Marma mat is a premium acupressure mat designed to support conditioning and recovery. Their mats are based on the principles of Ayurveda, the science of longevity and marma therapy, which utilises pressure points to promote wellbeing. Used by warriors of ancient India as a conditioning and recovery tool, marma mat is a 9.5 x 11 inches and rectangle in shape covered with 178 pyramids. Walking, laying, sitting, leaning on or massaging with the marma mat awakens intelligence and communication with the body by activating energy flow.

These mat is handcrafted in the USA, and is now available on marmamat.com or in selected retailers. Silicone marma mats feel soft and sharp at the same time. They offer an invigorating yet luxurious experience. Silicone is most commonly found in quartz, a mineral composed of silicon and oxygen atoms; silicone mats are made from a platinum quality, food- grade, FDA-approved silicone. To use as a heating pad, silicone mats may be heated in the oven at 350F for 10-15 minutes, for three to four minutes in the microwave or soaked in boiling water. They may be kept in the freezer to be used as an ice pack. Silicone mats are very user-friendly and thus, daily use is highly recommended.

Wood marma mats provide the organic sensation of walking in nature. The mahogany used is sustainability sourced. The invigorating mats are machine-tooled, hand-sanded, laser engraved and hand-oiled. As wood has no give, they suggest starting with socks if needed.

Available at https://marmamat.com/shop
Price: $140 (Silicone marma mat) Price: $180 (Wood marma mat)



A new arrival on the UK’s natural beauty scene, Timeless Elixir Facial Serum
by Peace &; Pure turns your everyday skincare routine into a ritual of self-care and boosts not only your complexion, but also your emotional wellbeing. Timeless Elixir Facial Serum, has been designed

to minimise the impact of stress on your skin whilst also improving your overall wellbeing. This feather-light facial serum is vegan, organic, and can be used with your favourite moisturiser or on its own. They create a sensational experience that engages with all your senses and offer a skincare routine that is deeply nourishing to your skin and also your spirit.

The benefits of these serums are:

➢ Improves your skin barrier function, with a complete and balanced essential fatty acids profile;

➢ Improves your skin’s hydration levels;

➢ Stimulates collagen production, and smooth fine lines and wrinkles, to create a more youthful complexion;

➢ Contains strong antioxidants that neutralise free radicals that damage the skin;

➢ Lightens discolouration and dark spots, even your skin tone;

➢ Shields off blue lights

➢ Adds instant radiance to your complexion



There’s a stigma that protein shakes are only necessary for athletes and fitness fanatics who want rapid muscle growth. Yet protein is an essential macro-nutrient which acts as a building block of all of our body cells, including hair, skin and nails.

The BOXD house portion shake was specifically formulated for woman after spending years speaking with woman on a daily basis about a number of common nutritional deficiencies. It contains nutrient and vitamin blend that has been scientifically developed based on in- depth consumer research with a view to counteract common deficiencies (low iron, vitamin B). Their vegan range derives from Pea and Hemp, getting the benefits of both. these shakes also contain GMO free, natural ingredients (raw cacao as opposed to chocolate powder). The protein shake can serve as a nutritional, diet complimenting aid (bridging the gap between lunch time and evening meals as a healthy snack). They also come in different flavours so you’re not stuck with one for a long time. These protein shakes provide you a range of benefits:

➢  Maintains healthy nerve cells

➢  Keeps bones strong and healthy

➢  Supports immunity

➢  Maintains healthy skin, hair and nails

➢  Supports red blood cells and energy

➢  Aids digestion

➢  Keeps energy levels at optimal level

➢  Regulates nerve and muscle function

➢  Hydrates the body

➢  Keeps healthy cholesterol levels


by Danielle Christina

This book links yoga philosophy and neuroscience with business, and how being a so-called Black Sheep can make great leaders and entrepreneurs. The brain is like the CEO of your body, once activated you can be innovative and make conscious decisions. The book takes it back to basics, reconnecting with your authentic self to be original and set a new trademark that will not only give you purpose, but also make you feel more alive by activating the dormant brain cells, using neuroplasticity. It outlines the importance of reprogramming your mind so you can take steps away from the system and live a life of authenticity – this is your trademark! Each chapter will be dedicated to a Chakra with seven episodes representing each. As you read and work your way through the book, you will be doing the inner work, unblocking to find your way back to authenticity. A simple book for light readers.

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Price: £14.62 (Paperback)


by Vrinda Sheth

Destroyer of Sorrow is magnificent, riveting and heart-wrenching. From the perspective of Sita, she tells the story of how Ravana promised her everything she wishes and she declines all these grants, as she just wants to be with Ram. In the majestic conclusion to this one-of-a-kind trilogy, the saga of the Ramayana finally comes to an end. The Ramayana, one of the longest ancient epics in the world, is rendered into modern form in Destroyer of Sorrow, which finishes off the sacred story, as Rama finally returns to Ayodhya after fourteen long years of exile to assume his rightful place as king. With a detailed story from Sita’s view, it is a fun and enjoyable story which must be read at least once. Vrindha Sheth writes with the pace of a thriller and the sensitivity of a poet. It’s a combination that illuminates this classic with an extraordinary new light.

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Price: £25.00

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