Sweet Dreams Journal
Wander through the wild dreamscape inside your mind with this journal as your trusted guide. The writing prompts, exercises, and quotes in this colourfully-illustrated book are designed to help you decode the whispered messages and subtle signs you receive from the Universe as you sleep.
Each page is a new surprise with plenty of space to write, inspiring and motivating you to use the wisdom of your dreams to create a happier, healthier, more joyful life.
As you travel on this path inward, you will:
Take the time to write out your reoccurring dream and finally decipher its meaning.
Draw the face of the ancestor, spirit, or guide who comes to you in the night with advice.
Reflect on dreams you had as a child.
Ask questions to your dreams and record the answers.
Discover how moon phases, crystals, herbs, or essential oils can impact your dreams.
Create a space for healing – safe from daily stressors – in sleep.
Not just sleep, but rest.

Price: £17.72
Available at: Amazon & https://energycatalystgroup.com/joy-cards/


Yoga Nidra Made Easy
Deep Relaxation Practices to Improve Sleep, Relieve Stress and Boost Energy and Creativity
By Uma Dinsmore-Tuli, PhD
& Nirlipta Tuli, MA
The book contains effective guidance, practical exercises and simple techniques for easily achieving the power of deep rest. Through jargon-free, clear explanations, Uma and Nirlipta touch upon their decades of teaching experience to explore the psychological, physical and spiritual benefits of welcoming more yogic sleep into our lives.
This is the perfect book to combat fatigue and burnout holistically, which many people are looking for as a consequence of the pandemic.
Hay House Publishers
Price: £7.99 (Kindle), £14.07 (Paperback)
Available at: Amazon


The Vegan Gardener
By John Walker
Our natural world is undergoing profound change, and our ecology and climate are in crisis. Our gardens, whatever their size, are where we can take practical action! Our garden is a living, dynamic ecosystem in its own right, and this gentle yet powerful way of gardening is in harmony with nature. Gardening without waste, without bringing in unnecessary supplements, without causing harm. These techniques will work for you, whether you are vegan or not. Each and every one of us can start in our own backyard, and derive satisfaction and joy from knowing we are gardening in a way that is kind to our planet, this is a book for everyone who wants to garden in a more sustainable way..

Price: £15
Available at : Lorenz Books, Waterstones


Yoga as Resistance
By Dr. Stacie C.C. Graham
Diversity and inclusion within the wellness industry has been increasingly under the spotlight. This book responds to the appetite for guidance on how we actively create change. The mission of Yoga as Resistance is to educate and empower yoga practitioners and students to take part in questioning the status quo and discover how to take action in aligning their practise on the mat with their lives off the mat.
Yoga teachers will learn why the most marginalised matter, even if they are not in the room: and how this affects their teaching.The book is structured around Sanskrit roots of yoga: TAPAS, AHIMSA, ASTEYA, SATYA. The meanings are explored for students and teachers alike with each chapter closing with a yoga or meditation practise or journaling activity to embody deeper understanding and work through any discomfort and issues that may arise, on a somatic and spiritual level

Price : £7.99 (Kindle)
£14.07 (Paperback)
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Understanding Human Nature
By Richard Brook
New book by holistic expert and Wellness Coach Richard Brook, ‘Understanding Human Nature’, reveals life-changing techniques to heal mind and body and reconnect with your authentic self.
The physical and emotional strain of the pandemic has many searching for better mental, emotional and spiritual health. ‘Understanding Human Nature’ is the must-read guide to boost your mental and physical health (from improving sleep to super charging energy levels) and start living the life that makes YOU happy.
Author Richard Brook is a life mechanic. He has turned his 22 years’ holistic experience – from Tai Chi to Tantra, 5 Rhythms Dance to 5 Elements Acupuncture, yoga to meditation – into this instruction manual for life itself, to heal others from stress and reconnect them with happiness and adventure.
Packed with powerful lessons, actionable advice and exercises, the book explains how healing practises such as yoga, meditation and Chinese medicine are vital for working on you from within – to achieve balance, harmony and happiness.
The User’s Guide To Life by Richard Brook is published Matador.
Price: £12.99
Available at: Amazon


