Brand new inclusive and supportive fitness and wellbeing platform, Joya provides the tools to move through different life stages. Providing a tailored programme of fun, on-demand content, Joya offers access to hundreds of classes devoted to help people experience the joy of movement and feel empowered with knowledge about their physical and mental health.
From pelvic health to menstruation, pre- and post-natal, Joya considers all the ways that people can experience and move through each of these stages of life. Classes available range from 10, 20 to 30 and 60 minutes and include a beginner’s guide to moving with your menstrual cycle, post-natal yoga: the pelvic floor and prolapse, and meditation: finding gratitude in your body, to name a few. Joya has been built to inspire a new generation to take control of their own health. Founder, Louise Jackson who has navigated a personal journey to understand her body in its rawest form commented, “Joya has been created to help people find the joy in their bodies through movement. As well as making moving a fun and enjoyable experience, Joya gives people the tools to understand, build confidence, and most of all enjoy their bodies.”

Multivitamins can drastically vary in terms of quality, bioavailability and dosage, with the classic supermarket A-Z multivitamins offering only a small selection of low-dose vitamins and minerals which lack the extras thatthe body loves. A NEW multivitamin has been created to bridge the gap between cheap ineffective multivitamins and premium highly priced ones. evity MULTIVITAMIN FOR WOMEN was created by experts in the supplementation industry to include the most superior forms of nutrients, whilst maintaining a reasonable price point. By cutting out the middleman and undercutting the high street, evity’s multivitamins are great value.We’re all different and so are our nutrient requirements. evity has been formulated to meet the specific nutrient demands of women and altering the doses of certain nutrients where necessary. For example, including slightly less zinc alongside higher levels of iron and iodine to meet the RDA guidelines for women. evity is ethically and sustainably sourced, delivered monthly through the letterbox for convenience and is in a 100% recyclable pouch. It is bursting full of active ingredients without any fillers, binders or colourings – basically no nasties. They’ve also committed to offset their carbon emissions; another big bonus.evity MULTIVITAMIN FOR WOMEN contains 32 of the most absorbable, pure and effective ingredients. 14 vitamins, 10 minerals, phytonutrients, synergists, a botanical and four herbal extracts designed to plug any nutrient gaps. It is designed with women’s specific needs in mind including: skin, energy, immunity, mental health and mood, hormones, bone health and stress support
Price: £11.95 for one months supply including postage and packaging , save 10% with a monthly subscription

A revolutionary new way of drinking. air up® helps buzz and delight your brain, all whilst maintaining your health. Each air up® bottle is made from the highest-quality materials, including BPA-free Tritan™. With a refillable bottle, and 100% recyclable aroma Pods, you can enjoy this product responsibly. The air up®aroma pods features natural aromas, extracted from various favourite fruits, plants and spices. This starter set comes with a charcoal grey-coloured bottle, as well as two pods (1x lime, and 1x orange and passion fruit). With the bottle holding 650ml of water, you’ll be able to refill your bottle around 15 times with just the two pods included! Tasty, healthy, and sustainable, this can be a revolutionary new way to hydrate.


The Self-Love Oracle card deck, from professional artist Janet Chui, teaches that loving yourself is the first step toward self-acceptance. It gives the reader the ability to walk through daily situations with confidence, strength and courage. Many have been taught to believe that accomplishment is based on material worth: how much money we have, how we look, what we own. When chasing success, we can still feel empty, direction-less, overworked and under-appreciated. These feelings are strong signs that you may need to do some emotional and spiritual work. The Self Love Oracle card deck can help you learn how to become more mindful, practice good self-care, set boundaries, protect yourself, forgive yourself, and live intentionally. It is a guidebook and deck of 44 cards, each bearing a different affirming andloving message.
The cards feature the water-colour paintings and images accompanied by short, powerful messages, drawn from nearly two decades of the artist discovering her own purpose.
Price: £15.68
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Occult Botany: Sédir’s
by Paul Sédir

This book is a classic text on esoteric traditional herbalism from one of the most influential herbalists of the Paris occult revival. It includes a dictionary of nearly 300 magical plants with descriptions of each plant’s scientific name, common names, elemental qualities, ruling planets and zodiacal signatures, with commentary on medico-magical properties and uses. Moving from theory into practice, this book explores methods of phytotherapy and plant magic, including the Paracelsian “transplantation of diseases,” ritual pacts with trees, the secret ingredients of witches’ ointments, and the composition of magical philters. Unveiling the mysteries behind planetary and zodiacal attributions, the author provides readers with the keys to make their own informed determinations of the astral properties of plants.

