In this illuminating book, Dr Sankaran
shares his incredible story of personal and
spiritual discovery, and offers guidance to
help readers walk down the same path to
inner peace and enlightenment. Through
a series of colourful yet frank anecdotes,
he chronicles his transformative journey
from his childhood in India when, losing his
father at a young age, he became driven
to seek wisdom and pursue a career in homeopathy, to his adult life as a highly successful homeopathic practitioner. Highly
£21 (Homoeopathic Medical Publishers)



  These delicious vitamin-packed squashes are a great way to top up essential vitamins whilst keeping yourself hydrated and are available in three great varieties. ‘Boost’ is a combination of berries and contains vitamin B6 to help reduce tiredness and fatigue, ‘Immune’, which contains tangy lime and elderflower with vitamin C to support the immune system, and ‘Sunshine’ a mix of orange and peach with vitamin D to help reduce tiredness and fatigue.

£2.29 from Tesco



Finally! No more need for piles of books hanging around the kitchen surfaces while you press your tofu. Adam and Susanna at Tofuture have designed an easy-to-use press which squeezes the bland, unwanted liquid out of tofu prior to cooking. You simply pop the tofu inside, lock down the clamps and leave it in the fridge to press the water out. The clever design means the water is captured in the outer container, and it’s also BPA free and dishwasher safe.

£23.99 available from tofuture.com 

These delicious spreads offer a ‘guilt-free’, protein-packed alternative for those looking to indulge but still maintain a healthy eating regime. Containing 20% whey protein, they can be smothered on top of your favourite foods, used in baking and cooking or eaten straight from the jar as a healthy treat. Available in three flavours: ‘Milk Chocolate’, ‘Hazel Nutter’ containing small, chunky hazelnut pieces, and ‘White Chocolate Cookie’ which is filled with crunchy cookie pieces.

£6.99 available from grenade.com 



This one-a-day food supplement is great for women on the go and helping to keep hormones in balance. It contains a combination of essential B vitamins, which are important for hormonal metabolism and balance and to help to maintain normal mental performance and normal psychological function, while vitamin C and folic acid also help to reduce tiredness and fatigue. £11.40 available from Boots



Expertly blended by Pukka’s very own medical herbalist and Ayurvedic practitioner, Sebastian Pole, this new tea helps strengthen and support. Using medicinal-grade herbs including turmeric, ginger, galangal and nettle, these ‘super-herbs’ are used to treat inflammation, alleviate pain and support the joints. The result is a warm, spicy and invigorating blend with sweet hints of orange. Simply delicious!

£2.49 available from independent health stores and pukkaherbs.com


This fast acting gel contains a highly effective combination of natural
ingredients for instant pain relief, including menthol, to offer an immediate cooling, soothing effect and capsicum with its anti-inflammatory
properties. These ingredients enable the gel to target the root of your
muscular and joint pain, whilst instantly eradicating any pain or discomfort. Easy to use and highly effective, simply apply a thin layer directly
to the pained area and gently rub until absorbed.
£3.29 available from powerhealth.co.uk



The rise of social media has brought about a rise in being judged and judging others, and in her new book Bernstein discusses the topic of judging and how it is the core of our discomfort and many of our life blocks. She offers an interactive six-step process for dealing with and removing judgement from our lives and combines spiritual principles including Kundalini yoga, meditation and metaphysical teachings that enable us to honour the wound, witness your judgement without judgement and much more. Highly recommended!

£12.99 (Hay House UK) hayhouse.co.uk 



These new bars provide a super tasty snack that provides natural energy without using artificial additives, flavourings or preservatives. Available in three tasty varieties, ‘Apple & Cinnamon’, ‘Beetroot & Cacao’ and ‘Carrot & Spice’, each bar is jam packed with fruit and veg on a banana base which counts as one of your five-a-day. Snact’s bars use bananas that would otherwise have gone to waste for being too ‘ugly’ or not having quite the right level of ripeness.

£5.99 for 5 available from snact.co.uk



These zinc lozenges are suitable for all and have the added benefit of containing Rosehip and Acerola powder; both rich and natural sources of vitamin C, which helps to fight colds and flu. Alongside warding off symptoms of flu, zinc can also help heal wounds, decrease the risk of age related eye and chronic diseases, as well as supporting the body’s natural defence and repair systems and attacking cancerous cells.

£6.99 available from powerhealth.co.uk

A delicious butter made using the highest quality cashew nuts, which are lightly roasted and stone milled to
preserve their great taste and aroma, meaning there’s
no need for any sunflower, palm oil or other ingredients to be added to the mix. The rich nuts produce a
satisfyingly moorish butter that and can be enjoyed as
a traditional spread or as an ingredient in everything
from stir-frys to dips. Also available in ‘Crunchy Pine
Nut Butter’ and ‘Crunchy Pecan Butter’.
Prices start at £4.30 available from nuturalworld.com



Maximise your chances of staying protected with this vitamin spray, specifically formulated to deliver the ‘sunshine vitamin’ directly into the bloodstream, providing a simple and convenient alternative to taking tablets. Suitable for vegetarians, flavoured with a hint of peppermint oil and handbag friendly, simply spray directly into the mouth once a day for maximum results. Each spray contains, on average, 25mg of Vitamin D3, which is the amount recommended by the NHS.

£6.99 available from powerhealth.co.uk

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