Paradis Plage is the perfect destination to escape the European winter. At just a few hours flight from the main European cities, Morocco remains the perfect destination to get some winter sun and well-deserved R&R.

A tropical oasis located between the Atlas Mountains and the vast Atlantic Ocean. Paradis Plage is the ideal home away from home. Practice yoga all day, we offer 3 different practices a day, join any of our fitness programs or just relax at the beach or by the pool.

We are proud to be the first Eco-Resort in Morocco and the only Green Key label holder in the area.

In addition to the above, we have also removed all single-use plastics in the hotel, and we constantly work with local associations to raise awareness amongst the local community about the impact of plastic use. We organize regular beach clean-ups and we collaborate with Surf Rider Foundation Morocco to assist in many other environmental actions.





The khadi hair care range is made according to traditional Indian recipes in a special ayurvedic process. As an ethical brand, khadi also follow fair trade guidelines and ensures that any herbs used are collected in a sustainable and traditional way by local inhabitants and the range is also free of synthetic dyes, fragrances, and preservatives, colour enhancers, peroxides, ammonia and other chemical additives. The khadi haircare range is certified by BDIH according to the international COSMOS standard and are 100% natural and suitable for vegans.

KHADI SHIKAKAI SHAMPOO – £16.95 (200ml): Consists of an Ayurvedic herbal mud containing valuable, highly effective plant ingredients, such as; The finely ground plant powder from the fruit of Acacia Concinna, which stimulates healthy hair growth and strengthens the hair roots, whilst improving the bounce of the hair and giving it a silky shine and a better comb-ability. Meanwhile, Aloe Vera juice gives hair an extra moisture kick. The juice penetrates deep into the cell structure and moisturises hair intensively and is long lasting. Finally, Bhringaraj regenerates and calms the scalp.

KHADI KOKOS SHIKAKAI CONDITIONER – £16.95 (200ml): The gently scented creamy and easy to use conditioner moisturises hair intensively and smoothes damaged hair, giving it radiant shine and healthy fullness. Valuable, natural ingredients care for hair in a completely natural way, including: Shikakai a natural conditioner, soothing hair and giving amazing shine, Hibiscus which nourishes the hair, making it supple and shiny while giving it powerful volume, and Coconut oil to help strengthen and repair damaged hair, rebuilding the hair structure.




From wellness retreats to celebrities to woo-woo Instagram, oracle card- decks are everywhere right now. Industry experts say that students and young professionals are turning to them in a bid to help them navigate through the pressures of social media and politically uncertainty.
In addition, Self-care is also still a growing trend. So why not combine the two with The Sacred Self-Care Oracle! From connecting with crystals to time with friends, taking or bath or simply indulging in a sweet treat, this deck contains both ancient wisdom and practical ways to incorporate more self-care into our everyday lives. Whether you divine meaning from the cards alone or consult the in-depth guidebook for clarity, this powerful healing tool gives the reader permission to place self-care at the top of their to-do list.

AYURVEDIC DETOX HAIR MASK – £14.95 (150g): The khadi detox hair mask works completely naturally, by simply mixing with water to develop a slightly gel-like consistency. The mask includes the cleansing power of Reetha, which clears the pores and protects the scalp, Rhassoul, which helps to reduce dryness in the hair whilst removing toxins and product build-up and Lava Earth which clears your hair from dandruff and stubborn residue. The Detox hair mask is free of synthetic additives such as sulfates and surfactants and is 100% natural and vegan. Use as a hair mask in-between, or as a targeted pre-treatment before colouring.
For more information please visit:https://www.pravera.co.uk/khadi-natural-products


ARDERE is revolutionizing the candle industry by tackling the epidemic of stress with their 100% organic aromatherapy candles, created by female healthy living experts. With stress being at an all-time high, it’s no wonder that people are turning towards lighting a candle for some metime. Acknowledging the power of the olfactory system and how scent works on the brain to boost mood and wellbeing, essential oils have been harnessed so that they work therapeutically to promote wellness. Encased in luxury packaging, the candles boast a simple, clean and elegant aesthetic with extremely highquality and unique fragrances, each with a specific therapeutic purpose and based on a luxury travel destination. These candles are a great sensual pick-me-up and come in deliciously fragrant scents.
For more information visit : https://www.ardere.com/ or IG: arderelife


