Argan Oil – a beauty secret worth knowing

Arganic continues to sell its high quality products across the UK, offering both Cosmetic Argan Oil (£24-£80) and Culinary Argan Oil (£12-£80) made from the purest ingredients and highest quality. Argan oil is one of the rarest and most ancient ingredients in the world. It has been used for centuries by the indigenous Berber people of southwest Morocco and originates from the UNESCO-protected Argania Spinosa tree.

Externally, Arganic’s Cosmetic Argan Oil is a natural and effective anti-aging treatment used to combat dry skin, fine lines & wrinkles, stretch marks & scars, eczema & psoriasis, as well as to condition and strengthen hair and nails. Results can be seen by applying just two to three drops of the 100% pure and Vitamin E- packed oil to affected areas daily. For the face, massage in circular movements. For the hair, run through damp tips or apply all over for a weekly hair mask. It is also safe to use on babies, during pregnancy and for sensitive skin. This one shop wonder allows for a lovely, subtle fragrance that can seep deep into your skin without becoming greasy. All of Arganic’s oil is sourced from their partner farm, Sidi Yassine. This single-farm system means that all oil is consistent in quality and completely traceable. The trees are tested for health before the fruit is extracted and the farm itself supports the local Berber women by providing employment and fair wages. Arganic is also Soil Association Certified organic and entirely undiluted.

We at Arganic are thrilled that the natural wellness benefits of Argan oil are being recognized among mainstream beauty and health circles,” states Arganic Founder, Dana Elemara. “A proud Londoner born to Iraqi parents who were passionate about health and heritage, I have long seen how nutritious food meant naturally shiny hair and a glowing complexion, and therefore an uncomplicated beauty regime. Once you realise that natural and simple works, there no way back. We’re excited for people to experience the effects of Arganic for themselves and also to add robust Argan oil product offerings to our current line.”

Organic products can be found at Selfridges, Whole Foods, Ocado, Marks & Spencer, As Nature Intended, Daylesford Organic, Harrods, and, of course, Arganic.co.uk

Forever Young

Weleda Calendula Baby Oil gave birth to a signature range and has been leading the way in organic baby care for the past 60 years.

Here’s how the numbers stack up:

  • 1 bottle of Calendula Baby Oil (unfragranced) is sold every 60seconds.
  • Calendula Baby Oil is 100% certified organic and bears the NATRUE seal of assurance.
  • Calendula Baby Oil has won over 40 awards since records began in 2006.

Skin as delicate as your baby’s needs very little intervention to become the priceless natural shield needed for life. Treat dry, chafed or irritated skin, cleanse little bottoms, or enjoy a soothing massage together with this simplest of all formulations. Light organic sesame oil and an extract of organic calendula are all we need to offer you this treasure. Softening, warming, calming and relaxing – for tender moments with your little one from the first day.

Suitable for vegans.

£10.95 200ml

Available from Holland & Barrett stores nationwide.

Kikki K

Stationery brand kikki.K offer up a range of Journals from Goal setting to Habits (that’s breaking the bad ones and creating new good one’s) , looking at each day with gratefulness with the Gratitude journal and being more present with the Mindful journal.  A lovely addition to anyone’s collection of mindful practices.

Research has shown that you have a greater chance of success when you surround yourself with a good support group so not only tell friends and family what your goals or intentions are, but have them join you on the journey too.  We are big fans of all things ‘kikki.K’.

kikki.K’s Inspirational Journals are a perfect gift to yourself or anyone else.

For further information, https://www.kikki-k.com/uk/shop-by/collection/inspiration/

Achieve your glow goals

Mio’s Glow Goals Bodycare collection is a perfect introductory kit, which works well for any goal-orientated or gifting ideas you have or even just to treat yourself. The Body care collection brings together a holistic and scientific approach to bodycare, combining ancient Ayuderva with facial grade bodycare:

The Mio Body Brush – An anchient Ayurdevic approach to targeting cellulite and stimulating the skin; the body brush helps to detoxify skin, energise the body and to promote better gut health.

Future Proof active Body Butter – Replenish and hydrate dry skin with this intensely rich, deeply nourishing antioxidant body butter.

Skin Tight Body Serum – Fortified with Vitamin C, this serum works deep into the skin and helps to brighten, tone and moisturise – leaving it radiant!

Liquid Yoga Space Spray – Help create instant peace of mind with this blend of powerful essential oils

Boob Tube + – This facial grade formula works to smooth, tone and revitalise your décolletage. Packed with CoQ10, Gotu Kola Leaf Extract, Organic Avocado and Evening Primrose oils, Boob Tube is both protective and elasticising, helping helps to combat the visual effects to skin of free radical damage.

Mio is simple to use, clean and efficient – mostly multi-functional –  fast absorbing and smells great making it slot into your routine so easily.


New from Igennus Healthcare Nutrition:

Triple Magnesium Complex

The new Triple Magnesium Complex from Igennus Healthcare Nutrition provides a trio of magnesium citrate, bisglycinate and taurate, in highly bioavailable, gastro-friendly forms for maximal uptake by the body.

A vital yet somewhat overlooked mineral, magnesium is involved in over 300 enzyme reactions in the body. It supports a wide range of functions from energy production and central nervous system function, to muscular and cardiovascular function, electrolyte balance and hydration, and brain health.

As many as 50% of people get less than the recommended 350 – 400mg needed per day, which can lead to deficiency. Magnesium deficiency has been linked to health problems such as muscle spasms and cramps, irritability, anxiety and depression, lethargy and fatigue, trouble sleeping, migraine, and impaired memory and cognitive function.

Magnesium can be sourced from food but for most people, not in the quantities needed, which is why a supplement is often necessary. But choosing the right one can be challenging: many factors affect how well magnesium is absorbed, and what may appear to be high dose, may be poorly absorbed by the body, meaning you’re likely to see little benefit.

Triple Magnesium Complex is formulated to optimise bioavailability and improve absorption.

By including three forms or magnesium, we can target unopposing pathways and together with split dosing significantly increase the amount of magnesium that is both absorbed, and retained.

Each daily serving provides 195 mg of elemental magnesium from 1893 mg magnesium citrate, taurate and bisglycinate. One bottle provides a 1-month supply of 90 capsules, at the recommended divided daily dose of 3-per-day.

Not tested on animals, non-GMO, suitable for vegetarians and vegans and certified halal and kosher, Igennus’ Triple Magnesium Complex costs £16.99 for 90 capsules and is available from igennus.com .

Master Lock

Ever find yourself running late to yoga? Trying to hold your mat together, while carrying your gym bag? Why not try the Master Lock Yoga Bungees.

Featuring 20cm bungee cords with a plastic ball at the end that can ease fastening together. Ideal for yoga applications and holding together your mat in a rush.

Master Lock

Yoga mat bungees



Master Lock’s legendary 100-year history and continued pursuit of excellence has delivered the most comprehensive range of security products coupled with highest levels of strength, reliability and functionality on the market. The company is not just a tech start-up making smart home products, it has been making security solutions for generations.

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