Yoga for Motherhood
By Dr. Naomi Annand
Motherhood is the most important job in the world, and it’s also the most demanding. It calls upon your every resource – mental, physical, spiritual – and while it is frequently a source of unmatched joy, it is also often depleting like nothing else. Naomi Annand shows you how yoga can help you navigate its emotional highs and lows, how to tap into the creativity of motherhood and also how to nurture yourself so that you might nurture others.
Using breath-led sequences and simple two-minute life hacks, this beautiful practical companion teaches you how to soothe rattled nervous systems and uplift tiered bodies whatever your age and whatever your experience.

Price: €26.08
Available at: Amazon


Yoga for Cancer
By Vicky Fox
People are surviving cancer more and living longer, but the side effects of treatment and the disease are sometimes lifelong. Vicky Fox’s unique guide: ‘Yoga for Cancer’, coming in June 2022, helps people manage the ongoing symptoms. Vicky aims to nurture, heal, and restore their physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual wellbeing. Vicky says: Yoga can give cancer patients a break from their mind and help them connect with their often changing and vulnerable bodies.
Yoga for Cancer teacher, Vicky Fox brings us this unique and accessible handbook for cancer patients who might prefer to do yoga at home or to use in conjunction with Vicki’s free Yoga for Cancer classes, which are available at TriYoga and online. The book is easy to navigate with an A to Z of side effects making this a go-to guide, with photos of Vicky herself doing the poses, enabling the reader to easily copy and learn.
‘Yoga for Cancer gives’ lifelong aftercare in the palm of your hand. Now all you need is a mat.

Price: €23.28
Available at: Amazon, hammersmithbooks, waterstones


The Buddha and the Bard
By Lauren Shufran
What does Shakespeare have to teach us about mindfulness? What Eastern spiritual views about death, love, and presence are reflected in the writings of The Bard? Lauren Shufran’s The Buddha and the Bard: Where Shakespeare’s Stage Meets Buddhist Scriptures* [Mandala/Simon & Schuster; April 19, 2022] reveals the surprising connections between a 2,500-year-old spiritual practise and the playwright that, 500 years after his death, continues to hold us in thrall.
Shakespeare understood and represented the human condition with a depth that changed the course of literature. The Buddha envisioned a path to liberate us from that condition. In The Buddha and the Bard, Lauren Shufran explores the fascinating interplay of Western drama and Eastern philosophy by pairing quotes from Shakespeare with the tenets of an Eastern spiritual practise, sparking a compelling dialogue between the two. There’s a remarkable interchange of echoes between Shakespeare’s conception of “the inward man” and Buddhist approaches to recognising, honouring, and working with our humanness as we play out our roles on the “stage” of our lives.
The Buddha and the Bard synthesises literature and scripture, embodied drama and transcendent practise, to shape a multifaceted lyric that we can apply as mindful practise in our own lives. Shufran’s compelling juxtapositions will encourage the reader to ask the deepest questions of themselves while delighting in the play of resonances across a cultural and historical divide
Price: £15.83
Available at: Amazon, bookshop, BARNES&NOBLE


Ticket to the Moon
Handcrafted in Bali since 1996, Ticket To The Moon (TTTM) is the original fair trade manufacturer and distributor of the silk parachute Hammock and an entire range of other feel-good products and accessories, built in Utopia and loved by dreamers all across the world.
TTTM take sustainability seriously. From the very beginning, they have committed to crafting their hammocks in a way that is good for the earth, their customers and their manufacturing family. No PFC’s are used in any of their product ranges. By using local materials and investing in innovative recycling methods, they aim to have a minimal impact on the environment. Left over fabric is upcycled into useful products like portable and foldable Eco Bags, pocket frisbees, backpacks and more.
Since inception, TTTM has been pioneering fair trade & production standards in the outdoor, travel & leisure industry. Profits are shared with their employees and nurture their very own foundation which was established in 2009. The foundations’ main purpose is to support the Sumbanese Kodi tribe in East Indonesia where they have developed health, educational, cultural and development aid programmes, successfully helping the local community with building new infrastructure and education facilities, malaria prevention programmes and access to clean water. At TTTM, there is absolutely no child labour.
Price: King Size Hammock (£69.95)
Available at: www.ticketothemoon.com, including Blackleaf.com, wildbounds.com, funkyleisure.co.uk, absolutesnow.com, addnature.co.uk & alpinetrek.co.uk


