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Psychedelics Buddhism

User’s Guide to Traditions, Symbols, and Ceremonies

Lama Mike Crowley

In this book the enthralling interplay between psychedelics and Buddhism takes centre stage. A beacon for Buddhists seeking to meld entheogens with their spiritual voyage and for psychonauts curious about Buddhism’s inner landscapes, this book is a guiding light. Crowley plunges into the realm of psychedelics, encompassing LSD and psilocybin, through a Buddhist prism. He spotlights profound spiritual encounters, including those reminiscent of “Indra’s net” and universal voidness, attainable via these substances. Furthermore, he traces the historical roots of psychedelics in Vedic and Buddhist scriptures, particularly in the enduring Vajrayāna tradition. The text presents an all-encompassing view of Buddhism, unraveling its foundational tenets and the diverse paths (yānas) it offers. The emphasis is on meditation techniques, with a unique focus on nurturing the Four Positive Attitudes. Readers are immersed in Buddhist symbols, rituals, deities, and initiations, fostering an expedition into the inner dimensions of consciousness.

Available from inner traditions.com at $22.99

Human Design

The Revolutionary System That Shows You Who You Came Here to Be

Jenna Zoe

This book takes you on an illuminating journey into the realm of Human Design, a transformative system that delves into your individuality and guides you toward embracing your true self. Zoe, a respected authority in this field, offers readers a clear and engaging introduction to the profound wisdom of Human Design. Drawing from an array of ancient teachings like astrology, the iChing, and the Tree of Life, Human Design charts your life path based on your birth details, helping you understand your purpose, strengths, relationships, and more. Zoe’s book provides an accessible and practical approach to generating your own Human Design chart, allowing you to grasp your Energy Type, harness your unique gifts, and find authenticity in your own skin. With Jenna Zoe’s guidance, you can unlock your full potential, live in alignment with your soul’s purpose, and confidently navigate your distinct life journey. This book is an insightful and pragmatic tool for self-discovery and personal growth, offering a fresh perspective on what it truly means to be yourself.

Available from www.hayhouse.co.uk at £14.99

The Art of Mastery

Principles of Effective Interaction

Peter Ralston

The book explores the essence of mastering a skill or field. Ralston challenges the notion that mastery depends solely on innate talent or repetitive practice, contending that it arises from cultivating precise perceptual awareness and refining effective interaction. Ralston delves into the intricacies of this mastery, dissecting the foundational skills and principles that underpin it. He emphasises the significance of effective interaction, the synchronisation of mind and body, and the development of creative intelligence. He differentiates between “reactions” and mindful “responses,” guiding readers on how to align their perception with reality, a vital step towards achieving their goals. Additionally, Ralston provides methods to overcome the major hurdles on the path to mastery. He offers a systematic breakdown of effective interaction principles, demonstrating how to adapt when faced with challenges, whether in sports, business, warfare, politics, or any field requiring mastery. This guide leads you on a transformative journey towards genuine mastery, encouraging profound self-discovery and a deeper comprehension of life’s intricacies.

Available from innertraditions.com at $19.99

Proof of Life After Life

7 Reasons to Believe There Is an Afterlife

Dr. Raymond Moody & Paul Perry

This book is a groundbreaking exploration of the age-old questionabout what happens after we die. Dr. Raymond Moody, renowned as the “father of near-death studies,” has spent nearly five decades objectively researching near-death experiences (NDEs) without jumping to conclusions. In this new book, coauthored with Paul Perry, they provide a compelling case for the survival of consciousness beyond the physical body. The book delves into various aspects, from well-documented NDEs to lesser known shared-death experiences. It explores common paranormal signs and the enduring memories of those who’ve had these experiences. Drawing on hundreds of case studies, cutting-edge research methods, scientific and philosophical insights, and candid interviews with fellow researchers, Dr. Moody offers seven convincing reasons to believe in life after death. “Proof of Life After Life” marks a significant step in Moody’s lifelong quest, providing thought-provoking evidence that challenges conventional beliefs about the afterlife and opens new avenues for understanding the mysteries of human consciousness.

Available from beyondword.com at £17:00

Is There Life After Death?

New Thinking Allowed Dialogues

Jeffrey Mishlove

This offers an illuminating anthology of conversations with leading thinkers, academics, and experts on one of humanity’s most profound questions: the existence of life beyond death. Over the course of five decades, Mishlove has engaged in insightful dialogues covering diverse aspects of consciousness, the mind’s capabilities, and the nature of reality. Mishlove’s deep exploration of this topic culminated in winning the prestigious “Bigelow Institute for Consciousness Studies” prize for his essay providing compelling evidence of life after bodily death. His extensive experience hosting over a thousand discussions on his YouTube channel, “New Thinking Allowed,” demonstrates his expertise and dedication to advancing our understanding of these mysteries. The anthology features contributions from notable figures in the field, offering diverse perspectives and compelling insights. “Is There Life After Death” is a thought-provoking collection that contributes significantly to the ongoing discourse on this profound subject.

