Fresh from a year that saw them relaunch and bring their singular brand into the mainstream, Conscious Chocolate round off 2019 as one of the year’s most exciting products; smooth, sumptuous and rich with organic indulgence. As Veganuary awaits on the other side of Party Season, Conscious Chocolate are providing the exquisite, moreish and most decadent way to indulge in the light of a healthy New Year.

Originally launching in 2004 as the only raw chocolate on the market, they continue to rise above other brands not only for their natural ingredients (suitable for coeliacs and vegans), no refined sugars and compostable, fully biodegradable packaging, but for the unmistakeably creamy texture not generally found in other raw products. With a formula boasting a high level of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients, they are bringing organic chocolate into the future as a true contender to other mainstream brands. A gorgeous recipe of sundried superfoods, therapeutic oils and coconut blossom sugar, mixed with high-quality cacao in a range of beautiful flavours including Sour Cherry, Orange Tangerine, Maca & Spirulina and Citrus Zest offers the ultimate way to indulge, guilt-free, for 2020.  Beautifully and ethically-packaged for the perfect gift and ideal as a healthy alternative for devout chocolate-lovers, Conscious Chocolate are changing the vegan game with their quality products and making it deliciously easy to stick to your New Year’s resolutions. Treat yourself or someone you know. Delicious and delectable, it’s a perfect addition to your diet.



HAILA HEALTH is a new generation CBD Oil Brand . The British company HAILA HEALTH is proud to introduce a unique, high-grade, premium blend CBD Oil. HAILA HEALTH spent 18 months researching the product and travelling throughout Europe to source a CBD Oil of the highest quality. Resulting in forging a partnership with a trusted and experienced supplier, able to boast over two decades of proven reliability. Independently tested for quality control and reliable consistency, HAILA HEALTH CBD Oil is cruelty-free, vegan and free from any GMO’s. The full spectrum Oil is CO2 extracted and offers a smooth, full-bodied taste and all-round experience. CBD Oil is rapidly becoming a big buzz word in the beauty world and is now a featured ingredient in a variety of products from make-up through to face creams and facemasks. Intended to be part of your healthy lifestyle, HAILA HEALTH CBD Oil is a refreshingly health and wellness product and available in two strengths;

Pure HAILA HEALTH Natural CBD Oil 2000mg
RRP: £147
A beautifully, silky taste and texture which elevates your CBD Oil experience. Ideal for those looking for a higher concentrated Oil or for seasoned advocates of CBD Oil.

Pure HAILA HEALTH Natural CBD Oil 1000mg
RRP: £75
The perfect starting point for CBD newbies or for those wanting to upgrade from their existing brand. A smooth, velvety consistency, our exclusive blend is palatable and enjoyable.



Waterdrop are a cool Austriandesign-led brand who are trying to reduce the amount of plastic and canned beverages through the creation of their small compact cube (microdrink) that dissolves into water, enriching it with plant and fruit extracts and vitamins. Waterdrop relies on local water resources (tap/filtered) helping to reduce the carbon footprint of the beverage industry. The packaging uses 97% less plastic compared to conventionally bottled beverages. CEO Martin Murray came up with idea for Waterdrop whilst on an aeroplane bound for yet another city and the next round of appointments. Constantly on the move, but determined to stay fit, Martin was always hard-pressed to find a drink offered on board that wasn’t full of sugar. Wearily contemplating the
usual choices, he settled on another glass of water. Sat in that stuffy cabin,



he and asked himself why there wasn’t a product which he could simply add to water, was healthy andprovided variety. Something thatwas convenient enough to carry with him…thus Waterdrop began. Following on from their success in Europe, Waterdrop have just launched in the UK supplying a wide range of reusable water bottles, straws and ‘microdrinks’.


YOGA Magazine checked out some of the bottles and the small  cube microdrink. We loved the design and packaging as well as the ethos behind the brand.

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