Bumboo Unwhitened Collection

Bumboo has launched their most sustainable, minimally processed bamboo tissue range to date – the 100% Natural Unwhitened bamboo tissue collection, a range of super eco, premium quality bamboo toilet rolls and soft facial tissues. Unwhitened tissue is achieved by eliminating the whitening stage in the traditional tissue paper manufacturing process, thus reducing the production-led environmental impact. Unwhitened is great for people wanting to reduce their environmental footprint even further. A giant step forward for the planet!

Toilet rolls – available in 48 and 24 roll packs – £38 / £29 one time purchase; £36 .10 / £21.85 subscription.
Facial tissues – one carton of 12 cubed boxes – £16 one time purchase / £15.20 subscription.
Available at: www.bumboo.eco

Cheesies – Just Cheese, Baked ‘til Crunchy

Turn cheese into a tasty, crunchy snacks, just by baking it. Made from 100% cheese with nothing else added at all, Cheesies are naturally high protein, vegetarian and gluten-free snacks with no carbs and no sugar, and only around 120 calories per serving.

With no fridge required, Cheesies are crunchy, baked, outrageously tasty and great for those following keto, although they’re just as good paired with a glass of wine or pint of beer. They’re handy to add crunch to recipes or quick lunches too. You can even use them as croutons on salad or soup.

Cheesies’ five classic varieties are Sharp & Punchy Cheddar; Strong & Tangy Red Leicester; Smooth & Mellow Gouda; Creamy & Bold Goat’s Cheese and Nutty & Mild Emmental, as well as the new, special-edition Tongue Tingling Chilli Cheddar. 

Price: £1.19 per 20g snack bag; £2.79 per 60g sharing bag
Available at www.cheesies.co.uk, Ocado, Amazon, Holland & Barrett and Whole Foods Market

The Natural Deodorant

The sweat stops here!

Moisturise on your armpit skin without leaving stains on clothes promising you a pleasant feeling for the rest of the day.

Clean, non-toxic, 100% natural deodorant – gentle, yet effective, not only controls sweat but also controls odour. Odylique’s natural deodorants come as a refreshing spray or roll on. They naturally guard against odour with long-lasting antibacterial action, without clogging pores or preventing the essential perspiration process.

With a skin-loving combination of botanicals with anti-bacterial properties, including aloe vera juice and essential oils for lasting freshness.

Odylique’s newest launch, Unscented & Prebiotic Natural Deodorant is ideal for anyone with sensitive armpits, or if you’d like a no-scent deodorant to wear alongside perfume or fragranced body care.

 This aluminium-free, non-toxic, 100% natural, vegan deodorant naturally guards against odour, without clogging pores or preventing the essential perspiration process. It’s not overpowering and actually allows you to breathe and encourages you to find your magic and get the world addicted to you.

 With a skin-loving, vitamin-rich blend of organic coconut oil, aloe vera juice, calendula tincture, plus zinc oxide, the light lotion actively nourishes the skin throughout the day, for lasting freshness. 

Take care of sweat and odour. Protect and celebrate each moment at best reasonable price : £10.00
Available at: www.odylique.co.uk

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Simply enter code YOGA15 at checkout!

Mio Liquid Yoga Space Spray 130ml RRP: £20.00

Mio’s Liquid Yoga space spray has been improved with a new 100% vegan-friendly scent and a blend of powerful plant-based ingredients to bring you to the moment of now.

The stress-free Liquid Yoga Space Spray instantly refreshes and uplifts you. Spritz this powerful, blissful blend of uplifting essential oils, including calming Cannabis Seed oil, and take some well deserved time. This essential oil space spray fills your room with an energising aroma of Peppermint, Lavender and Eucalyptus. Embrace your inner yogi to enhance your day-to-day rituals and reach your ultimate state of zen.

Price: £20
Available at: www.mioskincare.co.uk

Leak-proof Period Leggings

‘WUKA’ is UK’s first ever reusable and leak-proof period underwear. WUKA stands’ for Wake Up Kick Ass which aims to highlight how nothing should hold women back whilst menstruating and also aims to replace plastic-riddled disposable pads and tampons with the world’s most comfortable and sustainable period underwear. WUKA have launched their first line of leak-proof period leggings, catering to exercise during periods, postpartum, women with a weak pelvic floor or menopause. Although a shocking 1 in 6 fear that exercise whilst menstruating is harmful, the majority (64%) say that exercising whilst they are on their period actually improves mental wellbeing. 

Price: £49.99, available in XS-6XL sizes
Available at www.wuka.co.uk

NEW Purifying Face Mask

Made with repurposed coconut shells and presented in fully recyclable, renewable sugar cane packaging, this is a unisex face mask that’s suitable for all skin types. This skin-purifying organic face mask can be applied as a full face mask or to balance an oily T-zone. Its natural skin-purifying power comes from a blend of skin decongesting natural actives that work in tandem to deeply cleanse the skin, leaving it feeling fresh, soft and balanced.

