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Yoga instructor showcases similarities in principles of Kundalini yoga teachings and addiction recovery Author Patty Wildasinn has paired her journey in addiction recovery with 20 years of yoga instruction in a memoir and selfhelp book that seamlessly shares how yoga and the 12 Steps come together to benefit those in recovery.

‘Yoga for Addiction Recovery’ is both personal and practical, filled with Wildasinn’s self-disclosure and real-life applications of the 12 Steps and yoga. Wildasinn explains addiction, yoga and the 12 Steps in a way that is easy for readers to understand, and identifies the spiritual ties that bind together yoga and recovery steps.

Prior to teaching yoga, she spent more than three decades as a nationally certified addiction counselor, following her own experience as a drug addict. Her goal with her book is to provide a guide that helps people move emotion and energy through the

ISBN: 9798765233115 (softcover); 9798765233122 (electronic)
Available at Balboa Press, Amazon and Barnes & Noble


An accessible guide to controlling the mind.

This book has been written to bridge the gap between the many existing theoretical works on mental concentration and meditation, and the general application of the mind’s powers to everyday life. Written in a simple and easily understandable style, Concentration is a classic among books on the art of meditation.

Without the ability to concentrate, our efforts at meditation will result only in going nowhere, in spinning our wheels in an unending rut. Through a series of practical steps, Mouni Sadhu provides the framework of achieving the state of Samadhi. It encourages readers to actively walk the path of spirituality and achieve a state of super consciousness, rather than just passively read about it.

Available at aeonbooks.co.uk
Paperback RRP £16.99 / $24.00 252 pages


Passage to Wise Woman

An alternative and unique perspective on our understanding of menopause. This groundbreaking book offers a response to the call of women to listen deeply to the wisdom of their bodies as they go through the change and stages of peri-menopause and menopause. Despite increased awareness of recent years, the overriding response is management and relief of symptoms. However, in this book Reva provides a revolutionary approach to menopause, perceiving this transition as a rite of passage and alchemical process.

Through her own experience Reva acts as a guide in allowing women to connect with their bodies and awareness though contemplation, as well as suggesting practices to support a deepening of women’s exploration of menopause, including yoga, meditation and ritual. Reva instills women with a sense of trust, and wider perspective as they discover more about their bodies, their perceptions, learning from, rather than fearing this time of change.

At aeonbooks.co.uk
Paperback. RRP: £18.99 / US$24.50; 208 pages


A beginner’s guide to the ancient practice of breathwork

Find Calm, Improve Your Focus & Feel Revitalized with the Power of Your Breath Combining meditation and mindfulness with the ancient traditions of yoga and qigong, modern breathwork practices start with simple exercises that anyone can try. The book is a concise and accessible guide that will introduce readers to the calming and holistic practice of breathwork. Providing an overview of the history of breathwork around the world, alongside explanations for how and why it works, and stepby- step instructions for carrying out different techniques safely in your own home. Once you’ve started learning the art of breathwork, you’ll have the knowledge at your disposal to help you:

  • Relieve stress and anxiety and create a deeper sense of calm
  • Enhance your mental clarity and increase your focus
  • Improve your overall physical health and well-being
  • Harness your natural energy and boost athletic and motivational performance
  • Cultivate a deeper connection with your mind, body and soul

Published in Paperback 11 May 2023, priced
£6.99 ISBN: 978 1 80007 708 9


In an industry that’s one of the worst for pollution, BAM is on a mission to show how a clothing company can be truly responsible, being the kindest possible to people, nature and the planet.

BAM focuses on nature-based fibres. Why? Because bamboo, for example, absorbs five times more carbon than hardwood trees, needs half the land cotton needs to produce the same amount of fibre, doesn’t need irrigation or pesticides and can be transformed into an unbelievably soft, flexible, high-performance fabric.

Mallea is BAM’s new game-changing fabric: a sustainable bamboo modal. A finer yarn and a breathable, lighter weight, it is also supportive and buttery soft, moving with the body and draping beautifully. Best of all, with just 10% elastane, Mallea proves there’s no place for plastic on the yoga mat.

Mallea is available in a wide range of colourful kit including leggings, shorts, a crop top and longline vests. It’s the ultimate yoga kit upgrade.



The Fast 800 and Dr Michael Mosley have added Salted Caramel flavour to their popular ‘real food’ shake range. The new addition puts a low-carb spin on the trendy flavour, using natural ingredients including nuts, seeds and whey protein. The Salted Caramel Shake is sweetened by stevia and has no carbs, calories or artificial ingredients. They’re rich in protein, healthy fats and fibre needed for good metabolic health and are great for those following intermittent diet or trying to lose

weight. While Dr Michael Mosley and The Fast 800 team always recommend real food first, The Fast 800 Shakes are an excellent way to ensure you have a wellbalanced meal when you are working, travelling or otherwise pressed for time.

  • Shakes cost £22.99 per pack, or £2.29 per serving
  • Only available via thefast800.com and delivered to your door


A midnight feast of skin nutrients, the NEW Nordic Roots Truffle Night Cream features skin soothing Northern Truffle, wild harvested in Finnish forests under the magical glow of the Northern Lights.

Entirely scent-free, Truffle Night Cream gives skin a rise-and-shine glow with a moisture-binding blend of Ceramides, Hemp Seed Oil, Cellular Apple Water and Glycerine. This sinks in overnight to reset skin hydration levels so that dry patches are diminished, and skin feels plump, firm, soft and protected.

Naturally Nordic ingredients: Northern Truffle, Ceramides, Sugar Beets. When formulating Truffle Night Cream, Green People sourced pure and functional Nordic actives that were grown under the magical glow of the Northern Lights.

NEW Nordic Roots Truffle Night Cream – £32.00 (50ml)
Available from www.greenpeople.co.uk


ASHWAGANDA is an important part of centuries-old Ayurveda traditional system of medicine in India. With science-backed evidence, its role in helping with anxiety and to combat demanding lifestyles is increasingy being recognised.

Nutriburst Vitamin Ashwagandha Plus gummies are formulated with demanding lifestyles in mind: Ashwagandha, also known as ‘Indian ginseng’, it grows predominantly in India and is rarely consumed fresh. It is a very popular herb in food supplements and is described as an adaptogen. Modern lives are relentless. This gummy is formulated with Iodine, which helps support cognitive function and normal function of the nerves. Vitamin B5 play a role in supporting normal mental performance. It can be a challenge to keep up the pace. These gummies are formulated with Pantothenic acid to help reduce tiredness and fatigue while the Iodine supports the release of energy from food.

Nutriburst’s Ashwaganda KSM-66® gummies £24.99

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