How to perform

Start in Three Legged Dog with left leg lifted. Bend left knee and tilt pelvis to open the hips. Gaze under right armpit. Simultaneously lift left arm whilst rotating right foot to face the back of the mat.

Inhale to lift hips, as you exhale place left foot on the ground back and behind the right leg, coming up to tip toes on left foot to create space. Distribute weight evenly between both feet.

Create a sweeping action of the shoulder blades into the back of the rib cage as you extend the left arm up and back to create a curl through the upper back. Head delicately drops and gaze is to the left hand.

Take five rounds of breath and release back to Downwards Facing Dog before repeating on the left side.


• Helps relieve fatigue and mild depression.
• Opens chest, lungs, shoulders, thighs and hip flexors.
• Strengthens shoulders and upper back.


Place the right knee down on the floor to take Half Wild Thing which is less toon to go deeper by coming into full Wheel pose.


Rotator cuff injury.
Carpal tunnel syndrome or any wrist injury.