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Amy Fleckney

This is a poignant and powerful memoir that unveils the remarkable journey of a resilient single mother who defied daunting odds. Escaping an abusive relationship on the verge of homelessness, Amy’s refuge in a caravan becomes a symbol of her unyielding spirit. As she forges ahead, building a business and striving for a brighter future, her life becomes entwined in a web of love and deceit.

Fleckney’s candid storytelling delves into a hidden world often shrouded in shadows, shedding light on the complexities of unconditional love and survival. This brutally honest narrative not only captivates with its authenticity but also offers a beacon of hope, proving that transformation is possible for women in even the direst of circumstances.

ISBN-13: 9781739097011
Publisher: Welford Publishing

Richard Dixey, PhD

This book offers a groundbreaking approach to integrating meditation into our fast-paced lives. In just three minutes a day, for fourteen weeks, Dixey promises a transformative experience that unlocks the power of meditation’s benefits. Drawing on ancient wisdom and modern research, the book provides a structured program to build meditation into daily routines. Dixey combines calming visualisations and sensation explorations to cultivate calm awareness and clear insight. Each exercise is accompanied by Q&A sections and summaries, ensuring readers can grasp and apply the techniques effectively. The book also includes a free app for on-the-go meditation. Through concise yet powerful teachings, “Three Minutes a Day” seeks to bring mindfulness, calmness, and emotional resilience to readers. With Dixey’s background as a research scientist and his deep connection to Buddhism, this book bridges the gap between ancient traditions and contemporary life, offering readers a path toward selfexploration and a more fulfilled existence.

ISBN 978-1-60868-883-8
US Pub date: August 8, 2023
UK Pub date: September 8, 2023


Lauren Hoffmeier

This is a heartwarming children’s book. The third installment in the series, it continues the journey of self-discovery with a message of empowerment. The whimsical tale follows Mani, a hesitant elephant, as she overcomes self-doubt. Through the guidance of friendly characters like Mula the tiger and Fly, the story gently emphasises the importance of self-acceptance and inner strength.

With vibrant illustrations and relatable characters, the book delivers a valuable lesson about embracing one’s uniqueness and listening to one’s heart. Hoffmeier’s storytelling is accessible and engaging for young readers, teaching them valuable life lessons while sparking their imagination. “Mula and the Unsure Elephant” is a delightful addition to any child’s bookshelf, promoting confidence and self-love.


Natural Remedies for 21st
Century Viruses and Superbugs

Michelle Schoffro Cook, Ph.D., DNM

This book offers a comprehensive guide to bolstering your immune system against the challenges of modern viruses and superbugs. In an age where these threats have become a part of daily life, Dr. Cook’s book empowers readers with natural remedies that harness the healing potential of nature for robust immunity. Through an easy-to follow approach, she delves into the complexity of natural remedies, highlighting their synergistic advantages over pharmaceutical options. Exploring the pivotal role of the digestive system and microbiome, the book discusses probiotics, immune-boosting foods, and essential oils, unveiling their multilayered efficacy.

Dr. Cook’s expert insights extend to understanding the right combinations of supplements and the behaviours that can bolster or undermine immune health. With its practical advice, this guide equips readers to fortify their immune systems

ISBN: 9781644116029, May 2023. Also available as an ebook
Paperback: $16.99, 176 pages, 6 x 9 Imprint: Healing Arts Press


Noah Goldhirsh

Noah Goldhirsh’s “Trilogy” offers a transformative journey into the realms of colour therapy, animal communication, and Bach Flower Remedies.

In “The Power of Colors,” Goldhirsh unravels the profound influence of colours on our physical, emotional, and psychological states. Drawing on Native American culture’s Wheel of Colors, she guides readers in harnessing this influence to unlock their strengths and realise their fullest potential. The second edition enriches the experience with new illustrations and innovative techniques, such as diagnosing through the reflection of the human body in the palms of hands.

In “The Power of Animal Messages,” Goldhirsh presents the ANIMM method, an adaptation of traditional Native American practices, enabling contemporary individuals to connect with animals for profound self- discovery. She elucidates the profound significance of animals as messengers, offering insights through behaviour, sounds, and spiritual symbolism. The inclusion of 54 animal cards and 150 number cards enhances the reader’s engagement, enabling a personal journey toward understanding one’s inner strengths through totem animals.

