WIN £100 worth of Shreddies underwear


Shreddies are the UK’s only manufacturer of flatulence filtering garments and since launching 9 years ago their brand has been going from strength to strength! From winning the ACA ‘Look Good, Feel Good’ award in 2009 to their famous Bum Kiss image going viral in 2013 it’s been a whirlwind journey!

Shreddies were designed in 2007 after the brands Director decided he wanted to tackle a problem that many people face in their everyday life. After rigorous testing and over 200 prototypes he found that the underwear was completely effective and Shreddies was born! The garments were scienti cally tested by university specialists and were proven to lter atulence up to 200 times the average!

Here’s how it works – all Shreddies garments contain an activated carbon panel – similar to what you’d nd in a chemical warfare suit! The carbon absorbs all atulence gas due to its highly porous nature which traps and neutralises the odours. The carbon is simply reactivated when it’s washed and ready to be used again! The most important factor for Shreddies to be effective is the fit; the underwear must be a snug fit, especially around the waist and legs in order to create a seal.

The average person passes wind around 14 times a day so Shreddies can be worn by anybody but o er a perfect solution to those su ering from IBS, Colitis, Crohn’s, food tolerances and other stomach related illnesses. It helps reduce the anxiety that people suffer when they have excess atulence and can help them to become more confident in social situations.


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