Available from whitecrowbooks.com and amazon (£12.99)


This latest musical offering from the talented duo Anand Kirtan and Tom, is a transformative journey through the power of harmony and lyrics. It’s a form of “medicine music,” designed to evoke inner emotions and change one’s mood from within. Their musical partnership, which began over two decades ago in London, has been a remarkable fusion of genres, including folk, gospel, soul, meditation, and kirtan. Beyond their music, they are committed to the “Rewilding Voices” project, focusing on helping women and teenagers in the East Midlands discover their authentic voices, particularly in challenging circumstances. To experience the magic of SA RE SA SA and other musical creations by Anand Kirtan and Tom, visit their website www.anandkirtanmusic.com or find their music on all major digital streaming platforms. It’s a unique and transformative musical experience that touches the soul.

Pivo Pod

The game changer for fitness enthusiasts, sports aficionados, and content creators!

In partnership with the Pivo+ app, this device transforms your smartphone into a dedicated training partner and camera crew. Whether you’re engaged in yoga flows, high-speed workouts, roller-skating, or horseback riding, the Pivo Pod ensures that you capture every moment without the need for an extra person or camera crew. Fuelled by AI technology, the Pivo Pod mount boasts 360-degree rotation, automatically tracking your movements, keeping you perfectly framed and in focus, and zooming as needed. With four different speed modes and advanced face, body, and horse tracking, it simplifies recording dance sessions, streaming workouts, and filming riding lessons. Its video call feature even allows for remote coaching. Additionally, the recent dog tracking upgrade caters to dog influencers and trainers. Compatible with both iOS and Android, the Pivo Pod comes with a remote control, and optional accessories like mounts and tripods are available. In essence, it’s a versatile and indispensable tool for a wide range of activities and content creation.

Available from: Pivo.ai and Amazon UK at £144.99

Erbology’s Organic Raw Sea Buckthorn Powder

This is a remarkable natural supplement that offers a host of benefits. Derived from the skin of sea buckthorn berries, this powder boasts a nutrient profile filled with beta-carotene, omega-7 fatty acids, and essential vitamins like C and E. Unlike powders that contain seeds, Erbology’s small-batch production ensures that their product is more precious and nutrient-rich. The powder carries a tangy, sharp citrus flavour, making it a versatile addition to your daily routine. Whether stirred into soups, blended into smoothies, or sprinkled over yogurt, it provides a zesty kick and a potent nutritional boost. Sourced directly from small organic farmers in Eastern Europe, Erbology’s commitment to quality and sustainability shines. This sea buckthorn powder is your secret weapon for supporting mucous membranes, nourishing your skin, and boosting your overall health. Say goodbye to dull skin days, and greet each day with a naturally glowing complexion courtesy of Erbology’s all-natural and organic products.

Available from ethology.co at £9.99

Altrient Liposomal Vitamin C

This is a game-changer in the world of sports nutrition. Vitamin C, a powerhouse nutrient, plays a pivotal role in enhancing sports performance. Altrient offers a hassle free and effective way to harness the benefits of this vital vitamin. With a robust 1000mg of Vitamin C per sachet, it’s the perfect daily dose for athletes looking to improve their game. Its quick and efficient absorption is a testament to its quality. Altrient’s liposomal technology ensures the vitamin is protected through the digestive process, reaching the bloodstream intact and ready to benefit the body’s tissues and cells. Professional athletes like Jessica Ennis-Hill vouch for Altrient’s effectiveness, making it a staple in their routines. It reduces fatigue, boosts energy metabolism, supports the nervous system, enhances mood, aids muscle recovery, and bolsters the immune system. If you’re serious about sports, you can’t afford to overlook the importance of Altrient Liposomal Vitamin C in your regimen. Your performance and well being will thank you.

Available from abundanceandhealth.co.uk at £49.96

Bimuno® Immunity

As the seasons transition, and the threat of seasonal illnesses hovers, many parents are turning to a cost-effective and efficient solution: Bimuno® Immunity. This daily powder supplement, priced as low as 44p per day, not only promotes gut health but also fortifies the immune system. A healthy gut plays a vital role in overall well-being, the key to thriving rather than just surviving. Backed by scientific research, Bimuno® Immunity stimulates the growth of beneficial gut bacteria, including essential bifidobacteria. Beyond enhancing the digestive system, it provides a robust shield for the immune system. Daily use offers 100% of your recommended intake of vitamin D3, vitamin C, and zinc. This taste-free, gluten-free, vegetarian powder effortlessly mixes with your food or drink. When combined with a balanced diet, these daily sachets boost the levels of good gut bacteria. Thousands of satisfied customers have rated Bimuno® as’Excellent’ on Trustpilot, with over 3,000 independent reviews.

Available from www.bimuno.com

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