Alternative Training will enrol one lucky winner on their new Nutrition pack with course, movie lectures, books, supplements and tutor marking etc.

Want to reinvigorate your diet, but don’t know where to start? Feeling sluggish from the winter break? Need to lose weight? Win this lovely new nutrition course from Alternative Training! You will learn the 14 key principles to healthy diet and nutrition so that you can improve your health, energy, mood and body. Yummy.

This introductory course in Nutrition will support you in understanding the basic principles of achieving a healthy wholefood diet and to gain an awareness of the connection between food and health on all levels of your being.

It will enable you to make choices for your own health and lifestyle and for friends and family. You will explore the links between nutrition and health as well as specific conditions in relation to diet so that you can begin to make lasting changes to your family’s wellbeing.

Alternative Training offers courses in Nutrition, Homeopathy, Yoga, Anatomy & Physiology and Pathology & Disease. The courses complement one another embracing the same wellbeing philosophy and values.

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