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Menopause is a HOT topic. There is a conscious shift in the way we are addressing this previously ‘taboo’ subject. Honouring the menstrual cycle, peri-menopause and menopause aligns with the natural stages of our lives. Ayurveda and Yoga supports this journey offering practical tools to slow down, nourish, honour and reconnect with our essence. This experiential self paced online course builds trust and peace in the body and mind bringing a new balance to transform and celebrate all the seasons of life. In this way menopause becomes liberating, a hugely nourishing transition into graceful empowerment…to live the life you dream of living… to honour your life purpose …and in doing so reawaken your self enlightened ‘Wisdom Goddess’.

Ethereal Single “Sweet Shiva” – A Musical Invocation to Divine Love by Sarves Thiru

In a world brimming with chaos and clamour, Sarves Thiru emerges as a beacon of serenity, offering a celestial journey through her latest single, “Sweet Shiva”. With a voice that resonates with the echoes of ancient hymns and melodies, Sarves invites listeners to embark on a devotional odyssey to the heart of divinity. The repetition of sacred mantras throughout the song creates a meditative atmosphere, facilitating introspection and spiritual transcendence.

Overall, ‘Sweet Shiva’ is a soul-stirring musical offering that resonates with the hearts of devotees, inspiring them to embark on a journey of inner healing, peace, and spiritual awakening. The song is now available on all major music streaming platforms.

For more information about Sarves Thiru and her music, visit www.sarvesthiru.com or connect with her at: Music links: Linktree

Facebook: @Sarvesmusic

Instagram: @sarvesmusic

“Eat to Your Heart’s Content”

Recipes to improve your health from an award- winning chef and heart attack survivor


This book presents a poignant narrative of Michelin-starred chef Sat Bains’ journey to recovery after a sudden heart attack. Bains, renowned for his culinary prowess, shares a collection of heart-healthy recipes devised with nutritionist Dr Neil Williams. Despite his health setback, Bains refuses to compromise on taste, infusing each dish with his signature flair. The cookbook offers accessible recipes crafted from supermarket-friendly ingredients, emphasising lean protein, good fats, and abundant fruits and vegetables. Bains’ culinary expertise shines through as he navigates the intersection of health and flavour, providing readers with nutritious yet delectable options for everyday meals. A testament to resilience and passion, Eat to Your Heart’s Content is a valuable resource for those seeking nourishing dishes without sacrificing taste.

Published by Kyle Books on 18th January 2024; price £26

Writing by Heart: A Poetry Path to Healing and Self-Discovery

Meredith Heller

In this transformative book, Heller offers a compassionate roadmap for navigating the complexities of life through the power of poetry. Drawing from her own journey of healing, she provides readers with practical tools and inspiring prompts to explore their emotions, find their voice, and cultivate self- expression. Each chapter is a sanctuary of creativity, offering themes, example poems, and mindfulness exercises to guide readers on their personal odyssey of self-discovery. With gentle encouragement, Heller invites readers to embrace vulnerability, confront challenges, and unearth profound insights within themselves. Writing by Heart is not just a book; it’s a companion for anyone seeking solace, connection, and empowerment through the art of writing. As Heller beautifully articulates, “Writing practice is about showing up and being present with yourself, however good or bad you feel.”


This superfood powder emerges as a beacon of nutrition in an era where dietary deficiencies prevail. Designed to bridge the gap between recommended fruit and vegetable intake and actual consumption, this is a testament to Cytoplan’s commitment to holistic health. Enriched with a blend of organic greens like broccoli, spinach and kale, along with immune-boosting acerola cherry, it offers a potent dose of phytonutrients and antioxidants. Certified Organic by the Soil Association and free from added sugars and preservatives, it caters to vegans and children aged 4 upwards. Led by CEO Amanda Williams, Cytoplan’s dedication to evidence-based nutrition shines through, making ORGANIC SUPER GREENS + IMMUNITY a valuable addition to anyone’s wellness routine.

Available from cytoplan.co.uk at £45

The Heart and Its Healing Plants

Wolf-Dieter Storl Ph.D.

This is a captivating journey into the traditional herbal remedies for modern heart conditions. Storl delves into the ancient beliefs surrounding the heart, viewing it not only as a physical organ but also as the seat of the soul and a source of vitality. Through meticulous research, he explores diverse cultural perspectives on heart health from early European civilisations to indigenous tribes across the globe.

