Willow was founded in 2018 by Amy Powell with a mission in mind: to bring joy to people’s yoga practice through her love of vibrant patterns and background in textile design. The environment was always forefront of mind when launching Willow Yoga. Amy wanted to create unique, beautiful, premium mats that are sustainable, eco-friendly and don’t cost the earth.

Willow Yoga Mat Features:

  • Only Eco-friendly & biodegradable materials used, free from PVC, Silicone & Phthalates.
  • Mat top is made from super absorbent microfibre that gives a super soft yet firm anti-slip grip when the surface is damp through water spray or sweat.
  • The mat is 4mm thick naturally biodegradable tree rubber that gives cushion support and is durable.
  • Comes with a free carrying strap.
  • Hand & machine washable (without detergent).

These premium mats are available in beautiful bespoke floral designs and feel and look more than just a mat; they’re a work of art. The collection also includes towel toppers and microfibre towels.


Perfect for creating a wellness space at home. Whether it’s for yoga, meditation or simply winding down, the Nanoleaf Hexagons allow you to create a personal, tranquil setting anywhere.

With a modular design, the touch- sensitive panels can transform everyday lighting into an immersive, tactile experience. There are over 16 million customisable colour combinations to choose from – plus, they can be used to cover the walls and ceiling of an entire room, and even react to music via a built-in Rhythm module. Each panel can be controlled by a simple touch, or via the easy-to-use Nanoleaf app.

The Nanoleaf Hexagons feature state- of-the-art functions such as ‘sunrise mode’ which enable users to create a peaceful and relaxing morning routine.

Available from https://uk-shop. nanoleaf.me/ the Nanoleaf Shapes – Hexagons is priced at £119.99 for a pack of 5.


This is an anti-aging cream designed to give the skin a natural lift. Its all-natural, antioxidant-rich formula promises to begin working immediately, and in just 7 minutes it can significantly diminish frown lines, laugh lines, under eye bags, and crow’s feet.


This little pot of promise, containing 12 organic Greek plant oils, caused a frenzy when it launched last year.



This is a simple, yet comprehensive book about the power of sprouts as an ultra-food for health, weight loss, and optimum nutrition. Written by Doug Evans, the co-founder of Organic Avenue and the founder of Juicero, The Sprout Book is a transformative plan to empower readers to embark on a plant-based way of eating that’s low-cost and accessible. With a foreword by Joel Fuhrman, M.D., this book introduces sprouts, one of the most nutritious sustainable foods on earth, by adding a few dishes to a diet and then shifting into a raw, whole foods plant-based diet.

Among the mind-blowing nutritional qualities of sprouts:

  • they have 20-30 times the nutrients of other vegetables and 100 times those of meat
  • they pack cancer-fighting properties and help to protect us from cardiovascular disease and environmental pollutants
  • they aid in digestion
  • they are a simple way to grow your own vegetables and compatible with all diets

The forty recipes inside feature sprouts on top of raw vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, spices, sea vegetables, and top- quality cold-pressed vegetable oils for the healthiest diet possible. The Sprout Book includes informative interviews with leaders in functional medicine and nutrition. Use it to change your diet and super-charge your health!

Available at amazon.com


Many of us are looking for easy ways to increase our dietary levels of vitamin C, a key nutrient for supporting normal immune function, protecting cells from oxidative stress and contributing to collagen formation which is vitally important for youthful skin radiance. Citrus fruits, red and purple berries and green leafy vegetables and parsley are all good sources of vitamin C and they all work well in smoothies. However, you can go one step further and add 1-2 scoops (1-2 grams of vitamin C) of Neutrient Total C to your smoothie mix. Neutrient Total C contains a mix of buffered vitamin C in the form of mixed mineral ascorbates and ascorbic acid alongside the additional phytonutrients D-ribose, dihydroquercetin and bio- perine (black pepper extract) which help support the absorption and action of vitamin C.

The pure powder formula with no colours, sugars, sweeteners or unnecessary additives is a great way to top up your vitamin C levels, especially for those who prefer not to take their vitamin C as pills or sweetened drinks.


Dr. Thomas Levy advocates Vitamin C as the “Primal Panacea” – an accurate term to describe the astounding benefits of vitamin C if one can get enough of it into one’s bloodstream soon enough. Due to a genetic error of metabolism, the vast majority of us no longer produce this panacea, making us increasingly susceptible to cancer, heart disease, osteoporosis, dementia, diabetes, and many other very costly, and often fatal maladies. Dr. Levy cites over a thousand published medical reports to support his claim as he relates the history and science of the “primal panacea” in an easy-to-read and entertaining way. He also relates simple and powerful ways to boost blood levels to those once enjoyed by our ancient ancestors. Primal Panacea is full of proof, resources, and practical how-to to improve your odds for a long and healthy life.

Available at www.medfoxpub.com


At a time when the world is struggling with the virus, this book written by Dr Ram Rao is indeed timely. With years of research and clinical experience in Neuroscience, Yoga and Ayurveda, it addresses ways to improve health and promote joy, happiness and longevity and to help people take optimal health and wellness in their own hands. The book will also serve as a resource by providing suitable health and wellness tips together with mechanistic explanation.

“Dr. Ram Rao is one of very few scientists who can legitimately advise us on how best to live well, full of vitality and joy. In Good Living Practices, he eloquently and succinctly outlines how many of the ancient Eastern wellness practices are now backed by cutting edge science, which can and should help us design and prioritize our lifestyle and practices. This is a must-read for anyone looking for more than what our Western medical approach and daily experience have to offer.” Dr. Dave Jenkins, MBChB, Founder and Director-SurfAid

Available at Amazon

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