“The Power of Bach Flower Remedies for Children” extends Goldhirsh’s expertise to the realm of emotional and physical healing. With a foundation rooted in the work of Dr. Edward Bach and supported by scientific studies by Dr. Masaru Emoto, Goldhirsh illuminates the potential of these gentle remedies. She empowers readers to use these remedies to aid young individuals in overcoming emotional and mental challenges, promoting healing and balance.

Noah Goldhirsh’s extensive experience in alternative medicine, spanning over three decades, lends unparalleled credibility to her work. As a therapist, senior lecturer, and developer of healing methods, her unique blend of Colour Therapy, Reiki, Bach Flower Remedy, Native American medicine, Channeling, and Feng Shui creates a dynamic perspective. While based in Israel, her global clientele attests to her expertise’s universal appeal.

In sum, the trilogy is a comprehensive exploration of alternative healing methods, bridging ancient wisdom with contemporary insights. Noah Goldhirsh’s expertise resonates throughout, making the trilogy an indispensable guide for those seeking holistic approaches to well-being. Her books are not just sources of knowledge, but empowering tools that can transform lives and deepen our connection with the universe.

The Power of Colors (27th July), The Power of Bach Flower Remedies for Children (14th September) and The Power of Animal Messages (14th September).
Published by
Hammersmith Health Books.


Vandana M, Jani

This book is a meticulously researched and insightful exploration of Swami Saradananda’s transformative visit to America from 1896 to 1898, a period that significantly impacted American Hinduism. Jani’s portrayal of three central characters—Swami Saradananda, Sara Bull, and Sarah Farmer—offers a profound glimpse into the growth of American spirituality.

Jani’s decade-long research results in a captivating narrative that unravels the intertwined lives of these figures against the backdrop of nineteenth-century America. Swami Saradananda’s journey, a direct disciple of Ramakrishna, illuminates his role in shaping the Ramakrishna Order’s growth and influence in India. The book also unveils the significant roles of Bull and Farmer, showcasing their contributions to the spread of Vedanta philosophy.

Jani’s rich tapestry of historical and cultural threads unveils how these individuals played pivotal roles in bridging American and Hindu spirituality. The book’s depth and meticulous attention to detail make it a must-read for those interested in the interplay between Eastern spirituality and American culture.

The Calm variant, boasting cashew, mango, and chocolate, fosters relaxation with ingredients like ashwagandha and matcha green tea L theanine. Energise, with cappuccino and white chocolate tones, invigorates the mind and body with elements such as lions mane and panax ginseng. Body and Soul combines summer berries and walnut, incorporating creatine and maca for overall physical and mental vitality. Complete Vegan, adorned with hazelnut and cranberry, not only offers a plant-based delight but also addresses essential nutrient gaps with pea protein and crucial vitamins.


Rollagranola is stepping into the realm of cognitive enhancement with its innovative Nootropics range, available in four tantalising flavours. Launched on June 9th via their website and Amazon, this groundbreaking range introduces 350g packs at £7 and 40g packs at £2. Nootropics, known for their cognitive benefits, find a harmonious blend in Rollagranola’s creations, offering not only delectable taste but also remarkable advantages for mental acuity. Each flavour is meticulously designed with a medley of superfood nootropics to enhance everyday well-being.

The Calm variant, boasting cashew, mango, and chocolate, fosters relaxation with ingredients like ashwagandha and matcha green tea L theanine. Energise, with cappuccino and white chocolate tones, invigorates the mind and body with elements such as lions mane and panax ginseng. Body and Soul combines summer berries and walnut, incorporating creatine and maca for overall physical and mental vitality. Complete Vegan, adorned with hazelnut and cranberry, not only offers a plant-based delight but also addresses essential nutrient gaps with pea protein and crucial vitamins.

All Rollagranola products are gluten- free, handcrafted in the UK, and nut-infused, ensuring a satisfying, nourishing experience for all.


