Radiant Rest: Yoga Nidra for Deep Relaxation and Awakened Clarity

By Tracee Stanley

Radiant Rest is a must-read for spiritual searchers who are interested in self-development and enquiry. The author takes readers beyond the technique of yoga nidra and into the depths, allowing them to experience deep relaxation and awaken to their own power. She shares sleep and wake-up rituals, as well as insights into some of the barriers to relaxation and the causes that contribute to our inability to achieve deep rest and spiritual awakening.

This easy book provides six essential practices grouped around the koshas, the five subtle layers of the body: the physical, energetic, mental, intuitive, and joy bodies. It also provides shorter, more accessible practices for those who are short on time. Step-by-step directions are provided for each activity, which concludes with self-inquiry prompts. Additional guidance is provided by a set of guided audio meditations. As you deepen your yoga nidra practice and realise its actual potential, you will feel a stronger feeling of stability, calm, and clarity in all parts of your life.

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Yoga Animals: 32 Poses from the Wild

By Emily Sharratt

This guidebook is a celebration of yoga written by yoga instructor Emily Sharratt and has amazing artwork by artist Jade Mosinski, as well as step-by-step directions for each pose. Many of the essential asanas (or positions) and breath exercises in yoga are inspired by animals, as any yoga practitioner knows. So many animals have lent their qualities and shapes, as well as their names, to the practice of yoga, from camels to cobras and lizards to lions. You’re part of an old and beautiful heritage, whether you’re channelling the flamboyance of a peacock or the pride and power of an eagle. This book follows the format of a complete yoga session, combining stretching, strengthening, energising, and soothing elements while incorporating a variety of yoga styles, from vinyasa flows to more static Yin positions. Yoga Animals is a lovely collection of poses inspired by nature that will show you how to incorporate this into your yoga session.

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Zen and the Art of Saving the Planet

By Thich Nhat Hanh

We are confronted with a formidable confluence of crises: environmental destruction, rising inequality, racial injustice, and the long-term consequences of a terrible epidemic. The situation is quite critical. To meet these problems, we must improve our clarity, compassion, and willingness to act. Thich Nhat Hanh, the beloved Zen Master, says there is one thing we all have the power to change that may make all the difference, and that is our thinking. Every decision we make, the everyday acts we do or avoid, how we relate to those we love or oppose, and how we behave in a crisis are all influenced by how we look, see, and think.

Mindfulness and the radical insights of Zen meditation can provide us with the power and clarity we need to contribute to the creation of a regenerative world that values all life. Zen and the Art of Saving the Planet is a new way of seeing and living that can bring healing and harmony to ourselves, our relationships, and the Earth. It is filled with the author’s inspiring meditations, Zen stories and experiences from his own activism, as well as commentary from Sister True Dedication, one of his students.

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The Emotional Entrepreneur

By Scout Sobel 

The Emotional Entrepreneur is a 25-lesson course that will walk Millennial and Gen Z women through the emotional challenges of starting, running, and scaling a business, including fear, risk, uncertainty, and anxiety. Scout Sobel’s rehabilitation journey from bipolar disorder is the inspiration for each of the lesson provided. The Emotional Entrepreneur gives a place of strength for those who are ready to create; with her deep love for the confluence of mental health and entrepreneurship and her desire for every woman to step into their unique power to construct their ideal life.

Lessons include how to cultivate emotional independence, how to reframe your relationship with fear, uncertainty, and danger, how to calculate your pain ROI, and how to believe in yourself. The book is for the woman who wants to feel safe in her emotions so that she can get back to building the business of her dreams.

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Life’s Non-Conformities

By Salman Raza

Face-to-face collaboration, communication, and teamwork are rusty in many organisations after months of upheaval. Salman Raza, an author and expert on emotional intelligence, advises that as we return to work (both office-based and hybrid models), strong communication and resilience are required to avoid massive rises in office politics, stressful misunderstandings, and ineffective fights.