Price: £22.43, Available at Amazon

Pure Colour Change Water Bottles

With a range of designs to appeal to all ages, the Pure Colour Change Water Bottles are made from robust stainless steel, making them practical to use at home or on the go. Designed with a wide neck that fits ice, each bottle is reusable and recyclable. What’s more, they bring the fun factor of changing colour when you add cold water. Each bottle comes in a white colour-way with modern motif, automatically changing colour with water below 18°C. Their 800ml collection is ideal for anyone with style and fun at heart and is available in four contemporary designs: Wired (turns green), Recharge (turns blue), Emoji (turns pink) and Leopard (turns pink). Similarly, the brand also has a 550 ml collection – perfect for kids and a Pure collection featuring stylish 600ml glass bottles. From sustainably sourced bamboo fibre and reusable coffee cups to glass water bottles, the Pure Collection brings together a wide range of eco-friendly products for the home.

Healing Through Yoga: Transform Loss into Empowerment ‐ With More Than 75 Yoga Poses and Meditations
by Paul Denniston
This book is for anyone who has suffered loss; it is a collection of meditations and poses for working through grief. So often, we think that grief lives only in our hearts and minds. But what about the emotions that weigh us down and the grief that gets stuck in our body? Our emotions need motion, and this book provides a unique and powerful way of healing. Grief Yoga founder, Paul Denniston, takes you through the stages of awareness, expression, connection, surrender, and evolution with clear and compassionate instruction, poses, exercises with easy-to-follow images and meditations. Even if you have never done yoga before, with this wonderful piece, you can process your grief and use it as a fuel for transformative healing. The book is also a great resource for healthcare professionals. The author has taught this practice to over 10,000 therapists, counsellors and healthcare professionals around the world.

Price: £14.99
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The Karma Tea Co., specialty tea brand, highlights artisanal loose-leaf teas produced by small-holder tea gardens in India, Sri Lanka, and Nepal. This is a region mostly associated with commodity grade tea (the type used in tea bags), but where a growing number of tea makers are producing high-quality crafted teas that cover a range from black, green, white and oolong.
The Karma Tea Co. provides full transparency on the origin of each tea and tells the story of each tea garden and the tea makers. This helps elevate these teas to the level of a fine wine, a single origin coffee, or a bean-to-bar chocolate where provenance is all important. Sustainability and quality go hand in hand as the terroir and the soil’s health have a huge impact on the vitality of the tea plant, and a tea’s taste. It also means a cleaner environment for the farmers and tea pickers without the use of chemical pesticides or fertilisers. The brand has a wide selection of teas including New Day Assam, Amba Ceylon, Himalayan Gold, Winter Frost and most.All teas are whole leaf and come in pouches ranging in price from £7 to £14.



As we sail into mid-summer, we’ve found a perfect activewear shorts that bring all the good vibes with top-quality performance. The 3RD ROCK Flower Power Thor Shorts comes with a retro hand-drawn ‘flower power’ design paired with soft-as-butter organic cotton. It features a high-rise elastic-free waist to keep you secure and looking good! The shorts are made-to-move using sustainable fabrics with an inspired essence of adventure and close-to-nature living; the perfect addition to your summer active wardrobe.




Ori Lifestyle is the beauty brand that adopts a holistic approach to hair. The brand’s coveted Khalila Oil is an extravagant blend of the finest broccoli seed, green coffee bean and watermelon designed specifically for the needs of damaged hair. Broccoli seed oil is known as natural silicone because of its unrivalled ability to keep frizz at bay, with high levels of vitamin B6, calcium and vitamin B. Likewise, Ori Lifestyle Leccino Oil is an extra virgin, cold-pressed, unfiltered olive oil superior to most shop-bought olive oil because it is from a single state, a single farm and it is fresh-pressed. This superior grade oil is rich in antioxidants and high in vitamins A, D, E and K which are known to nourish both hair and skin.
These oils are super nourishing, deeply penetrative and can be used in multiple ways: as a
moisture for hair; to seal existing moisture into your hair; as part of an overnight mask; and as a hot oil treatment to penetrate hair with nourishment.


Shanti is founded on one key basis: life is not merely to be alive, but to be well. Innovated by industry experts, Kiran Chohan and Angelo Vallillo, Shanti is a powerful anti-oxidant packed, hair and skin formula created using natural Ayurvedic medicine.Their signature Hair, Skin & Health Formula (£40) harnesses the power of ancient, natural Indian traditions and ingredients to support both mind and body. Following a year of expert-led development, the formula works to rejuvenate hair, skin andoverall wellness with visible benefits in just six weeks.With a formulation developed with natural and ethically sourced ingredients, Shanti is 100% vegan, cruelty-free and gluten-free. The formula has been infused with Bhringraj powder for hair and skin health, Amla for boosting immunity, Blackberry powder to support anti-inflammatory activity and Ashwagandha to increase energy and stimulate hair growth. The brand itself was born following Chohan and Vallillo’s trip to Kerala in Southern India. They were inspired by their discovery of the powerful natural healing benefits of Ayurveda; a holistic medical system, which was developed more than 3,000 years ago, based on the belief that health and wellness depend on a balance between the mind, body, and spirit.
Shanti’s high-performance formula delivers real results, quickly. In just over a month of use, hair appears nourished and thick, skin looks healthy, glowing and radiant, the mind feels calm, and stress is eased whilst overall energy is boosted, fighting both fatigue and insomnia. Shanti focuses on internal healing whilst keeping you focused and on track throughout the day to achieve your goals whether you are working, exercising, or staying balanced; all powered by their carefully selected ingredients backed by thousands of years of wisdom and modern-day science.

