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‘Cannabis’ (CBD) infused luxury skin care comes to the UK
The first luxury CBD* based beauty and wellness brand, CBD of London, has arrived in the UK with their new line of CBD and hemp infused products.

The company’s new skin range comprises of a ‘CBD Collagen and Retinol Anti-Ageing Cream’, ‘Vitamin Skin Reviver Night Cream’ and ‘Advance Bright Eye Repair Serum’ – all of which promise skin renewing results thanks to the unique properties of CBD oil and the way CBD of London insists the oil is harvested from the plant.

Commenting on their products, Samir Juneja of CBD of London explains, “For too long people have been focusing on the negative side of cannabis; but we’re here to champion a natural product that not only has a health provenance dating back thousands of years, but in today’s labs, has proven benefits for the skin.

“We insist the CBD oil is cold pressed from the plant, meaning every drop collected for us contains all the beneficial, active ingredients our clients expect. We use a minimum of 2% CBD oil in all of our creams, a much higher percentage compared to some High Street names, we are at the forefront of this skin care revolution.”

Vitamin Skin Reviver Night Cream – face cream

A rich, velvety cream perfect for skin in need of deep nourishment. This potent serum is formulated with dehydrated and sensitive skin in mind, it protects, plumps and hydrates, leaving skin revitalised and more youthful in appearance. It contains powerful Vitamin A and B, enriched with Jojoba oil and pure hemp CBD extract to gently soften and condition skin.

Advance Bright Eye Repair Serum – under eye serum

A potent serum formulated to repair and refresh tired eyes.  This concentrated, vitamin rich serum delivers targeted hydration to lift the delicate skin surrounding the eyes. Abundant in natural antioxidants, enriching avocado oil, firming collagen and retinol and pure hemp CBD oil, it possesses exceptional fatigue beating benefits.

CBD Collagen + Retinol Anti-Ageing Cream – anti-ageing face cream

This light, nourishing cream smooths wrinkles and plumps facial contours. Combining a naturally delicate formula enriched with Vitamin C, instantly reduces imperfections for a more youthful appearance. This incredibly indulgent cream leaves the skin soft and smoother whilst correcting skin tone with its pearlescent effect.

As the only known UK skin care brand to use 2% CBD oil (full spectrum with over 200 cannabinoid), CBD of London’s range promise a luxury experience with full health benefits for perfectly poised skin.

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