Since it was set up last year, Wild at Heart Foundation has worked tirelessly to support animal welfare projects, in particular to reduce the world’s 600 million stray dog population. It aims to achieve this by funding neutering programmes and cultural-change initiatives across the globe. They currently have neutering projects set up in Romania, Borneo, Cyprus, Greece, Bosnia and Puerto Rico, and also support the upkeep of small- scale shelters, providing funding and advice to international rescue and adoption projects.

The charity’s work is invaluable and has impacted on the lives of many dogs and people globally. In its first year alone, they rehomed 400 dogs to the UK and mainland Europe, as well as neutering over 700, preventing the birth of over 60,000 unwanted puppies.

In 2017 the charity will launch a series of yoga fundraises called ‘Stretch & Fetch’ that will take place across the UK. The idea came to life when they realised how many adopters and friends of the charity are yoga instructors with a passion for animal welfare.

The aim of Stretch & Fetch is to raise awareness of the global stray dog problem and highlight some key facts such as:
• One female dog and her o spring can produce 67,000 puppies in only six years.

• Each year over four million healthy dogs are killed in the USA and 10,000 in the UK.
• A third of purchased dogs come from puppy mills, and one in ve will su er from the often-fatal parvovirus disease.

• Reducing the world’s stray dog population saves human lives. Over 15 million people are a ected by rabies from stray dogs.
• WaHF’s goal is to neuter 100,000 dogs by 2020, avoiding the birth and suffering of over 6 million unwanted dogs.


If you own a yoga studio or teach, and would like to take part in this worthwhile cause by hosting your own yoga fundraiser and being part of the UK-wide Stretch & Fetch initiative, contact [email protected]

for an information pack. To finnd out more about the charity visit wildatheartfoundation.org

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