Storl’s holistic approach challenges conventional notions of heart disease, emphasising the interconnectedness of physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. By examining the medicinal properties of various plants used throughout history to treat cardiovascular ailments, he offers readers a comprehensive materia medica of heart-strengthening herbs. This enlightening book not only educates about traditional healing practices but also inspires a deeper understanding of the heart’s profound role in human existence.

Available at www.amazon.com at $29.99

Gold Dust by Variety Mode

This presents a compelling solution for those seeking a productive and energised 2024. This IBS-friendly and 100% organic blend of mushrooms and adaptogens offers a clean, calm energy boost without the caffeine crash. With ingredients like Lion’s Mane Mushroom for enhanced brain function, Reishi Mushroom for relaxation, and Cordyceps Mushroom for boosted energy and immunity, Gold Dust promises improved focus, stamina, and overall mental well-being. Customers praise its ability to increase productivity, enhance mood, and provide sustained energy without coffee crashes or digestive issues. Available in delicious Cocoa and Vanilla flavours, Gold Dust caters to various preferences while remaining vegan and gluten-free. With over 700 5-star reviews, it’s a popular choice for those prioritising health and vitality.

Available from www.varietymode.com at £40

Scalp Care is the New Selfcare

Noughty’s Caretaker Scalp Soothing Tonic emerges as a dermatologically approved elixir, revolutionising scalp care with its effective and affordable solution. This tonic addresses common scalp issues like itchiness, flakiness, and irritation, making it a game-changer in haircare routines. In a haircare landscape increasingly focused on scalp health, this tonic stands out for its carefully curated natural ingredients, including calming bisabolol and oat extract known for their soothing properties. With the inclusion of Piroctone Olamine, it creates an unfriendly environment for microbes, ensuring a comprehensive solution to scalp woes. Fragrance-free and 97% natural, Noughty’s commitment to effectiveness and sustainability is evident, being a B Corp certified brand, leaping bunny approved, vegan, and plastic neutral.

Available from lovenoughty.co.uk at £10


These two award-winning products are here to save our bodies from dryness, fatigue and areas of tension. The Arnica Body Cream offers a luxurious addition to your skincare routine, combining comforting Arnica extract with nourishing Shea Butter, Sweet Almond Oil, and Vitamin E. Infused with herbal aromatics like Thyme and Rosemary, it soothes both body and mind, leaving skin soft and delicately scented. While the Arnica & Wintergreen Soothing Gel delivers therapeutic relief with a lightweight formula that refreshes tired limbs and uplifts the senses. Wintergreen Essential Oil adds a cooling sensation, perfect for clearing congestion and fatigue. Vegan- friendly and UK-made, these products cater to all, offering spa-like indulgence and comfort for both body and soul.

Available from www.sbsckincare.co.uk at £22 (body Cream) and £30 (soothing gel)

Pukka Herbs launches NEW organic Morning Berry tea – expertly blended to naturally help kickstart your day

Pukka Herbs’ latest offering, the organic Morning Berry tea, promises a refreshing start to your day. Crafted with care, this caffeine-free blend boasts a harmonious mix of bold berry flavours, complemented by the uplifting essence of rooibos and hibiscus flower. With a commitment to sourcing the finest organic ingredients, Pukka Herbs delivers a revitalising brew that invigorates the senses. The infusion of blackcurrant, blackberry, and blueberry creates a symphony of fruity notes, tantalising the taste buds with each sip. Morning Berry emerges as a delightful choice for those seeking a natural awakening without the jolt of caffeine, ensuring a positive and flavourful beginning to every morning.

Awarded Silver at The Grocer New Product Awards, it’s available at major retailers at £4.99.

Organic Pampering Gift Set – Selfcare Box from Terre Verdi

Packed in a luxurious black box, this organic spa gift set promises a pampering experience for all skin types, making it an ideal present, featuring cruelty-free products that promise relaxation and rejuvenation. This luxurious spa gift set includes the award-winning ArganShea Multitasking Cream and NeroliPom Moisturiser, both enriched with soothing ingredients perfect for an at-home facial. The lightweight NeroliPom Moisturiser, celebrated for its organic pomegranate, neroli, and aloe vera blend, hydrates, and delays premature ageing, earning recognition at the 2023 Soil Association BOOM awards. Free from synthetic additives, this water-based moisturiser caters to various skin types, boasting anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidant benefits. Meanwhile, the versatile ArganShea Multitasking Cream, infused with calendula, argan, and shea, offers multiple skincare solutions, from cleansing to soothing.

Available at £77 from terreverdi.com.

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