Sufferers of hay fever know the struggle of finding relief for irritated eyes. Hydrosil’s Dry Eye Gel is a game- changer, offering solace to those enduring the discomfort of hay fever’s effects on the delicate skin around the eyes. Unlike typical antihistamine eye drops, this natural gel is formulated to soothe and nourish.

With Cardiospermum extract’s anti-inflammatory properties, it effectively alleviates itching and redness without causing further irritation. Lightweight and non-greasy, it’s an ideal choice for sensitive skin, even offering a cooling effect when refrigerated. Vegan and devoid of harsh chemicals, this gel is a gentle yet potent solution for anyone in search of relief from hay fever symptoms.

£9.50(15ml). Visit


Pocket-sized Happiness

Peppersmith offers a delightful range of Mints, Gum, and Pastilles that stand out for their natural flavours and mindful ingredient sourcing. Crafted with genuine British mint from a Hampshire farm, their products utilise the plant-based sweetener Xylitol for sweetness and mouth- cleaning benefits, rather than sugar or chemicals.

Peppersmith’s commitment to oral health is underscored by approval from the Oral Health Foundation. With options like Lemon Mints, Strawberry Pastilles, and Peppermint Gum, each featuring ingredients like peppermint oil, eucalyptus, Sicilian lemons, and strawberries, these treats deliver bold flavours while freshening breath and supporting dental well- being. Vegan, sugar-free, gluten-free, and free from palm oil and nuts, Peppersmith products offer a guilt-free indulgence that genuinely cares for your health.

From £1.30 (15g gum, Ocado), Peppersmith products are available from health shops and supermarkets nationwide, including Holland & Barrett, Waitrose, Morrison’s and Sainsbury’s, and online from


The release of “The Bhajan Project 2” marks a contemporary spiritual journey through beloved bhajans and mantras. Shivali, immersed in these traditions since her youth, infuses these timeless chants with a fresh, eclectic blend of R&B, soul, rock, and pop influences. The result is a soul-stirring collection that resonates with sincerity. Shivali, a trailblazer for modern bhajans in the UK, continues her devotion to this musical path, affirming that love is at the core of music, and devotional love elevates it even higher. Produced by singer-songwriter Arjun Coomaraswamy, this album embodies the essence of devotion and musical innovation.

“The Bhajan Project 2” is not just an album release; it’s a transformative experience, inviting listeners to embark on a new path of spirituality through the medium of contemporary sounds and ancient wisdom.

The album is now available on all major Audio and Video streaming platforms. You can find out more about Shivali and her music at


Doctor Seaweed’s Weed & Wonderful® award- winning brand launch their NEW Beauty+ supplement

A remarkable supplement that harnesses the potent beauty benefits of Scottish seaweed, known for its exceptional nutritional content. Informed by scientific research, this supplement showcases the potential of nutrient-rich plant-based foods, like seaweed, to enhance skin, hair, and nails. With a blend of pure Scottish seaweed, antioxidant-rich superfoods, and essential vitamins and minerals, it cultivates radiant, healthy skin from within.

The benefits are reinforced by evidence, as shown in a study where a significant percentage experienced improved hair and nail quality. The supplement’s blend of ingredients, including iodine, biotin, selenium, and zinc, supports hair, skin, and nail health. By providing vital nutrients, such as vitamin C for collagen formation and antioxidants for oxidative stress defence, this supplement offers a comprehensive approach to nurturing your beauty from the inside out. In a busy world, “Doctor Seaweed’s Weed and Wonderful Beauty+” is a simple yet effective way to embrace holistic health and beauty.

£29.95 for a month’s supply. Available from


Discover the health-packed goodness of Milled Flaxseed in various sizes (200g, 425g, 675g, 1kg). Cold milled to retain maximum nutrients and ensure easy absorption, this versatile product is a nutritional powerhouse. Packed with Omega 3 (ALA) for maintaining healthy blood cholesterol levels, it’s also rich in magnesium, promoting strong bones and teeth. The high fibre content supports digestive wellness while offering a source of plant-based protein. Elevate your meals with this flaxseed’s natural benefits, knowing you’re nourishing your body with each sprinkle. Perfect for adding to smoothies, cereals, or baked goods, this Milled Flaxseed offers a convenient way to enhance your daily nutrition and support your well-being.

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