The book provides readers with a tool-kit for dealing with conflict and confrontation, instructing them on how to respond effectively while avoiding negative behaviours like being defensive, aggressive, or sulking. Life’s Non-Conformities presents an inquiring guide on the ideal questions to ask, the proper ways to listen, and the quintessential way to charm and disarm the people you interact with, sharing insights on personality types, the ego, ego triggers, emotional intelligence, actuality and reality. It’s a must-read for everyone who wants to build successful professional and personal connections.

Price: £18.99 

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The Tree Horoscope: Discover Your Birth-Tree and Personal Destiny

By Daniela Christine Huber

Huber’s guide explains how to determine your personal tree of life based on your date of birth and reveals how this tree stands by your side with its gifts and talents as a faithful friend and companion for a lifetime. It includes full-colour photos that capture the true spirit of the trees as well as in-depth descriptions of the characteristic qualities of the tree personality types. Oak, hazelnut, rowan, maple, walnut, yew, chestnut, ash, hornbeam, fig, birch, apple, fir, elm, olive, cypress, poplar, cedar, pine, willow, linden, and beech are among the calendar’s 22 trees. Except for oak, birch, olive, and beech, which are assigned to the equinoxes and solstices, each tree species occurs twice in the annual cycle. Each tree’s spiritual meaning, element family, fundamental attributes, therapeutic benefits, skills and talents, and symbolism are all explored in detail. The author also includes an everlasting birthday calendar to keep track of your family and friends’ birthdays, as well as a look at the birth trees of a few famous people.

The book demonstrates how your birth tree is the guardian of your specific potential and exposes the qualities and talents available to you in your life, demonstrating how each of the 22 trees in the tree horoscope holds enormous power. Recognising and cultivating the gifts revealed by your birth tree will assist you in breaking old habits and patterns, regaining inner equilibrium, and realising the full potential of your tree horoscope destiny.

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The Chinese Zodiac: A Seriously Silly Guide

By Anita Mangan

In this time of self-awareness and self-interest, The Chinese Zodiac takes an alternative and hilarious look at all 12 signs of the Chinese Zodiac, mixing together animal and human facts and drawing on themes such as personality, love, health and lifestyle, school/work to create a fresh and entertaining look at ourselves accompanied by quirky and colourful illustrations in this full-colour book. Take a big chunk of Chinese wisdom, a tiny dose of science, and a dash of British comedy, and you’ve got yourself a formula to keep you entertained for an hour or so, as well as a means to make your family and friends laugh. With wit and wisdom, this is the ideal book to read when sitting on the toilet, having Sunday lunch with family, or hanging out with friends. It will undoubtedly make you all laugh as you come to terms with your inner animal selves. It makes a great stocking filler gift-book this Christmas!

Price: £9.80

Available at Amazon and www.pavilionbooks.com

Anatomy Coloring Book

This delightful book by Gary Hemmings is jam-packed with pictures, mandalas, and cultural anchor points to help you discover exactly how your body works. It will expand your understanding of your body by drawing on science, literature, philosophy, and the humanities. The remarks from the world’s finest thinkers will be thought-provoking whether you’ve studied anatomy at university or are completely new to the subject. The accompanying words provide a quic

k overview of each mandala’s subject, and the book then gives you space to write more detailed notes of your own. It makes a perfect gift especially for those with an interest in the human anatomy.

Price: £10.99

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Teen Anxiety Journal: Making Mental Health Manageable

Teen Anxiety journal in poly refillable binder is a back-to-school essential. Discovery Journal works closely with local children’s charities encouraging them to use journalling as a tool to express emotion and relief from anxiety and stress.

  • It helps break down your day and clearly identify triggers of stress or anxiety.
  • No time commitment is needed – fits around your busy lifestyle while still working on your personal development.
  • Start thinking of anxiety and stress logically, remove the noise of the day and look closer at cause and effect.
  • No demand to write every day; only when you feel you need to and the mood calendar is designed to be started whenever in the year you receive your journal.