Introducing Ohmg Water
The Uk’s First Functional Magnesium Water
OHMG water is the first functional magnesium water to land on British shores. The range of sparkling water with ionic magnesium comes in four flavours including Peach & Rosemary, Raspberry & Lemon Balm, Blackcurrant and Echinacea and Original Sparkling.
Each can is created using 100% natural fruit extracts and contains zero calories, zero sugars and zero sweeteners. With unique benefits including easing anxiety, aiding relaxation and reducing tiredness, OHMG is the delicious new way to get your magnesium fix and will quickly become an essential part of your healthy lifestyle journey.
Studies have shown that 50% of us don’t get enough magnesium in our diet. This can lead to tiredness and anxiety amongst a multitude of other things. Each can of OHMG contains 60mg of magnesium and from January uses OHMG’s new magnesium formula, TripleMg®, to provide users with the health benefits of three different types of magnesium: topping up depleted magnesium levels, improving focus and concentration, and relieving stress and anxiety. A can of OHMG per day can help you reach your recommended daily allowance in a tasty and delicious way.
Energising and full of flavour – you won’t believe something so good for you tastes so good.

Price: RRP £23.50.
Available at: www.ohmgwater.com, Harrods, select Health Foods stores & Amazon


Crystal Clear Protein? No Whey!
foodspring is constantly on the hunt to create the best products to support training; that’s why they’ve produced their Clear Whey – the perfect post-workout refresher in the warmer months. The crystal clear, sugar-free drink boosts recovery by providing all the nutrients your body needs after training, whilst also quenching your thirst with its perfectly fruity flavor – you‘ll feel like summer’s here already!
Clear Whey is available in two refreshing editions, Peach Iced Tea & Hibiscus and Raspberry Mojito, both are a cocktail of NZMP protein and real fruit powder boasting 26g of protein, 0.5g sugar and 0.1g fat per serving. The Clear Whey is a game-changer for those who find a regular protein shake a bit too much to stomach after exercising or simply want an easy protein boost at any point in the day.

The difference between clear whey and whey protein foodspring’s Clear Whey only uses whey protein isolate whereas Whey Protein also contains whey protein concentrate. The absence of the concentrate makes the drink transparent and resembles a lemonade rather than a milkshake.
Price: £29.99
Available at: foodspring.co.uk


Nevsah’s Breath Hub App
What is the single most important yet simplest thing you can do to improve your physical, emotional, and mental health? It is breathing. Breath Hub is a guided breathing and meditation app that helps people breathe better and live better. It offers hundreds of sessions and courses to improve sleep, focus and breath awareness and relieve stress, anxiety, and pain. All the sessions you will find on Breath Hub are created by renowned breathwork professionals with years of expertise. While breathwork is a powerful tool for relaxation, rejuvenation, and better sleep, it is so much more than that. It is the scientific way of being well and feeling well. If you constantly want to take deep breaths, sigh, or yawn, suffer from frequent headaches, chronic fatigue, and mood swings, you may have dysfunctional breathing habits. With Breath Hub, you can improve your breathing habits and alleviate countless health problems such as panic attacks, asthma, hypertension, and ADHD. A daily breathwork practise can help you step into a life of more energy, inspiration, and peace. All you need is 10 minutes a day, every day.
Available at: https://breathhub.app
*Download Breath Hub now from App Store or Google Play and unlock all content with a 7-day free trial.*