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The Quiet Moon

In this book, Kevin Parr discovers that a year of moons has much to teach us about how to live in the world that surrounds us – and how being more in tune to the rhythms of nature, even in the cold and dark, can help ease the suffering mind. The ancient Celts lived by and worshipped the moon. Lunar curiosity guides this graceful sharing, not only of Parr’s deep knowing of the natural world, but also his vulnerability as he wrestles with mental health. A beautifully personal book that’s bound by a sweet melancholy.

Price: £12.39
Available at: amazon.co.uk

Balance – Living a Life True to Yourself

This book will guide you in exploring: What’s holding you back from truly thriving? How to move from the passenger to the driving seat of your life? How to regain your confidence and self-assurance? How to connect with what matters to you and makes you happy? How to change direction and live the life you always wanted to live? In Balance, Marina Fernández Julián invites you to go on a journey and explore how to live in a way that’s true to you. It’s a call to action to wake up and make the most of your life. With her trademark zest for life, passion and energy, Marina welcomes you into her virtual kitchen and coaches you through the essential inner changes needed for a more loving relationship with yourself. By discovering how to manage your thoughts, emotions and energy, you’ll be able to build the foundations of joyful living. Balance will empower you to create the life you always wanted to live in a way that inspires you to celebrate the brilliance that is you.

Price: £14.99
Available at: amazon.co.uk

Breathe In, Breathe Out

This is a book about how the power of breathing can help us let go of our past and make us the best version of our self. It’s about how people from all walks of life have discovered that something they do all day, every day, can rewire their brains and change the way they think and feel. Breathwork expert Stuart Sandeman has changed the lives of thousands through his signature sessions. In Breathe In, Breathe Out, he introduces a series of simple yet effective exercises that are guaranteed to charge you up, chill you out and improve your performance in any field. With Stuart’s daily breathing practices, you will learn to develop better focus, boost your creativity and find your flow. You’ll be given tools to help you lessen stress and anxiety, reduce pain, and overcome loss. And you’ll see how you can use your breathing to break out of the habits, patterns and beliefs holding you back.

Price: £8.49
Available at: amazon.co.uk

You can flourish

In this book Cheryl explains that rather than constantly striving for happiness, flourishing is about finding balance in life so that we can thrive. It’s about accepting our flaws and off-days, and developing compassion for ourselves and others – The ABC of Flourishing. It is packed with advice and simple exercises from Positive Psychology. ‘You Can Flourish’ will help readers better experience both the positive and negative in life, so they can thrive and grow. As Cheryl says, ‘You Can Flourish’ will give readers permission to be human. With chapters on navigating your thoughts, feelings and actions, plus a handy planner to plot positive daily activities, this guide will boost your well-being and help you make changes that stick.

Price: £12.99
Available at: amazon.co.uk, summersdale.com

14 lessons in happiness: A Guidebook on Improving your Life

Through this book Gina Ross, a clinical Hypnotherapist, teaches you how to be happier with simple and practical tips and techniques outlined within the following lessons:

  • LESSON ONE: Maintain a Positive Outlook
  • LESSON TWO: Pay Attention to Your Breathing
  • LESSON THREE: Meditate Daily
  • LESSON FOUR: Practice Mindfulness
  • LESSON FIVE: Love Yourself
  • LESSON SIX: Be More Confident
  • LESSON SEVEN: Pursue Your Dreams
  • LESSON NINE: Learn to Deal with Negative Emotions
  • LESSON TEN: Learn to Deal with Other People’s Negativity
  • LESSON ELEVEN: Practice Forgiveness
  • LESSON TWELVE: Learn To Deal With Fear and Anxiety
  • LESSON THIRTEEN: What To Do When You Mess UP
  • LESSON FOURTEEN: Dealing with Death

Manifesto Beauty

A nutritionist formulated, chewable supplement. Using radically effective natural extracts and ingredients, delivered in sustainable, plastic free packaging. Manifesto, create delicious gummy supplements to support your hair, skin and nails from within. Their advanced, targeted formulation is super-charged with natural ingredients: Astaxanthin, Biotin, Inulin and Açai berry to support strong, healthy, happy hair, skin and nails. And not a scrap of plastic in sight.

Price: £35
Available at: manifesto-nutrition.com

World’s 1st sports sipper on a copper bottle

The copper element bottles control the gram-negative enteric pathogens in drinking water, leaving you with the purest water. naturally alkaline and sterilised water to maximise your performance potential. Copper is essential for brain development during fetal and postnatal growth, maintenance of brain health throughout life, including effective anti-oxidative defence, efficient communication between nerve cells, maintenance of healthy skin and connective tissue, wound healing, structural integrity and function of heart and blood vessels. How to use it? Rinse and fill your copper bottle with room temperature water and close the lid. Allow the water to rest for a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 8 hours before drinking.

Price: £29.99
Available at: gymadvisor.org

The Vegan Kit

Practical, informative, inspirational and fun, The Vegan Kit provides all the the motivation and
guidance needed to thrive on a plant-based diet. The Vegan Kit is here to help make that change much, much easier. The Veganuary booklet includes useful advice on how to get started and how to ensure you get all the nutrients you need when following a vegan diet together with further details on handy books, films and podcasts. The 40 striking cards give helpful tips on how to embark on this change of eating habits including:

  • Easy standby meals
  • Best kept vegan secrets, those few ingredients that vegans love
  • Breakfast, supper and lunch inspiration
  • How to navigate eating out
  • Your first vegan shop

Price: £14.99
Available at: laurenceking.com

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