Enhance the natural beauty of your complexion with these natural and vegan Sheet Masks from lavera. Each one is designed to nourish the skin, while targeting a specific concern.
The Firming mask reduces the appearance of fine lines and hydrates, Purifying soothes irritated skin and prevents blemishes from forming, Hydrating adds much needed moisture to dry skin and Illuminating boosts radiance.
There has been a lot of discussion surrounding the environmental impact of sheet masks. Sheet masks are often saturated in chemical ingredients that are harmful to the environment, and the packaging used features plastic film, aluminium or similar materials, which cannot be recycled and end up in landfill.
The lavera face sheet masks are a much more environmentally friendly alternative to other mainstream brands. The masks themselves are packed full of natural ingredients and are made from biodegradable fleece lyocell, furthermore the product packaging is made from an aluminium/PET/PE composite which is recyclable in community recycling systems.
The lavera Sheet Masks are cruelty-free, suitable for vegans and certified natural by NATRUE.
Available from independent health stores nationwide and online at  https://www.pravera.co.uk/


A modern oracle for those who feel connected to a different universe by best-selling author Rebecca Campbell.
Do you sometimes feel like you don’t belong? Do you feel like you’ve come from another planet? Have you ever met someone that you have a deep spiritual connection to, despite not knowing them? If so, it sounds like you’re a Starseed, an emerging concept in the mind, body and soul world. It may seem like a far-off concept, but Starseeds are souls that have originated from different stars, planets, solar systems or galaxies. Rebecca Campbell and Danielle Noel embarked on a creative, spiritual journey to create a breathtaking 53-card oracle deck for Starseeds, empaths, lightworkers and seekers.
This deck will help you identify whether you are a starseed, and understand what this word means and activate your memories as well as offer insight into your place in this world.


This innovative brand has established a reputation for its beautiful collection of bottles and capsules (micro-drinks). The aim is to encourage us to drink more water.
It’s newest addition to the collection is Waterdrop ZEN. This is an effervescent compact cube that dissolves in water, enriching it with natural ingredients such as star fruit, white tea and lemongrass with the addition of vitamin C, folic acid and biotin to promote the healthy function of the body’s metabolic process. The brand also aims to reduce the amount of plastic through the creation of their small compact cube (microdrink). The cube dissolves into the water, enriching it with fruit extracts and vitamins. The collection has simple, chic design and a perfect addition to anyone’s wellness lifestyle choices or makes an ideal and gifting choice.
Waterdrop have also launched a stunning range of new ZEN accessories that accompany the latest collection including ZEN Tote Bag, Mat, Steel Straw and a Porcelain cup.

Martin Murray, CEO and Founder came up with idea for Waterdrop whilst on an aeroplane. He found himself frustrated with the lack of beverage options that weren’t full of sugar and preservatives and asked himself why there wasn’t a product which he could simply add to water, was healthy and provided variety. A graduate of INSEAD, Martin has grown the relatively small brand, starting in 2016. Following on from their success in Europe, Waterdrop have just launched in the UK supplying a wide range of reusable water bottles, straws and ‘microdrinks’.
‘‘Waterdrop is changing the paradigms of the beverage industry. We can sell online and are direct to the consumer and we’re bog on customisation. For years sugar, water and checmicals have been put into plastic bottles on the shelf and the expectation is for people to carry it back home and that just didn’t make sense to me’’ – MARTIN MURRAY, CEO and Founder of Waterdrop.

For more information visit https://en.waterdrop.com/


ZEN Microdrink 12 Packs £6.90

ZEN Steel Bottle 0.5L £29.90

ZEN Steel Bottle 1L £34.90

ZEN Glass Bottle 0.5L £24.90