works.”

Created by Tom and Alexander Miles, it’s portable, lightweight and highly durable, and so can be used in all seasons by anyone looking to burn calories and build and boost their motivation. It’s priced to appeal to everyone at £25 which includes delivery and a pair of light and medium resistance bands to kick start the EX-BELT journey.

For more information and to purchase visit: www.exbelt.co.uk

Sweatband.com’s Viavito Asuryama 4mm Yoga Mat

Printed with a beautiful mandala pattern for focus and meditation, this yoga mat is designed to help users build endurance, flexibility and strength while working a variety of postures.

It features a central line and side markers to facilitate proper alignment and enable users to stay centred throughout practice.

This mat is equipped to reduce impact during practice and to enhance cushioning, with 4mm thickness and a honeycomb textured design which delivers a high-grip, anti-slip surface and a stable base for various positions. Plus, it is lightweight, waterproof and soft to touch and comes with an elastic carry strap for comfortable transportation to and from the studio.

Price: £17.99


The Soul-Soaring Virtues of Separation


Separation, in its many forms, is a heady mix of conflicting emotions, often hitting all at once – but everyone can learn to fly and one day your soul will soar higher than it ever has before. The book The Soul-Soaring Virtues of Separation by Amy Ransom will reframe the narrative that a breakup is the end of something – and instead, help to view it as the start of your journey to self-realization.

It will help readers discover how to move past separation and embrace independence, positivity, authenticity and new beginnings. This will make you realize that the end of a relationship doesn’t have to mean despair and will help you discover how to move past separation and embrace independence, positivity, authenticity and new beginnings. In eight parts and 111 accessible learnings, The Soul-Soaring Virtues of Separation combines the Law of Attraction – the idea that we can attract positivity into our lives – and self-help with Amy’s own experience to help you find your way back home to you.

The Soul-Soaring Virtues of Separation will share how separation can be the enabler to help you live an authentic and joyful life. This book is for you if you’re in a place of limbo on the brink of separation, you’ve just separated, you’re divorced and struggling to move forwards, or you’re experiencing your first heartbreak after losing the love of your life.
It will walk you through the eight stages that are present in separation – Assertiveness, Motivation, Insight, Self-Expression, Uniqueness, Independence, Awakening and New Beginnings.

Book (paperback and e-version) available at Amazon
Price: Paperback £ 9.01

Balance Your Agni- Essential Ayurveda


Balance Your Agni: Essential Ayurveda by Claire Paphitis will introduce you to the wisdoms of Ayurveda, helping you find balance, calm and rediscover your sense of self. Fire up your everyday life with simple, powerful Ayurvedic thinking. The ancient wellbeing philosophy of Ayurveda can seem complicated, but at its heart are three simple wisdoms that can bring life-changing results to how you think, feel and live- Agni, Ojas, and Doshas. Discover the meaning of the three simple wisdoms and what they represent. Learn the quick daily eating and living practices that can reinvigorate your life by improving your gut health and sleep, de-stressing and energizing your body and mind.

If you are interested in Ayurveda then this is the book to buy. Paphitis, an Ayurvedic Coach, has presented it in a friendly and informative way, filled with hints and tips that are easy to include in your daily routine.

Published by Pop Press Book (paperback and e-version) available at Amazon

Price: Paperback £ 8.99

Gateways to the Soul: Inner Work for the Outer World


This book by transpersonal psychotherapist, Serge Beddington- Behrens, written pre-pandemic, is incredibly timely for the many people reassessing how they live, their role in the world’s problems, and for those wishing to awaken their soul, change their world, and bring heart and soul into their life and work.

Humanity is in a great crisis of soul today. If your response to the pandemic has been to re-think how you live, assess what is important, and consider how you can be part of a global solution to the world’s problems, this book is for you. Engaging in inner work offers various gateways to reconnect with our soul, the author reveals how the healing of our personal wounds combined with the growing of our soul life leads us directly to the addressing of world problems, sharing his belief that doing the inner work enables us to know ourselves better, be more conscious, and ultimately lead happier and more fulfilled lives, and operate in a way that will respect and not destroy our planet. Sharing inspirational stories from his own personal journey of becoming a therapist, shaman and activist, Serge skillfully shows how we can heal and become more fully human, bringing a different kind of awareness into all areas of our everyday life: regardless of who we are, where we live or where we’ve come from.

All readers of Gateways to the Soul will have one thing in common: an openness to introspection— perhaps fast-tracked by the coronavirus—that Serge wants to facilitate to help readers ‘wake up’ and become more soulful.

Book (paperback and e-version) available at Amazon

Price: £14.99 PB £7.99 eB

Living Yoga 108 – Yoga Philosophy Cards

Created by Charlie Stewart-Brown, founder of Indiv Yoga, The Living Yoga 108 box contains an information leaflet and 108 Yoga philosophy cards with quotes from the Vedas, Upanishads, Bhagavad Gita, Yoga Sutras and more. On the other side there is an interpretation or contemplation of the quote, or a meditation suggestion. Bring more depth to your knowledge, understanding and practice of yoga with quotes from the major texts of yoga philosophy, some nearly 4000 years old!

The cards are split into four eras of yoga philosophy: The Vedas Approx. (1800-800 BCE), Upanishads Approx. (800-200 BCE), Bhagavad Gita Approx. (200 BCE), Yoga Sutras Approx. (400 CE). 10% of the profits will be donated to the SOS Children’s Villages in India.

One can use these Living Yoga 108 cards in two ways: in yoga classes and in personal meditation and study. In yoga classes you can use it to read the quote and in interpretation with students, enriching meditations, class themes, intentions & savasana.

In personal meditation and study the cards can be used as subjects for deep contemplation or to further your knowledge of yoga philosophy.

For more info: www.livingyoga-108.com

Inside Patanjali’s Words: Explore the Heart of Yoga


From the author of Inside the Yoga Sutras comes this new and unique study guide for all who are interested in a deeper dive into the Yoga Sutras. Reverend Jaganath Carrera breaks down each of Patanjali’s words so the reader can further grasp the richness and depth of meaning in each of the Sanskrit words. As each word is unpacked, new levels of understanding behind each sutra are revealed. The book also explores different topics in the Yoga Sutras in greater depth that enables the reader to be able to see connections between many of the sutras that span the entire text.

Twelve years after his publication of Inside the Yoga Sutras, Reverend Jaganath gives us the much-anticipated sequel Inside Patanjali’s Words which is an apt book for the serious scholar, but ironically, is also for someone just setting out to study the Yoga Sutras. Each time you read it, whether in bite sizes or larger portions, settle down and uncover another golden nugget in your search for the truth. This book is an enriching contribution to the world and will give the teacher new insights into how to explain a concept or word and the student much to learn and ponder.

Book (paperback) available at Amazon

Price: Paperback £ 16.16