Use as a pampering self-care treat or to purify skin that feels out of balance. The product includes ingredients such as Organic Aloe Vera, Activated Charcoal, Bentonite Clay, Alpine Willow & Oat Lipid gluten free. Farmed on sustainable land, this plant-based packaging is completely carbon neutral. The Activated Charcoal is created using repurposed Coconut Husks and the Alpine Willow is sourced from organic and sustainable cultures to preserve natural sites and Alpine biodiversity. It’s a deep-cleansing, mattifying face mask for fresher, brighter skin.

Price: £22.00 (50ml)
Available at www.greenpeople.co.uk

Lose Weight Without Losing Your Mind

Discover why there are no good or bad foods. You don’t need special diet foods, a complicated diet plan or to punish your body. The Fitness Chef here, Graeme Tomlinson, will help you find a healthy, happy relationship with food, to love your body and lose weight for life and is available to discuss toxic diet myths. Why myths like ‘you need to join a gym’ and ‘eating fats makes you fat’ are damaging your mental health. The simple way to lose weight, without losing your mind – calories in vs calories out is the one science-backed rule for losing weight. 

Price £16.99
Available at Amazon

50 Poses and 25 Sequences

‘Yoga Asana Cards’ by Natalie Heath is a beautifully designed card set containing 50 cards ideal to create a pick-and-choose bespoke yoga practice. It includes an informative booklet highlighting themed workouts as a screen-free companion to your yoga practice. From a before bed wind-down, to a pre-run stretch or a mood-boosting lunchtime workout, each step-by-step routine and pose is perfect for beginner yogis looking to advance, starting with simple poses which can be developed into more complex positions. The cards let you pick and choose your workout to suit your needs and lay the cards out in front of your mat before following along with the poses.

It also has a more advanced variation of each pose included for you to move onto as your practice flourishes, and modifications to help tailor each pose to your body’s unique needs.

Kit & deck includes a booklet of 25 yoga workouts, and guidance on how to use your cards to design your very own yoga class, you can take your practice into your own hands at home.

Price: £16
Available at: Amazon

The Lighter Side of Yoga

From cell phone users in yoga classes to Zoom yoga participants sneaking wine and cheese off camera to those folks who just can’t help peeking during meditation sessions, The ‘Lighter Side of Yoga’ presents the humourous and offbeat aspects of yoga through Mike Nevitt’s satiric comics. The many true-to-life situations in the book are based on Nevitt’s experiences and observations over a 30-year period as a full-time yoga and meditation teacher. 

Aside from providing good laughs, Nevitt aims to gently poke those teachers and students who might have a tendency to take themselves and the practice of yoga a little too seriously. Yoga and mindfulness practitioners will smile knowingly as they recognise the all-too-familiar scenarios which Nevitt skewers throughout the book. So settle into your favourite yoga pose and let ‘The Lighter Side of Yoga’ get your chakras spinning!

Price: £9.67
Available at Amazon

Enlightened Dog Training – Become the Peaceful Alpha Your Dog Needs and Respects

A complete guide to raising and relating to your pet in a mindful way that leads to calm, intuitively-obedient dogs. ‘Enlightened Dog Training’ offers unique training techniques for soothing anxiety, healing neuroses, overcoming aggression issues, and transforming tension into harmony. Communicate non-verbally with your dog using the signals dogs use with each other and address problems with leash training and guarding resources and territory.

In this book, Jesse Sternberg reveals the principles of the secret language of the animal kingdom and offers common-sense yet unique solutions to everyday canine behavioural problems. Using case studies that resonate with every pet owner and dog lover, he explains how most of our pets’ issues arise from intense feelings caused by the environment, ourselves, or prior conditioning and how these emotions are acted out by the dog.

In this book, Jesse teaches us that through increasing our awareness and expanding our consciousness, we can become the peaceful partners our dogs have been seeking. His easy-to-follow lessons and supportive meditations further lock in his teachings.

Price: $9.99
Available at Amazon

Reclaiming Wellness Ancient Wisdom for Your Healthy, Happy, and Beautiful Life

If you’ve ever felt left out of “elite” healthcare regimes or thought that being healthy shouldn’t be expensive, this book is for you. ‘Reclaiming Wellness’ highlights the multicultural roots of a wide variety of popular health trends and shares them to promote solidarity and inclusivity. The book includes fascinating historical context for wellness practices like herbalism, meditation, visualisation, hypnosis, yoga, plant-based eating, sound healing, and more. Jovanka Ciares speaks to everyone, with an emphasis on the people of colour who struggle disproportionately with preventable diseases, to offer:
ways to experience nature, music, and community to heal and connect. It brings you back to the heart of health and healing through culture; offers practical, affordable, and even fun ways to incorporate plant-based whole foods into even the most time-crunced routine; and a lazy-proof means of movement that feel more like self-love than the dreaded exercise. 

Price : £16.11
Available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Indie Bound