Combine your Olay Collagen Peptide24 Day Cream with Olay Retinol24 Night Cream and you’ve got the building blocks to the ultimate skincare power duo. Why? Well adding retinoids and peptides to your skincare regime means you get the collagen-building effects of the retinoid, but it also works to improve the penetration of the peptides or better skin elasticity. Olay Collagen Peptide24 Day Cream absorbs quickly, providing 24 hours of hydration without a sticky, greasy or heavy feeling. The powerhouse formula also contains Vitamin B3 to boost surface skin cell turnover and regeneration as well as strengthen the skin barrier.

Likewise, Olay Retinol24 Night Cream is the ultimate fragrance free cream that helps with various skin concerns including enlarge pores, blemishes, fine lines and even redness. With this power duo by Olay, wake up to visibly stronger and glowing skin.
Price: £34.99 each


A vegan facial serum, by Magic Organic Apothecary (MOA), Queen of the Night is a British natural and organic skincare product providing exceptional hydration and skin plumping. It is a luxurious night-time treatment that actively works its magic on your skin whilst you sleep; plant based hyaluronic acid and squalane absorb into the deeper layers and help to both attract and lock in water. Harnessing the powers of Queen of the Night; anight flowering cactus, the formula is rich in anti-oxidants to help restore the skin’s natural moisture content.It also contains Prickly Pear Seed Oil with high levels of anti-oxidants and essential fatty acids to deeply calm and nourish, whilst aloe-vera leaves the skin full of vitality. The serum is scented with Neroli essential oil, a beautiful fragrance which adds an aromatherapy benefit to your skincare ritual.Price: £35

SUDTANA: All-natural Deodorant inspired by Ancient Thai Wisdom, Enhanced with Modern Science

SUDTANA is a beauty brand that harmonises Ancient Thai Remedies with Modern Science to create green, cleanand conscious personal care products. Their new all-natural spray deodorants are formulated to envelop the body with a refreshing, uplifting aroma while gently minimising odour-causing bacteria without blocking pores. Handcrafted with ingredients grown or sourced in Thailand, there are two variants: one with bergamot and peppermint; the other with rosemary, lavender and orange! The deodorants last all day and are designed to prevent odour-causing bacteria from growing while still allowing skin to breathe. They are free from chemicals, preservatives, synthetically made fragrances and are cruelty-free. SUDTANA’s all-natural deodorants are gentle, safe and can be used all over the body. They come in amber glass bottles and with a handmade bag crafted by local Thai farmers.


By Manju Jois and Greg Tebb

This ground-breaking guide to Ashtanga yoga, by two of the world’s leading teachers, serves as a manual that provides methodology on Sadhana asana practice. This appeals to both left-brained students seeking to know what muscles are used in each asana and to the right-brained student seeking esoteric knowledge. The Ashtanga system, which is in the Hatha yoga tradition, was passed down by Sri T. Krishnamacharya and is now practised by thousands of people around the world. Traditionally in Ashtanga, there are three main sequences of postures: Primary (Yoga Chikitsa), Intermediate (Nadi Sodhana), and Advanced Series (Sthira Bhaga). The traditional system of Ashtanga is based on Patanjali’s philosophy of “eight limbs” of yoga. The authors have teamed up to demystify the practice and teachings of Ashtanga yoga, bringing to light the role of yoga in long-term health. They highlight the benefits of each pose along with illustrating safe adjustments for poses in each series.
Price: £13.28
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By Frederick Hamilton Baker
This book reveals the hidden order between the signs of the zodiac, alchemy and the Tantric yoga chakra system to unlock spiritual opportunities. It portrays how the astrological cycle around the signs of the zodiac represents the alchemical transformation of consciousness and chakra awakening. The meaning of each astrological sign based on its association with the chakras and the alchemical transmutation cycle from lead to gold is also highlighted. The author provides a complete analysis of his own birth chart as well as the insights into significant events over the past few decades, including the intense changes of 2020, and offers sample chart analyses to show how you can discover your spiritual challenges and opportunities.
Price: £14.87
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