Yoga, Fuel for the Soul

“To keep the body in good health is a duty…otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear” – Buddha

We are born unto this world, mind, body & soul. We enter this world as a baby, a bright bundle of joy and light. Our presence, our laughter and smiles radiate light and joy to the hearts and souls of those around us, our inner light shines bright.

As we grow, we nourish our bodies and mind with food, exercise and knowledge.

But what about our soul, our essence, though this never dies. How do we keep this strong and bright, as can be seen in the many radiant faces of children?

If we observe a warm cup of tea in a cold room, we can clearly see the heat flowing off it into the atmosphere. As the tea looses heat to its surrounding it becomes cooler and cooler. The tea remains tea, but the energy it is emitting gets less.

As with humans, when we are younger we are full of energy and radiance that we emitte out to the world, and as the years go by the lights and energy can get dimmer unless consciously nurtured.

Just as a cup of tea can be re-heated and energised. So too can the human spirit be re-energised. There are many activities that replenish the soul, such as spending time in nature reconnecting to the magnificence that we are an intricate part of.

The activity that this article highlights is that of yoga and meditation.

The art of yoga purifies and detoxifies the body, galvanises the connection with the self and the whole.

Yoga an over a thousand year old art form practised by ancient civilisations the world over, works on exercising the subtle energetic bodies within and without the body, releasing blockages, creating flow and re-energising the system, adding fuel to our inner fire.

So as you take to your yoga mat, know you are not just merely exercising your body, but also nurturing your soul.

Written by: Dawattie Basdeo Founder Holistic World Ltd –

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