AquaVibe20:20 Healing Arts Centre is the latest in health and wellbeing. It educates and treats clients through a range of cutting edge methods and treatments so they can reach their optimum health.
The AquaVibe Programme for the winner will include six, hour sessions on the amazing AquaVibe unit, which is brand new to the world and launched in the UK only this year. Anne-Marie Riccardi will work with you to achieve your goals through a tailored bespoke programme also addressing your current health and wellbeing needs. The AquaVibe sessions will involve lying fully clothed on the dry water platform, whilst pure sound and vibrations flow through your body. Combined with light pulses and binaural beats, this fully synchronised treatment positively influences the mind and body to achieve your desired outcome, as well as being an extremely relaxing and rejuvenating experience.Competition AquaVibe image 1

The Health Management Programme will include four modules for the winner to undertake:

Food Intolerance Consultation – involves using electro-dermal screening to determine sensitivities and deficiencies in the body. You will be advised on good health supplementation with a prescription from our partner Cytoplan. HeartMath Consultation – this amazing piece of technology shows your heart rate variability and how factors externally and internally can affect this organ. You will learn how to increase your coherence baseline and to take charge of your emotional reactions.

Sound Healing with AquaVibe Consultation – using the brand new technology of AquaVibe, the consultation will involve a bespoke programme for you to aid healing, along with complete mind and body relaxation. New Energy Vision – Developed by Dr Harry Oldfield this consultation involves a scanning device, which looks at the body’s energy field. Any imbalances can be appropriately healed in line with the body mapping consultation.

Competition Closed

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