Breath Cards

Breath Cards are a pocket-sized tool that teaches a range of breathing techniques to aid you on your human journey. It helps improve the ability to manage

emotions and energies with practice. It’s a beautiful journey to be on as you become more securely planted in action rather than reaction. These breathing practices can help you live your life more fully, whether you’re an athlete, a yoga practitioner, a businessperson, a spiritual person, or anything in between. The set contains 44 Breath Cards, the key and a guidebook, all presented in a beautifully designed box. They are similar in shape, feel and sense-of-wonder to a set of Tarot Cards – personally designed, illustrated and created with attentiveness and wholehearted intention.


CoolNet UV® Ellipse Headband Azir Multi

The new BUFF® headband has taken a step forward while maintaining its recyclable character composed of fusion linked textiles. It’s still soft and breathable, but because of its redesigned Ellipse design, it’ll fit your head even better. Whichever activity you choose to practise under the sun, you will stay cool and protected. CoolNet UV® technology wicks sweat away from the skin and protects it from irritation while preventing harmful sun exposure. It is the perfect combination of comfort and protection.


Raw Beauty Limited Edition Christmas Beauty Box

The ultimate cruelty-free vegan beauty collaboration Christmas box has arrived. Created by independent beauty brand Raw Beauty Lab, this carefully curated wellness and beauty box is the perfect gift for the eco-conscious beauty lover. The limited-edition selection includes beauty industry award-winning Raw Beauty Lab Vegan Collagen & Reusable Scoop, Raw Beauty Lab Reusable Facial Cleansing Pad, UpCircle Organic Face Serum with Coffee Oil, Corinne Taylor Deep Cleanse Face Mask, Nathalie Bond Bloom Lip Balm and Nathalie Bond Bloom Body Scrub.
All the brands featured are passionate about ‘clean beauty’ and champion 100% natural ingredients, free from parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), sulfates, mineral oil, petroleum, synthetic fragrance or colour and palm oil.




The ideal hoodie for a day out on the town is both comfy and stylish. For an attractive matching sweat outfit, pair with the matching Kids Classic Sweatpants. These mini active sets help you run faster, jump higher, and dream larger. Onzie kids recognise that working from home allows us to spend more time with children and practise mindfulness together. Their new kids collection is designed to encourage and deepen the precious little relationships that exist in our homes. Put on your best suit and show them how it’s done.


Unconditional Love Mala Bracelet

This is the perfect gift to give and receive. Made with compassionate Rose Quartz, transforming Cherry Quartz and heart-healing Rhodochrosite, this energy infused, handmade, gemstone bracelet is a heartfelt gift for any woman in your life (sister, daughter, mom, aunt, best friend, partner and wife) to express your unconditional love. Each jewellery order comes in a kraft box wit

h a thoughtful description card, a heart-shaped Rose Quartz stone, a You Are Beautiful sticker, and a What is Your Joy sticker. Rose Quartz is a heart stone that resonates with unconditional love, compassion, tranquillity, and comfort. Cherry Quartz is a stone of optimism and transformation. Rhodochrosite brings the spirit of joy, heals past scars, and encourages unconditional love for oneself and others.

Available at flourishintegralhealth.com, Etsy: FlourishMalas, and Amazon Handmade. 

Wholey Moly’s Pistachio & Lemon Healthier Living Cookie

The cookie provides a fitting stage for the sublime pistachio to shine, coupled with lemon to provide a discreet yet delightfully citrus twang. Truly indulgent with a rich and moorish pistachio taste, it’s made with real lemon to give you the perfect balance to your crunch. What’s more – the cookies are made with 100% natural ingredients, 50% less sugar than similar products, and is high in fibre, dairy-free, vegan, gluten-free. With planet-friendly recyclable paper packaging, it tastes good and is good for both you and the wider planet.